Will the love sizzle or fizzle

by Nel
Posted 6:18:28 PM
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This week has left viewers with more questions than answers with Ashland Locke's arrival in Genoa City. Were Victor and Adam the right choice as the new owners of Cyaxares? Does Ashland have his sights set on Victoria for more than just business? Will Billy reunite with Victoria now that she has admitted she still loves him? Could Chelsea be responsible for Rey's condition? Does Nikki really believe she can threaten or outwit Adam? Questions to ponder, opinions to offer, and perhaps a speculation or two -- all are waiting in Two Scoops.

Where to begin! Should I start with couple number one, Victor and Adam; or couple number two, Kyle and Summer; or jump right into Ashland and Tara Locke? This week, it's a toss-up, but I guess I should start with the headliner. Much to my chagrin, Ashland sold Cyaxares to the Black Knight and Son. I was really rooting for Billy and Lily. It's strange, but Ashland gave me the impression he was leaning toward Victoria, which would have been okay with me because Victoria would have protected Billy and ChancComm. Now that Victor and Adam have it, I guess we can expect World War 14 to break out between Adam and Billy.

Why did Ashland sell it to Victor and Adam? He read both Billy and Adam's profiles beforehand, and he saw that Billy's antics were misdemeanors when compared with what Adam had done. Perhaps he was worried that Billy might gamble the company away, or did Victor's name carry more weight? I might be the only one who doesn't understand why he sold Cyaxares to Victor and Adam; however, be that as it may, the fire has been ignited in Adam, and I bet his juices are flowing, formulating a plan of action against Billy and ChancComm. There will be a huge fallout because of Ashland's choice, but then again, it's possible Ashland just wanted to stir things up and see who will rise from the ashes, just like the phoenix.

Was Ashland really interested in Victoria's bid for the company when he invited her to have dinner with him so that she could tell him what she had in mind for his company, or was he hitting on her? I'm guessing he was hitting on her; however, it's possible that her refusal to have dinner with him swayed him in Victor's direction.

Kyle and Tara are under the impression that Ashland is totally unaware of their connection, but the man is suspicious as hell. Did anyone notice the fear in Tara's face when Kyle arrived at Society? She looked scared to death, especially after a stern look from Ashland once he'd noticed the covert looks between Tara and Kyle. He knows something is going on, and we know that he will confront Tara about it.

I don't see the love between Ashland and Tara. Tara appears to be Ashland's trophy wife and the mother of "his" child, but nothing more. She appeared to be more of a possession to him than a great love. I have to wonder what will happen when Ashland discovers that Harrison is Kyle's son, not his. I have a feeling he already suspects that Harrison is Kyle's. Didn't Theo say that Harrison was a spitting image of Kyle? If that's the case, then Ashland already knows. Run, Kyle, run! Ashland is onto you. I guess we will have to wait and see whether Ashland takes out his revenge on Tara or Kyle -- or both -- for their betrayal.

I guess I'm back to Kyle and Summer. Kyle told Summer that he wouldn't know what he would do without Summer in his corner. Really, Kyle? At the moment, things are very tame, and the love is sizzling for the two of you, which nauseates me a bit, but whatever. Kyle truly believes that Summer will stick by him through thick and thin, even when Ashland discovers Kyle's affair with Tara. I see Summer playing the damsel in distress with her hand on her forehead, claiming this is too much stress for her, and she will have to say farewell to Kyle. She has always been such a drama queen.

After running out on Kyle on their wedding day, she now wants to be engaged to him -- again. Why the change of heart, Snowflake? Has Kyle, the airhead, proven his love for you and met your standards? Now, there's a duo -- Airhead and Snowflake. Kyle agreed with her; however, he wants to keep it their secret and take things slowly. Why? What has changed his mind? He's been in such a hurry to marry her before. They have gone from fast and furious to slow and steady as she goes. This couple makes my head hurt. Why does Kyle want to keep their engagement a secret? We all know that Phyllis and Nick aren't going to approve, but Summer and Kyle are adults, and it's their decision. They don't need mommy and daddy's approval.

Like the other engagement[s], this one isn't going to last very long. We all know that Summer is going to jump on her horse and get out of Dodge as fast as she can when things begin to heat up. Summer is true to one person only, and that's herself. She is her own priority. Kyle had such a good thing with Lola, and he let her go. What a waste.

Victor and Adam are a match made in the annals of hell. Has Victor lost his mind, teaming up with Adam? Adam has done so much damage to Victor, and yet Victor keeps coming back and, like Oliver, says, "Please, sir, I want some more." It's working at this very moment, but I use the term "moment" loosely, because that's how long the bromance is going to sizzle, and then, like every other time, it's going to fizzle. Victor and Adam are oil and water, and the mix only lasts a minute. Does anyone understand why Victor keeps trying to bring Adam into the family fold after all the egregious things he's done to the family -- and Victor in particular. Victor keeps blaming it on Adam's troubled childhood.

Let's back up a minute. Victor claims Adam has matured since overcoming his childhood trauma. Adam saw Sharon, as his therapist, approximately four times, and he was suddenly fine with everything he'd been through. A miraculous recovery. I see a falling-out in the very near future. Adam will want to be top dog, but Victor will always want to oversee everything he does. This will go against Adam's grain, and he will push back as he had in the past.

Victor loves pitting his kids against each other. He won the bid for Cyaxares and will run it with Adam. Victor stops by Newman because he wants to give Victoria a pep talk. That pep talk will wind up with Victor gloating over his prize. A galloping horse can see that coming.

Nikki warned Adam not to hurt Victor or any member of her family because he would pay dearly if he did. She strongly suggested that Adam leave town as soon as Chelsea had recovered. I wonder if this time Adam will listen to the warning, or will he simply laugh it off?

What is going on between Devon, Amanda, Elena, and Nate? From sizzle to fizzle in 30 seconds. Devon and Elena broke up because she had a one-night stand with Nate. Nate and Amanda parted ways because they didn't think they were suited for each other. Elena and Nate became a couple. I will give that union a mild sizzle. Elena arrived at Devon's with an envelope for him, and they wound up having sex.

In the meantime, Devon and Amanda are getting closer and have been engaging in sexual pleasures. Nate and Elena parted ways because Elena admitted that she'd slept with Devon. Later, Elena returned to Devon's so that she and Devon could talk and find closure because their breakup had been so abrupt. They wound up having sex again. Devon said he and Elena didn't have a future, and he wanted to see where things went with Amanda. Amanda discovered that Devon and Elena had sex, and she ended things with Devon. This is one hell of a game of musical chairs, or is it spin the bottle?

Elena is heartbroken because Devon has moved on, and so has Nate. Amanda is heartbroken because Devon slept with Elena. Elena lost two men in one fell swoop, and Amanda lost Devon to an ex he had no intention of reuniting with. I don't understand Devon's attitude toward Elena. Devon had a full-blown affair with Hilary while she'd been married to Neil Winters. Neil forgave him. Elena only had a one-night stand with Nate, and Devon can't forgive her? This is the epitome of double standards. I would love to see Devon reunite with Elena, and Amanda with Nate. To me, they were the best-suited couples. I wasn't feeling the chemistry between Elena and Nate at all. The chemistry between Devon and Amanda is mediocre at best.

This foursome needs to figure things out before Moses arrives in Genoa City. By the way, when is he arriving? They mentioned that he was coming to town months ago. Where is he?

Devon and Elena admitted they still loved each other, so why is Devon exploring where things could go with Amanda? Why would he want to be with a replica of his dead wife, and why would Amanda want to be with her dead sister's husband? This is all very creepy. Nate is now alone. What are the chances that he and Amanda will get back together? I would love to see that happen, and Devon with Elena. These would be much better pairings, in my opinion.

Lily certainly knows how to keep Billy focused on what is important. She has a way of doing that without yelling or putting him down. Billy responds well to Lily. I love Lily; she always sees the other side of the coin. She was upset at first when Billy told her about Victoria's proclamation of love for him, but she got over it quickly without any revenge plot. However, she did give Victoria a punch in the gut without touching her when she confronted Victoria at the coffeehouse. Victoria even admitted to Nikki that she and Lily had only talked about business, but every word had been about Billy. Victoria said Lily also knew that she'd told Billy she was still in love with him. Lily certainly isn't intimidated by Victoria.

I love this pairing of Lily and Billy. They sizzle in my opinion. They are so compatible, and they complement each other. I believe Lily will be able to outsmart Adam and Victor in their quest to pay Billy back and destroy ChancComm.

What is going on with Rey? There are suggestions on social media that someone has poisoned him. Why would anyone want to do that to Rey other than Adam? In all fairness to Adam in this one instance, we all know he hasn't had a hand in this. Who would want to get Rey out of the way besides Adam? Chelsea? To what end. We all know that she wants her revenge on Adam and Sharon, but would she take the chance of poisoning Rey? Could this be Chelsea's revenge on Sharon? That's a possibility, but I wonder if Chelsea would go to that extreme. We know Chloe is helping Chelsea and that Chelsea isn't sharing the details of her plan with Chloe, so Chloe might have put the poison into Rey's food as Chelsea had instructed.

I realize there has to be social distancing because of COVID, but the scenes with Rey and Sharon were so unrealistic. If my husband was as ill as Rey, I would sit next to him with a cold compress on his forehead. If he fainted, I would be right next to him. This didn't happen in the scenes with Sharon and Rey, and these scenes looked ridiculous. I noticed that on General Hospital, the characters are hugging, and they aren't standing six feet apart, so why are the characters on The Young and the Restless kept six feet apart, especially in scenes like Rey and Sharon's? That's just my opinion, and I needed to vent about it.

If Rey is being poisoned, Sharon would be the first suspect, but she loves Rey, and Sharon isn't vindictive. So, I am ruling her out. Someone on social media suggested that it might be Lola because she wants Rey away from Sharon and the hurt Sharon has been inflicting on Lola's brother, but I can't see that. If Lola wanted Rey away from Sharon, she would have been poisoning Sharon, not Rey. So, it comes back to Chelsea.

I wonder if Chelsea will be able to pull off her revenge plans. In the previews for next week, Adam catches Chelsea when she is animated. Oops! Will Adam play along as if Chelsea still can't move, or will he confront her? He is still fairly confused over the text message sent to Sharon from him and over Sharon's response. He's already suspicious. I don't blame Chelsea for how she feels. Adam has done her wrong, and all she has done is give him all her love and support while he's lied to her and kept secrets from her. But revenge has to be really well planned out.

Obviously, Chelsea didn't realize that the message she'd sent to Sharon from Adam's tablet would be synced with his phone and that he would see it. Another oops. She is too focused on the revenge act and not the plan and all the pitfalls. Hmm, here is a little speculation. Chelsea wants Adam to be as miserable as he's made her. She also doesn't want him to be with Sharon. If she poisons Rey and makes it look like Adam did it, it would be mission accomplished. Adam would be arrested, he wouldn't be with Sharon, and he wouldn't be able to follow her. This romance is definitely fizzling, and it would be a win-win situation for Chelsea.

Sharon brought up an interesting point to Nick. Could Faith have bipolar? Sharon is extremely aware of the signs, having experienced them herself. There are unimportant items missing from Sharon's house. Where did they disappear to? I would love to say that Chelsea had a hand in this, but she had no idea that Adam had bought the statue and tray for Sharon. I believe Sharon was the only one who knew they were from Adam, unless Faith was also in the know somehow. Why would someone take these items that had little or no value, yet none of the valuables in the home were taken? I'm leaning toward thinking it's possible Faith could have bipolar.

Before Sharon had been diagnosed with bipolar, she'd become a kleptomaniac. She never remembered stealing anything; however, she was always shocked to find the items in her possession and never knew where they had come from. Those had been her first symptoms, and later, those symptoms manifested themselves to the point that Sharon burned down the ranch; she could have died had Adam not saved her and gotten her the help she needed. I believe Sharon will be watching Faith like a hawk.

Who is the "guy" texting Faith? Is he really doing this in good faith (pun wasn't intended), or is he setting her up for another fall? I'm on the fence with this one. He contacted Faith right after she'd exposed the people who had been bullying her. That makes me think that perhaps he is just an extension of that group, or is he really reaching out to her as a friend? I sincerely hope it's as a friend. Faith has been through an awful lot in the past year, so I'm hoping things are looking up for her. As an added bonus, there might be a little sizzle there if and when she meets this guy.

Jack and Sally -- this is sizzling at the moment, but I'm really hoping it will fizzle and die. I'm not a fan of this union at all. Sally is so pushy and loud, and like Summer, she needs to know everything. When Phyllis said that Sally was out of Jack's league, she was right. However, who is Phyllis to talk? Phyllis hasn't been the pillar of the community. She wasn't any better that Sally. She was actually worse, yet she and Jack were a great match. Phyllis is a completely different personality than Sally, and as big of a bitch as she is, she complemented Jack and vice versa. I don't believe the same can be said about Jack and Sally.

Jack has been without a partner for a very long time, and Sally is a breath of fresh air to him. She is going to crush him, and when that happens, I hope Phyllis will be there to pick up the pieces, just like she did when Jack had been addicted to pain pills. I can't match Sally up with any of the men in Genoa City except Theo, but he's in Paris. Can we ship her out to Paris? I find her extremely annoying.

I hope you have enjoyed my thoughts about what has been happening around our favorite town recently. I would love to read your comments and opinions, and perhaps you might like to offer up some of your own thoughts. In the meantime, it's a wrap for me. Until next time, stay safe!

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