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As one couple danced around and around and around with a new partner also in the mix, the latest soapy triangle appeared to look more like a circle (or even a square, depending on the dance.) Was Victoria truly as happy for Billy and his new love as she claimed? Will she let Victor continue to call all the shots at Newman Enterprises, so he can destroy the father of her children? Should Nick try to learn the identities of his daughter's bullies? Will Jack and Sally be our newest love interest? And Devon hopes to be a new baby daddy in Two Scoops.

What's to be said about our newest triangle, Lily, Victoria, and Billy, except that with Billy and Victoria making two of the sides, that triangle appears to be more like a circle in that they just keep going around and around and around. Luckily, Lily presents a new and refreshing angle to their drama, or else the triangle could seem very square, man. You know, as in the opposite of groovy, cool, and far-out in a hippy kind of way. I haven't thought of the term square in years, and now that I've dusted it off, it's time to put it back in the closet again. Far, far back. Anyway, Victoria had told Billy that they were done, finished, finito, so he moved on, which was only right. But once he found a new love, Victoria had a sudden change of mind -- and heart -- and seemed to want him back. But did she?

Victoria admitted to Nikki that she was lonely, and seeing Billy with Lily probably made her even more so. Billy was in love and was happy...and Victoria wasn't. She missed what she had once had with Billy as a loving couple with their children completing them. But at the time, Victoria had seemed to make Newman Enterprises her number one priority, leaving Billy and the kids on their own when she had to work late at night. Victoria had needed to make the effort to find the quality family time then, but she could never find the time or the energy. Billy went his own way, which always got him in trouble, and the couple communicated less with each other as they drifted farther and farther apart. Love couldn't save them when they, at times, appeared to not even like each other.

Plus, Billy needs someone who could help keep him from being his own worst enemy, especially when it came to Adam, and hopefully, Lily is that someone. The children love being around her, but sadly, that only added to Victoria's jealously. She resented Lily because Victoria felt she was being replaced in their happy family by Lily, who had never had any intention of doing so, of course. But still, Victoria's demand that Billy keep Lily far, far away from the kids was absurd. I don't remember her doing that in the past with any of her new boyfriends. Shoot, I recollect when Victoria had J.T. move in with her in lickety-split time with no concern for the children at all. At least Johnny and Katie don't live with Billy, which wasn't the case when J.T. was shoved into their lives.

When Victoria insisted that Billy have Lily stay away from their children, she probably expected that would result in the new couple spending less time together and that they would eventually break up. However, that little scheme backfired on her when Billy decided that Lily was the real deal and that he wished to move forward with her. Victoria still tried to call the shots until Johnny figured out for himself that Daddy had a new girlfriend. Smart lad! Victoria probably didn't even really want Billy back -- only the idea of him with their family forever living in contentment, but that would only be make-believe. Victoria truly needed to find her own peace and joy with a new man or even all on her own.

Thankfully, Billy finally saw through Victoria after she interrupted his Valentine's Day plans with Lily. It was about time. Victoria was lonely and was jealous that Billy wasn't, also. She had hoped that she would be able to find that special someone before her ex did, and when that didn't happen, Victoria tried to torpedo his romance. Or she seemed to, anyway, although she claimed later to Billy that she truly wanted him to be happy. Aww, Billy and Lily were so sweet together, as they flirted with his Valentine's Day candy to her. When they smiled at each other, it was obvious they were very much in love, as Lily reviewed his proposal, which they both determined deserved a rating of PG. Whether the initials stood for pretty good or poetic genius didn't really matter. They were in love.

Their happiness may not last much longer if Victor has his way. Even as Victoria tried to stop him, Victor was bound and determined to ruin Billy for publishing his daring exposé about Adam, so Victor sought to purchase a media division -- the exact same one that Billy wanted. Victor was out to get Billy Boy Abbott again, as Victoria tried to keep Billy out of her father's clutches -- again. So around and around and around we go in this never-ending circle. But if Victor didn't have a vendetta against one of the Abbotts, something really would be rotten in Genoa City. Victor didn't give a fig about Victoria's position as CEO of Newman Enterprises. It was still his company, by golly, so he could make any acquisition he wanted. Victoria was the puppet, with Victor pulling all the strings.

No matter how much Victoria tried to deny it, Victor was the one still in control of Newman Enterprises. He just let her appear to be in charge at his whim until he wanted to use his power for destruction. Even when she, as CEO, refused Victor's bid for Ashland Locke's media division, Victor ignored her and pursued the acquisition, anyway. Her words were meaningless. And Billy realized who was really calling the shots and was willing to do battle against his adversary once again. However, Lily wanted them to step back and let father and daughter duke it out over the family business. Smart lady! Billy had better hang onto her.

Yeah, Summer really should have let those sleeping L.A. dogs lie, and in fact, she should have released them to run free and to never return, since they just turned around and bit her in the rear. If Summer had let things drop instead of trying to ruin Sally, they all could have coexisted happily ever after in the corporate world. But Summer chose to dig out the dirt and to fling the mud, and she became covered with filth, when she could have competed with Sally in a friendly but professional way. Okay, Summer had learned about Kyle's hook-up with the powerful businessman's wife, Tara Locke, thanks to Sally and Theo. But Kyle left out that tiny detail about the child possibly being his, which could turn around and nip him in the behind. That's on him.

The biggest chunk of his hide may come due to the Locke-Ness monster, Ashland, who was almighty and dominant and could rip Kyle apart in a single chomp. Shoot, if Kyle ever needed Victor Newman as an ally, this would be the time. Victor knows a thing or two about delivering vicious bites. Actually, another chomp-master was Bill Spencer, who would be a good adversary for Kyle if only Bill lived in Genoa City. Summer was wise to listen to Sally's warning. Bill could be pretty despicable when he was out to get someone. So, while Summer was away for her meeting in Los Angeles, Kyle intended to get more information about Harrison, the Lockes' son. Still, the door was wide open for Kyle to tell all to Summer, and he slammed it shut. He's surely going to regret that.

Gloria was back in town and was letting everyone know it, only she must have thought it was still Christmas, since she tried to determine if Sally was naughty or nice. Sally truly was very professional as she tried to explain the duties for Gloria's new job, yet Gloria was the one with an attitude. But then again, Gloria's always had an attitude, and Sally was just starting to learn that. Seriously, Sally paid her the highest compliment ever when she said that Gloria reminded her of the original Sally Spectra, whom Sally adored. But Gloria just pooh-poohed the notion and went her merry way. With so many of his exes around, Jack will have many stories to tell Sally about his past. But being good friends with most of them only proved that Jack genuinely was a nice guy.

Once Phyllis saw Sally around Jack, she became instantly aware of the attraction between the two and was ready to come to Jack's rescue. When talking to Summer, Phyllis referred to Jack as a puppy being swallowed up by the python, Sally, but it seems to me that Jack has always been able to take care of himself. Phyllis told Sally that she knew Sally, but how could she? More than likely, Sally reminded Phyllis of herself when she was younger, and that probably scared the bejesus out of Phyllis. Jack was enjoying mentoring Sally, so why couldn't Phyllis just leave him alone and let him have some fun? He's a big boy. He'll be just fine. But Phyllis had to meddle, which could also mess things up with Nick if she pushed it too far. And Phyllis being Phyllis, you know she'll do just that.

The more Sally was around Jack, the more smitten he became. Shoot, with her flair, fire, and feistiness, Jack probably saw her as a younger version of Phyllis, just as Nick had. No wonder why he was so impressed by her, since there's no doubt in my mind that Jack still carried a torch for "Red." Jack's been a good friend to Sally at a time when she really needed one, and she truly appreciated that. Sally looked so pleased when Jack clarified that their dinner out was "a date." Yes, there's the age difference, but that was also the case when Jill was with his father, John, and that couple lasted a long time and provided plenty of fireworks along the way. This pair could prove to be very intriguing, also, if a romance were to develop.

Sally's date with Jack started with Sally getting a new car, which involved celebrating afterwards. Bye-bye, clunker! Jack suggested taking the car for a spin sometime, and Sally was thrilled to go out with the handsome and charming man. Once they clarified the ground rules and decided to keep things casual, Jack expressed that he looked forward to their next outing. I don't blame him for wanting to take things slowly after all the heartache he's already had to suffer through. After all, there was no rush. Jack just wanted to have fun, and Sally could certainly provide that. However, Phyllis appeared ready to stomp all over Jack's fun. Enjoy it while you can, Jack!

Rey showed his true controlling colors again when he pretty much gave Sharon the ultimatum that it was either Adam or him. Rey knew that Sharon was an independent woman with her own mind and liked to make her own choices before they walked down the aisle. Did he really think she would cower to his every demand once they were married? And Sharon had rushed into marrying Rey just to prove that she was choosing him over Adam, which was a ridiculous reason to get hitched. When Rey walked out the door, he should have just kept walking, and Sharon should have let him. Sorry, still not a fan. I mean, he didn't even know about the picture of Sharon and Adam kissing that was plastered all over social media yet.

Once he saw it, Rey was furious, and you could tell by his body language that he had no intention of listening to a single word out of Sharon's mouth. At least his anger caused him not to return home for one night. It's a start. Thankfully, Nick was more reasonable with her later, although he was worried about Faith's reaction to the picture. Faith wanted to move in with Nick, and she should. Although Faith was afraid they'd retaliate against her, Nick hoped to learn the identities of Faith's bullies and was holding her phone hostage to do that. Good. Those haters need to have the spotlight shown brightly on them to stop the garbage they keep spewing. As long as they stay anonymous, they will just keep piling on the hate.

Although Sharon wanted to help her daughter, she should have had more faith in Faith and should have believed that her haters had framed her for the liquor at school. Who knew that Summer would be the better listener? Summer sometimes tends to be self-absorbed, so it's hard for her to understand that others have problems, too. But she knew exactly where Faith was coming from, because at one time, the shoe had been on the other foot, and Summer had been a bully herself. So, she understood completely and was able to comfort Faith by admitting that she had been wrong when she had harmed the boy. But that was exactly what Faith needed -- someone who could relate to what she was going through, because Summer had gone through it, only in the opposite way, and had later regretted it.

Rey was so wrong for storming into Adam's house to call him out about the picture right in front of Chelsea. He obviously wanted to confront Adam, so he should have pulled him into the lobby to yell at him. It didn't matter that Rey was angry. He should have taken Chelsea's health into consideration, especially since stress had put her in that condition in the first place. Ironically, since Chelsea had no idea what Rey was talking about, she suddenly became inspired to move her left hand, so she could grab her phone. Hey, whatever works. Chelsea made sure to keep any progress she made on the sly (except for partner-in-crime, Chloe), and she'll probably keep her ongoing recovery under wraps until she could use it to her best advantage. This could be Chelsea's best con yet.

Rey returned home the next day, only to find out that Adam had swung by the house to talk to Sharon. Rey believed that Adam was a part of Sharon's psyche, although Sharon insisted she was a totally different person from the one who had once loved Adam. However, Rey only saw that Sharon had not stopped Adam from kissing her because he was in her head. If Sharon and Rey were going to work out the problems in their marriage, they would need to overcome the obstacle named Adam. Sharon needs to face that Adam has a hold on her, and Rey needs to accept that there may always be a connection between the two. Her past with Adam isn't going to just go away, so Rey needs to find a way to deal with it or to be prepared to release Sharon from her vows.

Thanks to her chat with Devon, Abby decided she could finally move forward, so she started donor shopping. When Abby and Nina were searching online for the right man to donate his sperm for Abby's baby with Chance, they looked just like a couple of teenage girls shopping in an old Sears catalog for the perfect dress and matching accessories to wear to the high school prom. And Abby and Nina hit the jackpot with the ideal guy -- only they were too late. He was already taken, ten times over. But the ladies were determined to find their man when he suddenly popped out of nowhere. Well, okay, through their front door. Devon! Not only was Devon a terrific friend for giving Abby advice, but he was also willing to be the donor for her baby. Talk about going above and beyond.

But wouldn't that be frustrating for Devon to watch his child growing up before his very eyes and not be able to say anything or to make any decisions in his or her life? And wouldn't it be awkward, especially for Chance, to know that Abby was carrying a baby fathered by Devon, a friend and someone he knew? Lily also voiced her concerns over Devon's amazing offer, since it could very well end up being very "messy." But Devon claimed that he would be perfectly satisfied in just being the "favorite uncle." I hope so. Times can change things, and watching his biological child being raised by someone else might just prove to be too much for him. Amanda thought the exact same thing, so she recommended that Devon draw out a contract to protect his interests. That was wise.

And thank goodness that Abby was very realistic about raising a biracial child. But if Devon agreed to be a part of the baby's life, as Abby wished, that could possibly clean up a little of the messiness that Lily worried about, plus Devon could help with any complications that might arise due to having a mixed family And Lily knew about having biracial children with Cane, so she could be the voice of reason and experience, if they needed it. Oh, yes, Devon was welcomed into Chance and Abby's family, and Devon was excited to be the newest member. As the grandson of Katherine Chancellor, it just seemed so right. With Mariah also on board, they all looked prepared to boldly face the world in raising Baby Chancellor.

It's weird how Chance was gone in a flash after the couple had just gotten married and were so happy together. And then, poof, he vanished, and Abby was left on her own to carry on with their family plans without him. And she didn't seem to be all that broken up about it, either. As long as she had the baby to focus on to keep her spirits up, Abby would be just fine. But still, the timing of Chance's sudden disappearance seemed off, and I have to suspect that he will be recast a little down the road -- maybe with Melissa Ordway's husband again. It must have been so much easier taping scenes of Abby and Chance together with Justin Gaston playing Chance.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

Rey practically accused Sharon of being the reason for Faith's problems because she was never around to support her. However, Faith appeared to be more bothered about the couple constantly arguing about it than by her mother supposedly never being around, which was ridiculous, anyway.

Victor pointed out to Victoria at Newman Enterprises that she should keep family separate from business. But wasn't he mixing the two by trying to purchase a media division through his own company just to ruin Billy?

I had forgotten just how many wrongs Bill Spencer had committed against Sally when she was in Los Angeles -- and all because of a ridiculous tower that he had wanted to build to pay homage to himself. But to be fair, Bill did not know anyone was in it when he blew up Sally's building. (And you know he didn't know because his son Liam was in the building, also.) He had believed it was empty at the time. Bill had only meant to destroy Sally, not kill her.

One has to wonder if Naya would have been as proud of Amanda if she worked as a waitress or a bartender for a living. Hearing that your biological daughter went to Yale Law School would have any mother beaming with pride.

Nick believed that Rey was "not so much of a hothead"? Really?

I'm finally starting to thaw out after the Winter Blast in Texas, since we lost our power for three and a half days. I really missed seeing my soaps, too, since I didn't have anything to distract me and to keep my mind off of being so cold. But I'm just glad to be warm and to be able to see my favorite shows again. Let's see, we had the edge of a hurricane in the summer, and a week of freezing temperatures in the winter (which is very unusual for our area), and that's not even mentioning the pandemic that's still going all over the world. Hopefully, things will finally get better going forward.

Until next time, please stay tuned. And please take care and stay safe!

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