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It's a Y&R and B&B crossover! While one lovely lady did some digging in Los Angeles to get the dirt on another, a brave knight came clean with his fair damsel about his past with the lovely lady. Will using a personal scandal to gain control of a professional situation backfire on our lovely lady? Can our fair damsel keep the mystery alive with her dashing fellow as he promised to keep his passion but to lose his recklessness? Will Sally ever be able to escape from being in the middle somewhere between right and wrong? Hello to B&B's Wyatt Spencer in Two Scoops!

In the short time that Sally Spectra has been in Genoa City, the feisty redhead sure has stirred things up -- so much so that Summer and Kyle rushed to Los Angeles, just so Summer could dig up some dirt on the lady. That's right -- it was time for a crossover with The Bold and the Beautiful! Well, the young couple tried to zip over to L.A., until a freak winter storm left them stranded on the plane with unwelcomed companions Billy and Lily, who were headed to Seattle for a meeting. But Summer was bound and determined to get to L.A., so she could get evidence against Sally, who was after her job. Still, you have to wonder if it even dawned on Summer to beat Sally professionally by proving she was the perfect person to lead a huge fashion company, but really, what would be the fun in that?

And raking up the muck on Sally would prove to be pretty easy. Sure, Sally has done a few shady things in her past due, professionally, to her extreme ambition and, personally, out of desperation when it came to the affairs of the heart. But hasn't Summer, also? She even remembered on the plane when she had targeted her mother's boyfriend and had decided that she would bed Billy, even though Phyllis was bonkers about him at the time. Since they had all worked together at Jabot then, Summer had crossed both the lines of professionalism and of a loving mother/daughter relationship out of spite and jealousy. So, she's not really one to talk about Sally's past, when Summer's is just as murky. But if Summer wanted the dirt on Sally, the Spencers were the ones who could fling it.

So, it was somehow appropriate that the very first person whom Summer talked to was Wyatt Spencer. I really like Wyatt, who usually tries to be a stand-up guy. Under the pretext of talking business, Summer informed Wyatt that Sally had accepted a job in Genoa City as Lauren's assistant at Fenmore's. He was caught a little off guard by the news and even more so when Summer described the red-haired lady as being "humble." However, Wyatt only wished for Sally to have the best of luck with her new life, and he was sincere. Wyatt honestly appeared to have loved Sally at one time, and they were happy together. But then his girlfriend Flo moved to Los Angeles, and Sally was on her way out of Forrester Creations and Wyatt's life.

I'm sure that Flo will only have kind words regarding Sally. Ha! Don't even get me started on Flo, who is nothing but a holier-than-thou hypocrite. I can't stand Flo. She acts as if her poo-poo don't stink, even after all the heartbreak and turmoil she caused Liam and Hope by keeping their sweet baby, Beth, away from her parents those first crucial months of development in her young life. In fact, Flo was even an accomplice to the baby-napping by pretending to be the child's birth mother, so she (and Hope's doctor) could sell Beth to the highest bidder, who happened to be Taylor, to give to her daughter Steffy. Okay, so Sally faked dying out of her fear of losing Wyatt. But stealing a baby from her loving parents beats pretending to be knocking on death's door any day of the week.

And when Wyatt discovered that Sally wasn't really dying and had only pretended to be dying in a desperate attempt to hang onto to her boyfriend, who had already flip-flopped between Sally and Flo a few times (in B&B's tried-and-true triangle trend), he kind of had it coming. Flo then conveniently had a bad case of amnesia and painted Sally's actions as the most despicable thing ever done in the history of all soapdom. Oh, yeah, Flo's holier-than-thou colors were shining brightly through, as the show tried to whitewash the character. Flo stole a baby and kept her identity hidden for months, but Sally was the vile creature. Okay. At least, Sally owned up to her bad acts and begged Wyatt for forgiveness before she left town. But Flo probably never felt any genuine remorse for what she had done.

I was glad to have the spunky Sally back when she showed up in Genoa City, since that type of deceit was a little out of character for her. When Sally Spectra first arrived in Los Angeles, she was ready to take charge by creating her own fashion line as a tribute to her beloved great-aunt, the original Sally Spectra. But Bill Spencer only saw Sally as a pesky gnat in his plans for his sons and for a ridiculous tower he wanted to build as a way to pay homage to himself. When Sally refused to sell her business to him so he could use the land for his tower, Bill set out to ruin her. It must have been so gratifying for him when she ended up ruining herself, plus she was no longer in his son's life. But Bill still has an axe to grind, and he'll be all ready and set to use it against his former foe.

When Sally was talking to Jack in Crimson Lights, she would have been wise to tell all, so that she could get ahead of what Summer would learn during her supposed business trip. Plus, then Sally could put a spin on what had happened in her own way instead of the negative twist that Summer would surely put on it upon her return. Jack was delusional. He believed that Sally should give Summer a chance, when Summer had no intention of doing likewise for Sally. Really, Sally should have given all the gory details of her deceit to Lauren and Jack when she had the chance, especially after Lauren offered Sally the opportunity to come up with her own design marketing strategies for the newly acquired clothing line. Sally already had so much to lose in her new hometown.

On the Jabot jet, Summer gave her seal of approval for Billy's relationship with Lily. Then Billy and Summer shared that they hoped they had each evolved and had finally grown up. I'm more confident that Billy has than Summer, especially after he apologized for the way he had treated her in the past. Plus, Billy will really be able to prove it by treating Lily the way she deserves. However, Summer was plotting against Sally in a personal way for what she conceived to be a professional battle, which was crude and tacky. While Summer's goal was to get down and dirty, Billy promptly came clean with Lily on the plane about his past fling with Summer, which helped Lily, who did not want to worry if her new relationship was "built on the sand" as her marriage to Cane had been.

Billy wanted no secrets between them going forward in their relationship, which showed that he had matured, and Lily was already well aware that Billy was no choirboy. But she also saw that when Billy was hurt, he would lash out to hurt others. In the past, Billy would never consider the consequences or the fallout of his actions, which may have been somewhat of an eye-opener for him. If he could learn from that going forward, his relationship with Lily may have a real chance. She wanted a man who was honest and brave, and Billy could fit the bill. Yes, Billy should keep his passion but lose his reckless side, and Lily could be a little more spontaneous at times. And Billy should hang onto his "man of mystery" image. A a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Very sexy.

Apparently, Victoria still thought so, too, since it almost seemed as if she planned a family outing with Billy and their children to possibly win him back. Sneaky. Or maybe, although Victoria did not want Billy, she didn't want anyone else to have him, either. Jealousy was lurking around her, though, which left Lily alone at home, when she was supposed to have a date with Billy. The ice-skating fundraiser could have proven to be very awkward if Billy had invited Lily along, but they probably weren't far enough along in their relationship for a gathering with his kids yet. Nikki seemed to be a little catty when she noted that Billy had a pretty sweet set-up with Lily, since the kids lived with Victoria, but I'm sure she preferred having custody. Come on, she can't have it both ways.

It's weird that after everything Adam did to get rid of the Newman name, he ended up going back to it in a flash when he needed the best medical help possible for Chelsea. In one phone call, he was Adam Wilson, and the very next, he became Adam Newman again. Hey, he quickly learned that whenever he flashed the Newman name around, people would listen and respond. But Adam truly seemed to have moved on from what he had once perceived as having a future with Sharon to honestly wanting his life with Chelsea. Shoot, he even brought the one person he had every reason to hate -- the one who had tried to blow him up in the cabin -- to Chelsea to try to cheer her up. Chloe did her best, but she only made things worse, since Chelsea could only see what she no longer had.

Adam was doing his best to help Chelsea, which left him feeling frustrated, and he even wondered to Sharon if there was something that he could have done to prevent what had happened to Chelsea. Sharon could see that Adam was in pain, so she sent a text saying, "Let me know if you need anything." If only Rey knew that Sharon had reached out to Adam, but of course, she had contacted him on the sly. Rey had already pretty much put his foot down and had forbidden her from seeing Adam as either a counselor or as a friend. But Sharon still considered Adam to be a friend, no matter what Rey had decided. Good for her! Rey should not be choosing Sharon's friends for her.

While Faith was a little hard on Adam in Crimson Lights, she didn't know that Chelsea had suffered a stroke and couldn't talk and could barely move, and besides, her youth would probably have contributed to her lack of empathy if she did. And after eavesdropping on her parents, Faith learned that Sharon was ready to send her to get some counseling, although Nick preferred that his mother talk to her about the pitfalls of drinking. Sharon felt that her daughter's nicey-nicey act in seeing her wasn't all that sincere and believed she was hiding something, while Nick thought that Faith was genuinely happy to see her mother. But Nick always has faith in everything Phyllis, so what does he know? Faith then went scurrying straight to Jordan, and they plotted to keep any future parties secret.

Victoria and Nikki were on opposite sides about Adam for a change. Where Victoria could only see that he was dragging their father back into his world, Nikki could sympathize with Chelsea and could understand Adam's distress. On the other hand, Nick told his mother that he was upset with Victoria for tormenting his girlfriend. Oh, please! Phyllis was not some innocent, helpless waif, who couldn't fend for herself. If he's going to worry over a female in his life, Nick had better start paying more attention to what his daughter Faith has been up to. Besides, Phyllis was busy scheming to get revenge on Victoria, which proved she was far from being defenseless. But, of course, Nick didn't know that, and even if he did, he probably wouldn't care anymore. He had made his choice.

Kevin was the reasonable one, but next to Phyllis, just about anyone else would have to be. Kudos to Kevin for trying to save Phyllis from Phyllis by pointing out that she had everything she needed to be happy and that by getting even with Victoria, Phyllis could lose the very things that she loved the most: Nick and the Grand Phoenix. (Not necessarily in that order.) And Phyllis actually seemed to listen to him. Phyllis almost always has a nasty habit of ignoring good advice, which normally bites her in the rear. But she decided that rather than using the embezzling CEO information against her, Phyllis would just hold the knowledge of it over Victoria's head as a continuous threat. Oh, yeah, so much better than blackmail. But, hey, Nick was proud of her. That's all that mattered.

Amanda pleaded with Naya to fill her in on the blanks in her life, so her biological mother agreed to meet with her. I honestly don't know what Amanda thought she would hear. A warm and fuzzy story about how Naya's twins were wrestled away from her as she kicked and screamed and begged to keep them? Well, of course, that didn't happen, and Amanda was devasted to learn that the decisions regarding Naya's babies were made for her and that she was relieved because of it. Naya never looked back after that and had no desire to try to locate them later. She just moved on with her normal family and tried to be the best mother she could be to Imani. Naya bluntly told her the truth, and Amanda wasn't ready for it or to hear that Rose had been handsomely paid to take the twins away.

But at least Naya's stark naked truth gave Amanda a reason to run into Devon's open arms for comfort. Well, okay, Naya had been a little harsh when she used the word "mistake," but Amanda seemed to have been looking for her fairy-tale ending with her biological mother that Naya had experienced later with her family, most notably Imani. Devon was right, though, when he told Amanda not to expect anything more than what Naya could give, if she chose to pursue having a relationship with her mother. Amanda had to accept Naya for the woman she was and not some mythical being she had created in her mind. Amanda appreciated that Naya had been honest with her and had seemed to genuinely care that Hilary had died. Maybe Amanda could have a place in Naya's life, after all.

But not if Imani had any say in it, since she served Amanda with a restraining order to stay away from Naya. Boy, that sure made Imani look petty and insecure. Why would she consider Amanda to be a threat? You would think that she'd want to get to know her sister, but Imani seemed more worried that Amanda might get some attention and even love from her mother. Naya apologized to Amanda that Imani had taken everything to such extremes, but Imani should have been the one doing the apologizing, especially since she didn't know a single thing about her newly found sibling. As any attorney knows, Imani should have done her research and should have gotten the facts before jumping to conclusions about Amanda. Shoot, Amanda would know to do that.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

Hooray for Nick! When he used the phrase "I couldn't care less," I was so proud of him. I hear all the time on a TV show where a character will say, "I could care less," which really makes no sense at all if you think about it. I couldn't care less (than what I already do) clearly states that the bar can go no lower on the caring scale. I mean, if you could care less, then it must not be all that big of a deal. I cringe whenever I hear someone say that they could care less, especially when I know they mean exactly the opposite. Okay, grammar lesson over for the day.

I liked Tucker on Y&R, and I miss having him around, although it wouldn't be quite the same without Katherine there, also. But Stephen Nichols has been busy playing Steve (Patch!) Johnson on Days of our Lives lately, so it doesn't look like Tucker will be reappearing in Genoa City anytime soon.

Why do I have this funny feeling that it won't be long before we see Moses? When Devon asked Nate if he would mentor Moses, Nate wasn't the least bit enthusiastic, but only because he could no longer do surgery and wasn't sure that he'd be a good role model for Devon's little brother. And to think I was just praising Nate a couple weeks ago for reflecting on what he could do rather than what he couldn't do. Well, so much for trying to look on the bright side of things.

After seeing Tessa and Mariah show off their crazy and rather bizarre dance moves in Society, the nightclubs in Genoa City had better look out!

Abby learned that being sick in the morning didn't necessarily mean a woman was pregnant, and her impatience and desperation grew, especially when she learned that uterine scar tissue may be the problem. Although Chance had tried to pacify her when he pointed out that they hadn't been trying for all that long, I can see how she felt. When you really want something badly, time seems to just drag on and on. I believe we all have a good understanding of that as we wait to get a COVID vaccine in the hopes that everything can eventually get back to "normal" again. In the meantime, the clock seems to be ticking slowly as we hope to finally see the light at the end of a long tunnel. Hopefully, that will be soon.

Until next time, please stay tuned. And please take care and stay safe!

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