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More than 12,000 episodes of Y&R have now aired. It was a walk down the (memory) aisle with Abby's wedding to slightly different Chance. Even with the hope of peacefully uniting the three families -- the Newmans, Abbotts, and Chancellors -- will Victor, Billy, Adam, and Chance continue to keep the feud going? Will Devon and Jack ever be able to find that special someone? And the bigger question: will Phyllis ever realize that not everything is about her?

I love you to the moon and back, Y&R! Wow, December 1 was the 12,000th episode of The Young and the Restless! That's so many. It's truly amazing that Y&R has been the number one soap for most of them. That's quite an accomplishment. Y&R has to be the envy of all the other soaps. Shoot, that could be a soap opera story all in itself. So, it just seemed appropriate to use the title of Dina's song to express my sentiments about this awesome achievement. And the song was so perfect, since Ashley gave Dina's diamond bracelet to Abby as something old...uh, something vintage to put on her something new wedding dress from Lauren and also Dina's precious letters tied with a blue ribbon as something borrowed and something blue. Finally, it was time to celebrate Abby and Chance's wedding!

And what a celebration it was, filled with flashbacks of Y&R's most romantic couples. Our very own GLOAT (greatest love of all time), Victor and Nikki; Katherine and Murphy; John and Dina; Neil and Dru; Nick and Sharon; Jack and Phyllis; Paul and Christine; Billy and Victoria; Devon and Hilary; Michael and Lauren; and Lily and Cane. Chance's Best Man-Mom, Nina, hoped to add Chance and Abby to that awesome list by starting her own tradition with a lovely locket on a bracelet that she asked to be filled with a picture of Chance and Abby to pass along to their children and grandchildren throughout the years. Then, Nina gifted Chance with a watch that had gone from his grandfather to his father and then to him. Phillip Chancellor II, III, and IV. What a legacy!

So, the wedding was a go, well, except that Abby came down with a bad case of cold feet. Thank heavens her maid of honor, her mother, and then her fiancé came to the rescue like the cavalry on their mighty steeds racing to help her. Abby feared that her past would ruin any chance she had with Chance, but Ashley stressed that her daughter had only been waiting for the right man to come along. And Abby's ideal man had come along, since Chance was temporarily being played by Melissa Ordway's real-life husband, Justin Gaston, while Donny Boaz was recovering from COVID-19. The timing really was perfect because, when Devon said to kiss his bride, Chance could actually (and safely) kiss Abby. This time, there were no looks of longing between them from afar like there were during the proposal.

As a teary-eyed Abby was locked in the bathroom, Ashley pointed out to her that Abby was the best blend of the Abbotts and Newmans. It was touching that Traci mentioned Brad, because he had loved Abby so much and had even helped name her after the Abbotts. In Brad's eyes, she had always been his daughter, and he would have been so very proud of her. As an Abbott and a Newman, Abby represented so much history of two families that have feuded many times throughout the years, so it was only right that she carry that forward by intertwining not only them but also the Chancellors through her marriage to Chance. Hey, I just realized -- Abby was named after the Abbotts, and Chance was nicknamed after the Chancellors. They truly were the perfect couple.

Although Nick was all dressed up and ready to celebrate his sister's getting hitched, he had a tough time convincing Phyllis to be his plus one. Because, you know, with Phyllis, everything's always about her. Apparently, all the attention of the other attendees would be completely on Phyllis because the majority of them could not stand to be around her. Blah, blah, blah. So, there was no way that Abby's loved ones would be able to share her happiness with Phyllis around or something like that. More than likely, though, Phyllis just didn't want to attend and witness Abby's joy after just battling it out with her over the Grand Phoenix. But Phyllis insisted that Nick attend the wedding without her, so she wouldn't ruin it for Abby. That's our Phyllis -- taking advantage of every opportunity.

Victor hoped to Nikki that Billy Boy wouldn't be attending the grand event. Ahem, that would be Uncle Billy Boy to Abby. Nice try, Victor. When Nikki questioned him about his new son-in-law, Victor gave his complete approval, because Chance had just saved Adam's life. Oh, no, Abby's marriage was surely doomed! Oh, well, at least she won't have to worry about her father having her or Chance arrested on their wedding day. When Victor arrived for the wedding, Jack greeted him by calling him "my friend." Man, what's this world coming to?! I mean, I can understand Jack and Victor being cordial to each other due to the circumstances, but this was going way too far. Really, have they ever been friends? I just wonder just how long the truce between them will last.

Jack and Jill were right when they said that Katherine, John, and Dina would be watching the wedding from above with their full approval. And Jill made sure of it by having Katherine's portrait front and center, so she really could witness the entire ceremony from above in the living room of Chancellor Mansion. Smart thinking, Jill. The room was beautifully decorated, and Devon was ready to officiate after he had become ordained just to have the honor of marrying them. It's a good thing that Chance was able to calm Abby's nerves, or Devon would have gone through all that trouble for nothing.

And yes, this wedding actually took place without any dramatic interruptions or crazy, out-of-the blue announcements of why the two of them should not be joined in holy matrimony. There was to be no nonwedding this time. That was probably the biggest earth-shaking moment of the entire year. The ceremony was lovely, with flowers all around, and Abby looked gorgeous in her beautiful wedding dress. The sparkly clip in her hair made Abby look like the fairy princess that she was. Chance vowed to enjoy every moment with Abby because she was never boring. Well, everyone has their own threshold of boredom, I guess, since he never even knew Abby in her Naked Heiress days. As their guests watched, the couple promised to cherish each other forever. It was so sweet!

During the reception, before the new husband and wife jetted off to their very own island for their honeymoon, real soap life tarnished the air filled with love and hope when Victor's eyes sent daggers straight at Billy, who quickly left the event. But joy was restored when Jill complimented Esther on the decorations. Esther was flabbergasted! Mariah expressed to Devon that he would find his special someone, but really, she should have given that little pep talk to Jack, who hasn't had a girlfriend in ages. We all know that Devon and Amanda will end up together. That was obvious the first moment she arrived in town. At the end of the reception, the guests all hoped that the three families, the Newmans, Abbotts, and Chancellors, could forge ahead together in the future, but good luck with that.

So, with the guests' messages placed in a box in hand, the loving pair went flying off to their very own island, which sounded horribly sexy and romantic, but only ended up being more horrible than sexy. Their tiny cabana wasn't exactly up to the fairy princess' standards, but Abby tried to make do the best that she could by decorating it up with scarves. However, there wasn't a lot she could do with an air mattress as their bed. Thank heavens, Nikki's message to them was "love is patient and kind," yet that still didn't stop Abby from wishing for her five-star luxury room in Bora Bora. Abby had better remember Traci's words that the happily ever after was the hard part, especially for fairytale princesses. She just might need to remember that going forward in her new married life.

Jack believed that the Teardrop of Love jewelry would guide Abby and Chance throughout their new marital journey, and later Ashley believed that the Teardrop of Love would work its magic on Kyle and Summer. Man, we all need one of those if it's a guarantee that we will be loved and happy. With any luck, the Teardrop of Love will help Jack, although he appeared to have joy being a witness to everyone else's good fortune. Actually, Jack seemed completely satisfied when he looked up at Katherine's portrait and left his note: "It was a magical night. Sweet dreams. J." Yeah, that pretty much said it all.

But life goes on after all the wedding excitement, and Billy was ready to meet his own lovely lady for a date. While he was waiting for Lily to arrive, Sally introduced herself and chatted him up for a minute. They seemed friendly enough, and Sally's going to need a lot of friends, especially if she wants to own her own fashion house in Genoa City. It sure didn't seem like she could include Kyle and Summer on that list. And Billy could certainly use a few more friends of his own, once it appeared that Chance believed Billy had shot at Adam. Lily then mentioned that the ChancComm security footage might clear him of the shooting. Why didn't she think of that before? If the footage proves that he didn't shoot Adam, Billy could then wipe that smug look off of Victor and Rey's faces.

Billy's dreams came true when he woke up to find Lily after a romantic night together. Well, Lily wants a drama-free romance, and she could still keep her fling with Billy light and easy as long as she doesn't fall in love with the charmer. The challenge will be for the two of them to remain professional once Billy is able to return back to the office. Oh, yes, exchanging those telltale grins of satisfaction between the two might just be a dead giveaway. However, Lily must be losing her touch, since she had trouble keeping Billy's focus away from Rey. But Billy just wanted the shooting drama to be over. So, who set Billy up as the shooter? Billy and Lily tried to figure it out. Adam, Victor, Nick. No. It's Rey, I'm telling you. He only arrested Billy to cover his tracks.

Once he was released from the mental hospital, Adam felt he needed Chelsea back in his life, while Victor thought that Sharon should be the one for his emotional stability. Victor felt their work wasn't finished, but it really was time for Adam to deal with it all on his own. Adam couldn't use Sharon or Chelsea as his crutch forever. But Sharon said she was done with helping Adam for selfish reasons, which was good, since Chelsea was ready to return home. Chelsea had already had more than enough of Sharon's presence in her husband's life. Chelsea still wished to leave town, but Adam wanted to talk to Victor first, and he announced they were moving away from Genoa City. But then Chelsea had another headache. Come on. We all knew that something would prevent them from leaving.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

I absolutely loved the earrings that Nikki wore at the wedding. They looked to be a bit heavy; however, I could suffer for a little while just to wear such gorgeous jewelry.

What a wonderful touch for Traci to sing words to our special Y&R theme song. It was so fitting!

When Abby put the ring on Chance's finger during the ceremony, the ring lines on his finger were very noticeable, which made it obvious that Melissa Ordway was putting Justin Gaston's very own wedding ring back on his finger.

Yeah, I agree with Kyle. Summer looks nothing like Cary Grant.

Now that Chance and Abby are married, Nina should return to town. Grandma Nina would then be ready and available when the little ones started coming around. Christine's idea was brilliant, but Nina was hesitant. After all, there was still time before she would be needed for babysitting duties.

Happy Anniversary, Lauren and Michael! And ooh-la-la!

If I had a dollar for every time Victoria told her father that if he did something, she would never forgive him and would then turn around and forgive him, I'd practically have as much money as the Newmans.

If you missed the article here on Soap Central, Melissa Ordway and Justin Gaston had a blast working together during the two weeks he covered for Danny Boaz in the role of Chance. As Melissa put it, the writers had Abby and Chance speaking much more "eloquently" to each other than Melissa and Justin ever would. That would be fun, working together yet reacting to each other in a different way as husband and wife on a show. You always wonder if living together and working together might get old. But, because it was only temporary, it would be exciting and something new -- but not something old, something borrowed, or something blue, since Melissa and Justin were already married. So, during this tough time, Melissa and Justin got the unique "chance" to share a fresh and enjoyable experience. You can check out the original article here.

Until next time -- when it will be time to look back at the Best and Worst of 2020 -- please take care and stay safe!

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