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Jack planted a big one on Sally's kisser as Kyle and Summer watched in horror! (Yeah, the kiss was off-screen, but we know he did it.) Will Jack dillydally with Sally's love and affection, or will more develop between the two? Could Sally's interest in her charming mentor turn from a flirty respect and admiration into a fiery love? Will Jack follow in his father's footsteps and have a May/December romance with Sally as John once had with Jill? And the fireworks exploded as three cutthroat bidders completed to win a coveted media company. Read all about it in Two Scoops.

Sally may really have hit the jackpot with Jack, so to speak, but from everything I've seen of her on The Bold and the Beautiful and from her short time on Y&R, she's always been ready to accept any challenge and to make her own way in life. If Jack is willing to mentor her (at the very least), she's been very wise to accept that, which will help her going forward in the corporate world, especially in a new town. And as long as she remains upfront and honest with Jack, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. So, please, Sally, don't dillydally with Jack's intentions and his kindness, and please don't take them for granted. (Yes, I have heard the Brian Hyland song, "Don't Dilly Dally, Sally.") If Sally really cares for Jack, she'd better not blow it.

Yet, the writing for Sally seems to be somewhat like the writing was for Theo. Theo grew close to Jack while he constantly battled with Kyle and Summer, even though it was Kyle who instigated most of it. Even when Theo tried to get along, Kyle would play dirty just to rid himself and the Abbotts of his former friend. Then Sally came to town, and Theo was out, only the storyline seemed to hang around. Sally grew closer and closer to Jack while she had to continuously thwart Summer's attempt to destroy her with help from Kyle. And she had the added twist of having Phyllis out to get her, too. I guess the writers believe this type of ambush works better on a female than a male. Please, writers, don't mistake Sally for Theo. She's a vibrant, colorful character who needs to stick around.

If Jack has his way, Sally won't be going anywhere. He is clearly smitten by the lovely redhead, while it's obvious that she's very much attracted to the wise, charming, and sophisticated man -- so much so, in fact, that Sally is determined to learn how to ice-skate because she learned that the winter sport means a lot to Jack and his family. Jack has already moved up in the ranks of their relationship by going from mentor to coach. And then he vaulted straight up to the top of being a suitor by planting a kiss on Sally's voluptuous lips. (Well, okay, we had to use our imaginations for that part, since the smackeroo itself wasn't televised. But by Jack's sensuous movement toward her and by Kyle and Summer's shocked expressions, Jack was definitely smooching Sally.)

It just seems that Kyle and Summer's focus should be more on Tara and Kyle's newly discovered son, Harrison, than on anything Sally does. Kyle certainly has his hands full with his own problems without having to worry over Jack's safety from the ambitious lady, especially since the powerful dynamo Ashland Locke could crush Kyle if he were to learn of Harrison's true paternity. Kyle considered filling his father in, since Jack had done plenty of battles with Victor in the past. However, Kyle knew that his dad would want him to be a dad to his son when Kyle would prefer to just walk away. And that's what Tara wants, too, so she pointed out to Kyle that she and Ashland would be going straight home to their son after the meetings. Well, at least she and Kyle are on the same page.

Kyle is tempting fate by not telling his father about Harrison, though, especially since he and Summer are always nasty to Jack's newest lady whenever they are near her. Sally can always feel their animosity toward her, so she feels it necessary to seek out more leverage to use against them by befriending Tara with talk of fashion. Sally was mirroring the motto of the mail workers when she decided that neither snow (nor snowballs) nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night nor a threatened blonde Snowflake nor an insecure, buttinsky son would keep her from her appointed rounds with Fenmore's or with Jack. Oh-la-la!

Wow, it seems that everyone in Genoa City suddenly wants to own Cyaxares media. Yes, Victor has been pursuing Ashland Locke's company to give to Adam as an olive branch to run on his own, and Adam is up for the task. After Adam decided that it would be a perfect fit with providing for his family while Chelsea is on the mend, Victor also felt it would be a good distraction to keep Adam's mind off Sharon. Little does Adam know that Chelsea's plans don't exactly coincide with her husband's, since she wants him completely and totally out of her life...well, once she puts her dastardly plan into effect, which she hasn't yet disclosed to Chloe, no matter how much Chloe has begged and pleaded. Well, one thing's for sure -- Adam won't see it coming.

Little did Victor know that Victoria was planning her sneak attack to buy the business, since she isn't exactly thrilled that her father intends on handing over the keys of his newest kingdom to his beloved son Adam. Victoria told her mother that she felt Victor was trying to pit her against Adam again, and she really doesn't appreciate it. Plus, Victor has made it very clear that he intends to use Cyaxares as a weapon against Chancellor Communications just to get back at Billy for his daring exposť on Adam. So, to stop Victor from using the media company against Billy, Victoria intends to purchase it as a part of Newman Enterprises -- to what? Use it against her ex? I mean, no matter how much she denies it, Victoria is not pleased that Billy is with Lily.

Victoria has every reason to be jealous if, in fact, her intention is to go after Billy and Lily, who seem so well suited for each other. Lily is doing something that Victoria has never successfully done, which is to keep Billy toned down and to stop him from being his own worst enemy. The ethereal swan and the blue-footed booby, who truly is "clearly irresistible," are so happily in love, it must drive Victoria crazy. Even so, Billy and Lily didn't even guess that Victoria was the third buyer interested in buying Cyaxares, since she has refused to let Victor purchase the company for Newman Enterprises. Even though Billy has always liked facing a good challenge, he probably wouldn't want his opponent to be his ex-wife -- and he didn't once he found out.

Victoria swore to her mother that her intention is not to get Billy or even to try to win him back. In fact, she insisted that she only wanted to protect Billy by stopping another feud from developing between her ex and Adam. Okay, if that were the case, then why didn't Victoria just help and support Billy in his quest to acquire the dynamic company? No, that isn't her main motive, which she later admitted to Nikki. Victoria wants to get back at her father by proving to Victor that she is better in business than her lowly brother and to then shove it in Victor's face. I may have paraphrased that second part, but the meaning's the same. The jealousy Victoria may feel toward Billy and Lily is nothing compared to that toward her father's attention over Adam.

Everyone knew that Billy desired to add Cyaxares to Chancellor Communications, and Lily was on board as long as Billy could arrange the financing for the purchase. And he did -- through Jack, who stated that he was completely supportive in every way. Oh, boy, this could get good. Billy, Lily, and Jack versus Victor and Adam versus Victoria and possibly Nikki. Somehow, we knew that the battles between Jack and Victor couldn't be done just yet. Jack didn't indicate that he was helping Billy as a way to get revenge on Victor for all the times the Mustache messed with both Abbotts in the past, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a factor that helped influence his decision, either. The sides have been chosen, so let the games begin.

The three bidders prepared to do battle over the treasure they so coveted, with all three pitching their ideas before the skirmish began: Lily and Billy to Jack, Victoria to Nikki, and Adam to Victor. Then, the chase was on. (Oops, I think I've seen the show The Chase one too many times.) Victoria wished her father and brother good luck in her own snarky way as she also filled Adam in that Victor had gone to her first about Cyaxares. Lily and the captivating but less heroic Billy were first with their pitch, but before they left, Billy wasn't above flinging a little dirt at their competitors by pointing out to Ashland that his company would only be another trophy for the Newmans in their family squabbles. Hey, if you can't beat them fair and square, go ahead and hit them below the belt.

Victor and Adam, a.k.a. the B Team, followed with their pitch, but they would have been better off if Adam had been gorgeous -- and female. Ashland was obviously quite taken by the prettiest Newman, whom Victoria claimed was Nick, and was thoroughly impressed that Victoria had acted on her own. Of course, he completely disregarded the fact that Victoria was backed by an entire company, but that didn't really matter. Anything that Adam or Victor had said to Ashland about not folding the media business into a huge corporation had fallen on deaf ears, since the men didn't quite have the "intriguing" feminine touch that the powerful mogul admired. Ashland told Victoria that he would never underestimate her, which was wise. That's where Victor and Adam have always gone wrong.

Ashland wanted to talk more at dinner; however, Victoria refused after hearing that Tara would be unable to attend. She should have been leery just meeting with the guy in his hotel room with the bed nearby. Once she turned him down, Victoria made her grand exit. Billy talked to Victoria later regarding her comment about trying to protect him, and he was hurt that she still saw him as a screw-up. That's probably why Billy and Lily work so well as a couple -- because she sees him as a confident businessman that she just needs to rein in from time to time, while Victoria has always just waited on the sidelines to clean up Billy's next mess. But then Victoria announced that she still loved Billy. It's funny that she didn't realize that, though, until he started dating Lily.

Did Rey really think that marriage counseling would drive any feelings that Sharon still had for Adam out of her heart forever? It just doesn't work that way. Sharon's fear over losing her precious figurine showed that she obviously still cares very much for her ex, and nothing will change that. If Rey can't accept that, he is being very delusional. They both need to work at it, but Rey made it sound like Sharon is the one who needs the counseling, so she can be the person he wants her to be -- a woman without any lingering heartstrings that can still be tugged by Adam. However, Sharon was dead-on when she told Faith that people, including Adam, are not all black or white. It's just that Adam's grey tends to be a shade or two darker than most others.

So, of course, Rey laid the blame for all their marital problems directly on Sharon's shoulders. Rey told the counselor that Sharon's feelings for Adam had caused a rift between them. He pretty much wanted to determine for her how she should feel, which Sharon resented. Whenever Rey wants to excuse his questionable behavior, he always states that he's a cop, which, I guess, makes it all right. The therapist wisely recognized that Adam isn't the real problem, though, and saw that Sharon was actually aggravated by her husband. That only gave Rey more reason to heap the blame on Sharon, who claimed that she had always made allowances for both Adam and Rey. She believed that Mia had devastated Rey in their marriage, so he was taking it out on her. She's right.

It's crazy how the writers always whitewash Rey when it comes to Mia. Rey was sniffing around Sharon the entire time he was supposed to be working on his marriage to Mia. Rey blamed all the mistakes of his first marriage on his ex-wife, just as he's doing with Sharon for his second marriage. Has he ever once considered that maybe it's him? Finally, Sharon told Rey that they needed to discuss everything wrong with their marriage during the counseling session and stressed that Rey couldn't just pick and choose. Bravo! After the counselor left, Rey suddenly felt lightheaded and passed out on the couch. Yeah, play the sympathy card. Hey, he had to find some way to make Sharon bow to his will.

Faith should be more frightened by the anonymous texts she started receiving than the messages that her haters had been putting out on social media. After all, Faith knew who her enemies were then. But the young girl still has no idea who is paying her what appear to be complements but could very well be meant as malicious and sarcastic comments, depending on the identity of the sender, who apparently is male. But after Sharon practically accused her of stealing a couple of special figurines that Adam had given her, Faith felt as if she had no one on her side except the anonymous "guy." I guess Nick, Mariah, Nikki, and the rest of her family don't count. I'm surprised Victor's not more involved in this, but that would be like pitting a tiger against a bunch of kitty cats.

So, Sharon pretty much accused Faith of stealing her items, which put the young girl on the defensive -- and then Sharon believed that her daughter might have bipolar? Makes sense to me -- not! Faith is a teenager and is acting out. That's what teens do. Besides, Sharon has no proof that Faith stole those things. The girl hadn't even hidden the vodka in her school locker -- another girl confessed to doing that. As Sharon said, the thief would have to have known that Adam had given her the figurines, if that's the reason why they were taken. Maybe the culprit is Faith's mystery texting dude. Anyway, hooray, Lola! Yes, the haters' power seemed to have been taken away once they were unmasked. And kudos to Faith for not letting them scare her out of town.

Devon needs some counseling of his own, so he turned to his good friend Abby for advice with his complicated situation. He revealed that he had slept with Elena the one night and wondered what he should do, since he really liked Amanda, too. Of course, Devon is the only one who can make that decision, although Abby was the perfecting sounding board for him. But after speaking the words out loud and having Abby just listen to him, Devon knew exactly what to do, so he called Elena. Ooh, I figured she would be the one that would get the boot -- but in a gracious way, of course, since it's Devon doing the booting, after all.

Elena accidentally on purpose ran into Devon at his apartment, so he invited her in. Elena wanted to know where she stood with Devon. He admitted to still having feelings for her and vice versa, and both had trouble forgetting about that night. Yet, he worried that Elena's insecurities would still be an issue if they were to try again. Elena regretted throwing away the best thing she had ever had, but isn't that always the way? Sometimes you can't really see how terrific you have it until it's gone. Elena appreciated Devon's honesty, and after he dried her tears, they kissed -- and more! Oh, yeah, they still need to figure out some stuff. They obviously have quite a way to go.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

It's weird that Victoria didn't seem to mind that the newest battle over Ashland Locke's media company could ruin her parents' marriage, since it would pit Victor against Nikki. In fact, going by the expression on her face, she almost seemed to welcome the possibility, maybe as additional payback against her dad. I guess Nikki would just be collateral damage in it all then.

Yeah, Abby and Ashley, I really miss Brad, too!

Who would ever believe that Chloe would be the voice of reason, especially regarding Adam? But she tried to warn Chelsea against going after her husband, which would be like playing with fire. Hey, Chloe should know. She's been burned quite a few times while toying with that particular devil.

Like grandfather, like grandson? Will Ashland Locke have as much admiration for Kyle as he had for John, who had outsmarted Locke in a grand takeover scheme? Probably not.

I love Mariah's unique gifts to Abby for Happy Fertilization Day! A honey pot. Honey. Oh, I get it. Pollination. Very creative!

Until next time, please stay tuned. And please take care and stay safe!

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