Who flew over the cuckoo's nest?

by Nel
For the Week of November 30, 2020
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Have some Genoa City residents lost their minds? Will Adam ever be ''normal'' again? Will he and Chelsea reunite and have a normal life? Will Faith get professional help? Is Billy being set up? Will Summer and Kyle reunite or go their separate ways? Does Theo believe he can scoop up Dina's estate? Join our columnist as she offers her opinion on these questions and more in this issue of Two Scoops.

I'm wondering if some alien entity entered Genoa City and snatched a few brain cells from a number of the residents there. I'm not just talking about Adam. I'm talking about a few others that have made me wonder if they shouldn't be sharing a room with Adam. Let's start with Adam, though. I believe that Victor and Sharon did the right thing in having Adam committed. I also agree with Victor that Chelsea shouldn't be anywhere near Adam. She certainly isn't a good influence on him because she tends to enable him. You know she would try to have him released by whatever means she could. She insists that she is all the help Adam needs. I think she wants to believe she is the only one to help Adam because she just wants to keep him away from Sharon.

Chelsea seems to think she can will Adam into becoming a model citizen and keep him in line, even after she hadn't been able to stop him from his plan to blow up Newman tower. I wonder why Chelsea believes that by moving her family away from Genoa City, it would fix Adam. If she believes that, then she belongs in a psychiatric ward, as well. Adam has had deep-rooted problems since he killed A.J. Montalvo. He might have "forgotten" the incident, but I believe that, subconsciously, it played a big part in his actions since it happened.

Victor has loved Adam from the day he was born and has forgiven him so much, but Adam is determined to blame Victor for not being there for him while he was growing up. He has been told multiple times that it had been his mother's wish that Victor stay out of Adam's life because she wanted Adam raised without the Newman influences. Adam sees Victor as a manipulator, and he will not acknowledge how many times Victor has gone to bat for him, in spite of the protests from the rest of his family. Adam seems to have a skewed view of reality and of Victor.

Victor finally had to make the heart-wrenching decision to have Adam committed. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but somewhere in the annals of this pea-brain of mine, I seem to recall that two signatures are required for a court order for involuntary commitment, one from a family member and one from a professional. Going with that train of thought, Victor sought out Sharon because she is a licensed therapist.

Sharon readily agreed because she'd worked with Adam, and she knew how desperately he needed professional help -- help she couldn't provide because of her own health issues and, honestly, because she has too close a connection to him, and dual relationships are not allowed for licensed therapists (how she got a license this fast is a miracle). Another hindrance was Chelsea's constant jealousy and interference. I hope he comes out a better person in the end. Hmm...well, maybe just a little shy of a full picnic basket. A completely reformed Adam, in my opinion, would be boring.

I cheered when Victor refused to tell Chelsea where Adam was and he warned her not to interfere. I couldn't believe my ears, and Chelsea accused Victor of wanting to break Adam. I think Chelsea is really losing it. She seems to think she knows what's best for Adam. Well, I hate to break it to her, but the history that Sharon and Adam have shared and the information he provided during his therapy sessions with Sharon have made Sharon an expert on Adam. He has never shared himself with Chelsea the way he has with Sharon, but Chelsea is losing her grip on reason because she is tripping over her own insecurities and jealousies. She can't seem to grasp how badly Adam needs professional help.

Chelsea has accused Sharon of helping Victor have Adam committed. She seems to think that Sharon has done this as revenge against Adam because Sharon wants to keep Adam close to her. Chelsea is so desperate to keep Adam away from Sharon that she keeps insisting that she is all Adam needs to get well.

Poor Adam is so delusional that when the doctor came in to see him, Adam accused him of being one of Victor's henchmen. When Victor came to see Adam, Victor saw firsthand how far down the rabbit hole Adam had gone. Adam was hallucinating and talking to his younger self. He kept telling his hallucination to shut up and to go away. Adam had to be sedated and put in restraints because he became violent. The corners of my mouth sagged when I saw the heartbreak in Victor's face, but I didn't shed any tears -- nope, no tears, just a sad face.

Paul and Rey are staying on top of the shooting incident because Paul is concerned about an escalation in tempers, since an Abbott is their primary suspect, and a Newman was the intended target. Rey told Billy he'd found the gun that had been broken down in a Dumpster -- and it was registered to Billy. Billy claimed he had no idea how to break down a gun; however, he did mention that Victoria's house had been broken into recently, but nothing appeared to have been taken and it hadn't been reported. Billy told Rey that he didn't need to shoot Adam because he had the best weapon, ChancComm. He said he could destroy Adam with his exposÚs. Billy told Rey he suspected that Adam was trying to frame him as payback for the exposÚ. Rey is suspicious because the evidence is too clean and deliberate. Come on, Rey - put it together!

I might have mentioned this in a previous column, but I think it's worth repeating, since it's still an ongoing investigation. I believe Alyssa Montalvo was the shooter. She knew the rivalry between Adam and Billy, so she tried to shoot Adam and then planted evidence to implicated Billy as the shooter. She has the best motive. She wants Adam to pay for what he did. It doesn't matter that A.J. Montalvo wasn't a nice person; he was her father, and Adam killed him -- accidentally, but nevertheless, her father is dead because of Adam.

Alyssa also resented that Adam tried to manipulate her into believing that Victor was her father's killer. She had her mind set on revenge. She was going to get even with Adam and have Billy take the fall, and she would get her revenge and be scot-free. I'm sure the line of people who would love to shoot Adam would take up a few street blocks, but as I said before, I believe Alyssa had the best motive.

Some folks believe it might have been Chelsea, but she is too much in love with Adam and very protective of him. There are those who believe it was Chloe, given all the times she had tried to kill Adam in the past, but I don't believe she would risk being separated from her family. Besides, she had already promised Adam that she was done making attempts on his life. A small minority thought it could be Victoria, but I don't see that. The only motive she had was hating Adam for his past deeds against her family and for trying to take over the CEO chair. That's not enough motive to kill anyone, in my opinion, but some people have killed for less.

A few think it was Faith. I can't see that, either. Faith isn't meanspirited. She is an adolescent struggling to be a normal teen, but she is acting out. She has been stressed over her mother's cancer and the revelation in the exposÚ that Adam kidnapped her. There is no way she could have orchestrated a plan to kill Adam and frame Billy. I agree she was angry with Billy and Adam, but I doubt that Faith would ever go to that extreme. Besides, she would need a car to follow Adam, and she would need to know where to get a gun and how to use it (and disassemble it and toss it in a place that would make Billy look bad, and I don't think she has anything against Billy, other than publishing the article).

Speaking of Faith, has she lost her mind, drinking, especially knowing that Cassie died when she was 14 years old in an alcohol-related accident? With a friend like Jordan, who needs an enemy? Jordan befriended Faith and talked Faith into drinking because Faith was feeling low. Jordan is a slippery character, and I really wish that Faith would stay clear of her. Hopefully, between Nick, Sharon, and Mariah, they can give Faith the guidance she needs and steer her away from "friends" like Jordan.

Faith has experienced the wrath of Nick, but will it be enough to stop her from drinking again. I somehow don't believe it will. As long as Jordan is in the picture and pushing Faith, she will continue until some tragedy strikes, and she will be badly injured. At this point, even though Sharon is a "licensed therapist," Faith will need to get cozy with another professional to get the help she will need if she continues to drink.

Shame on Nick for not telling Sharon about Faith's drinking. He claimed he didn't tell her because he felt Sharon was too fragile to be told. What a lame excuse. I don't blame Sharon for being so angry, but I was happy to see that she reached out to Faith to reassure her. Sharon told Faith to come to her about anything and assured Faith that she'd been getting stronger by the day -- but they needed to discuss this further.

I thought Nick and Phyllis were through when he told Phyllis off for not telling him that she'd found Faith hungover at Chancellor Park. Nick needs to back up because Phyllis had tried to tell him, but Nick had been so busy interrupting her with his other problems that she never got a chance to get the words out. He has no one to blame but himself. I wonder how he felt being left out of the loop the same way he'd left Sharon out. No fun, right, Nick? I realize he was being protective of Sharon. However, the only time he should even consider keeping such major information to himself would be if Sharon was on her deathbed.

How about our boy Theo and his bold move? Is he another one who is headed to the funny farm? On what planet does he think he can win a lawsuit against the Abbotts for Dina's entire estate? I think Dina was of sounder mind than Theo is at the moment. He claims that Dina had abandoned her firstborn son, Eric, and because of that, Dina should have left him her estate as payback for the abandonment. Since Eric died, Theo feels that, by association, he is entitled to Dina's estate.

Well, if that's the premise he is using, then why isn't he going for the whole enchilada and suing the Brooks family for his grandfather's estate? Did he forget he had a very rich grandfather who ignored Eric as much as Dina did? Theo never met Stuart Brooks, and that opportunity passed a long time ago with Stuart's death. But seriously, Theo only knew Dina for a nanosecond. I believe that he is entitled to nothing other than the pen, but it was unfair of Jack to leave Theo out of the jewelry gift. They had welcomed Theo into the family, and as family, Theo should have been included in receiving a piece of the Teardrop of Love.

Theo has hired Brittany Hodges as his lawyer, but I can't see him walking out of the courtroom with anything but a pat on the head and maybe a token few dollars (and hopefully, he doesn't lose the pen). Did Theo give his pen to Mariah? I can't recall. I know he offered it to her, but did she take it? I have had a feeling there is more to that pen than meets the eye, but that could just my pea-brain at it again. We shall see.

In the end, I think Theo will leave town with his tail tucked firmly between his legs. The outcome should be interesting. I feel the Abbotts should have offered Theo a monetary gift, since Dina acknowledged Theo as her grandson and unfortunately hadn't been able to change her will because of the state of her mind.

What in God's green earth is going on with Summer and Kyle? Do we even care anymore? Holy crap, one minute they are getting married, the next, Summer runs away thinking Kyle is still in love with Lola, then she spies on him like a twelve-year-old with her hokey disguise, then they are friends, and now they are in bed again? It's time Kyle gave his head a good shake.

If Summer has been acting this way because he sent a text message of concern to Lola when their divorce was finalized, knowing how badly he'd hurt her, what will Summer read into Kyle looking at another woman? Oh, ho! Summer, look out. There is new blood in town. Will Summer accuse Kyle of secretly having an affair with Sally? I think Sally is going to wind up being quite a thorn in Summer's side, and I can't wait to see that. It's time that Summer got some payback.

Kyle's life with Summer will never be even close to normal. She is going to be a nightmare to live with because if Kyle even looks at a woman sideways, Summer will always accuse him of something because of her insecurity. She isn't going to lose that insecurity unless she can learn to trust Kyle, but I don't believe that will ever happen. She will continue creating her own scenarios about Kyle with other women. Summer is such a flake, just like her mother.

Speaking of Phyllis, I think she has met her match in Victoria. Phyllis is now in panic mode because she might lose "her" hotel. How is it "her" hotel when Victoria owns 75% of it? Phyllis believes she can continue with her own ideas for the hotel without checking with Victoria, but Victoria caught her and threatened to fire Phyllis if she tried to promote something without Victoria's approval. I don't blame Victoria. Phyllis tried to go behind her back with the partners promoting the Grand Phoenix, after Victoria rejected Phyllis' proposition. Oh, payback is such a bitch!

Phyllis is her own worst enemy. I wonder if she ever stops to think about the consequences of her actions. Ninety-five percent of the time, her plans backfire. Wouldn't you think she would have learned by now? Oh, no, not our Philly-girl. She reminds me of the jingle they used to have for Timex watches, it takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'! Is that a good description of Phyllis? I wonder what is next on her agenda. How is she going to get "her" hotel back?

I would like to see Phyllis with someone other than Nick. I have never liked them as a couple because their relationships have always been volatile. We have new blood in Genoa City, and her name is Sally. I wonder if Nick and Sally would make a good couple. Hmm...on second thought, maybe not. Sally is too much like Phyllis; she's a schemer. Nick is better off with the devil he knows or finding someone new.

We have some happy excitement coming up in the form of Abby and Chance's wedding. I am anxious to see this happen. I love this couple together. Can you imagine the Newman, Abbott, and Chancellor families all joined by this couple? Will there be peace, or will they be bringing out their bows and arrows or their maces? Wouldn't you love to see all three families celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas together? That would be a hoot. Think about it, they are now in-laws -- or out-laws, whichever way you prefer to look at it.

It will be great to see Nina when she returns to Genoa City for a short visit to attend her son's wedding, and, of course, it's always great to see Jill. She certainly adds that spicy flare to any episode she is in. I hope that Donny Boaz is doing well since his COVID-19 diagnosis, and I'm sure we all wish him a speedy recovery. He has returned to the studio and is filming future episodes. In the meantime, it's been fun watching Justin Gaston, Melissa's real-life husband, step in as Chance. From the photos I have seen, it looks like he will be marrying his real wife again, only as Chance and Abby. How cute is that? It's been nice to see Chance and Abby kissing and hugging. I have missed that.

And before I go, I would be remiss if I did not say, WOW! The Young and the Restless airs its 12,000th episode this week. I can't say that I have seen them all, but The Young and the Restless has been my all-time favorite soap opera, and I am happy for DVRs so I don't have to miss any anymore. The actors have been outstanding, as have their storylines. It's been an amazing ride. I love that there have been quite a number of actors who have been with us "forever," like Eric Braeden, Doug Davidson, Melody Thomas Scott, Jess Walton, and Peter Bergman, just to name a few. I'm sure we are all hoping for another 12,000 episodes. Kudos to everyone involved in providing such great entertainment.

I hope you have enjoyed my insights about what has been happening in Genoa City. I would love to read your comments and opinions, and perhaps you might like to offer up some of your own theories on last week's episodes. In the meantime, it's time to wrap this up, so, until next time, stay safe!

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