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Faith held onto a lot of hope mixed with just a touch of charity as she prepared to accept the punishment of her foolish act! Could something more develop between Faith and her new (and possibly only) friend? Will Rey take down Adam before Adam has a chance to clear his somewhat murky name? Will Sharon ever get a chance to make her own decisions without first having to clear them with her current and ex-husbands? And wishing a fond farewell and best wishes to Alyvia Alyn Lind in Two Scoops.

Alyvia Alyn Lind has sure been showing her acting chops lately and has been knocking it out of park in her performances as Faith Newman, hasn't she? Of course, that's not surprising, since the young actress has already demonstrated her talent and her versatility in her many other roles outside of soaps. So, although I was sad, I wasn't shocked to learn that Miss Lind will be moving on to a bright future by leaving the world of soaps to head into a Twilight Zone of the science fiction/horror series Chucky. I will miss her, though, since she grew up on The Young and the Restless, and the fans will always identify her as their beloved Faith. But Alyvia Alyn Lind has grown into a beautiful young lady, who should take advantage of every opportunity in roles to mature and to expand her awesome acting.

It's always fun to watch soap kids grow up as their characters on the show. Miss Lind has been playing Nick and Sharon's daughter since 2011, and because she's only 13 years old, that's most of her life. Except for a couple of brief exits from Y&R to perform in other shows, Alyvia Alyn Lind has been Faith throughout all these years. And because we love her as a member of our soap family, the fans will cheer her on and hope for her future success. In a way, she reminds me of Kimberly McCullough, who grew up as Robin Scorpio on General Hospital and then later moved on to working behind the scenes. Robin was so beloved that her fans honored her with the nickname "Scrubs" that was given to her and her love, Patrick Drake, who was played by our very own Billy, Jason Thompson. GH's loss was very definitely our gain.

Faith has been recast with Reylynn Caster, and it will be interesting to see what she brings to the character. Actually, when Faith had the accident, and I knew she was being recast, I was certain that they would do what soaps used to do in the "old days." Whenever a character was being replaced by another actor, you could count on watching the character linger in a coma for weeks with a face covered completely in bandages to give the viewers a chance to adjust to having a new person playing the role. Or the character would go through some drastic facial plastic surgery. So, I was relieved that Faith's face only had a couple of scrapes and cuts and that we got to see Alyvia's final scenes in all her glory. It is what she deserves and what the fans deserve to see. Times have changed.

If Nick was so concerned about Faith's well-being, why did he even mention to her that Adam had poisoned Rey? The young girl was already on an emotional teeter-totter as she tried to recover from the hurt and betrayal done by her supposed only friend in the world. It was understandable that her parents told her that Adam had been her good Samaritan, since she had asked about it. (Shoot, I bet nobody, not even Adam, thought that he would ever be referred to as a good Samaritan.) But to add that her uncle had just attempted to murder her stepfather wasn't wise, since Faith already had so many other issues to deal with. Nick let his anger over his brother get the better of him, and he blurted out something to his healing daughter that he should have kept quiet.

At least Nikki was around to help and to support Faith, since she was the voice of experience when it came to alcohol and bad acts. Faith was so mature in being willing to accept whatever punishment she would receive due to her horrible choice to drink and drive the night of Jordan's betrayal. But whether it be rehab, community service, a fine, or all three, Faith was ready to take them on. But it surely won't hurt to have Moses around, either, since it appears that Devon's brother is destined to be Faith's newest (and possibly only) friend. Could their newfound relationship develop into something more? That's a darn good question, so I guess we'll just have to keep tuning in to find out.

Rey has been a detective in Genoa City for quite some time now. So, maybe he should do some actual investigating instead of making whatever evidence he found in the penthouse fit the theory that he has already conjured up in his mind. Rey decided that Adam was to blame before he even started to look for evidence, so Adam is guilty, no ifs, ands, or buts. Hey, we all know that Rey is nothing if not fair and impartial... In Rey's mind, Adam was presumed guilty until proven innocent, and nothing would change his mind. Yeah, that's great detective work for ya. Maybe if he dug a little deeper, Rey would see that Chelsea hasn't been as nonmoving and squeaky clean as she has been pretending to be. I know -­ maybe Rey should actually do his job.

Rey suspects that Sharon's been lying to him about not seeing Adam, but if he were the outstanding detective that he thinks he is, Rey would have already found the proof of that, too. After his remarkably fast recovery from a life-threatening thallium poisoning, Rey has had plenty of vim and vigor as he's tried to locate Adam. And sure, Sharon hadn't been honest with Rey about Adam, but who can blame her? Rey is still trying to change her and to decide for her who her friends should be. However, Sharon has a mind of her own, and she should be able to decide that for herself. Sharon knows that Rey would never approve of her trying to help a friend in need, so she feels she has to lie to her husband. But she still claims she loves him. Go figure.

And again, Rey took control and decided for Sharon her next course of action, which was to close down Crimson Lights for a while. Well, that was, of course, because her job was not anywhere near as important as his. I mean, can you picture Sharon deciding for Rey when he should take time away from being a detective? Of course not, because that would be his decision to make, not hers, just as it was her choice on when she should take time off from work, not his. When he saw that wouldn't fly, Rey first suggested that Sharon take a nap and then insisted that she just stay home and snuggle with him and some ice cream, although she had a lot of errands to run, including visiting her daughter in the hospital. Some nerve! I don't blame her for practically running out of the house.

I couldn't believe my ears when Nick blasted Sharon in pretty much the same way as Rey had just done. So, Sharon is supposed to report to both Rey and Nick about all her goings-on and keep them up to date on her every move?! Sharon really let Nick have it in a way that she has never been able to do to Rey. And that's certainly not because she loves, loves, loves Rey, or she wouldn't be hiding her secret texts and meetings with Adam from him. Sharon obviously felt more comfortable around her ex than she ever has with her current husband, because Rey has shown, time and time again, that he can be less than understanding. Sharon's true feelings have never mattered much to Rey because he's always been so intent on changing her.

When Sharon met with Adam, he begged her to help him find the proof that he was being blamed -- by Chelsea. Oh, yeah, she was getting him good, and he claimed that Sharon was the only one who believed in him. But what about Victor? Shoot, conning a con would be right up his alley, and Victor is always game to play. But maybe Adam doesn't want his father to know that his family is falling apart, especially since they're partners of the Locke media company. I had to laugh out loud when Sharon suggested that Adam should turn himself in so that the police could do an investigation. That's hysterical, considering the "excellent" job of detective work that Rey has done so far. Adam may have better luck with Paul, but that's unlikely. Where has Paul been, anyway?

In the meantime, Chelsea was licking her chops in delight as she hoped that her husband was long gone from Genoa City. But as much as Chloe hated bursting her bubble, she suspected that Adam was still hiding nearby. Sharon's right, though -- Connor would be devastated if he knew that his mother was trying to have the father he adored imprisoned. But maybe the stroke affected her way of thinking as Adam believes. Chelsea loves her son and would never do anything to deliberately hurt him. Anyway, Chloe is going along with the warped flow, even if it means that she risks losing her own loved ones. Maybe that twisted way of thinking is contagious, because Chloe stated that they should "take care of Adam before he takes care of us." Whatever that means. Yikes!

But since Rey refused to do any real investigation into who had poisoned him, Adam and his trusty sidekick Sharon began their own, before Rey had the chance to convict him without the benefit of a trial. Acting from Adam's script, Sharon stated to Chelsea that she knew that Chelsea would be pleased to hear that Adam was safe and was nearby. Sharon sang Adam's praises for rescuing Faith from her accident and stressed that she only desired to learn the identity of the culprit who had really poisoned Rey to clear Adam's (rather murky) name as a way to repay him. Sharon's performance was melodramatic and fun and worthy of an Oscar Award. Of course, the idea was to goad Chelsea into giving herself away, which seemed to work, since she jumped up, ready to follow Sharon out the door.

While Chelsea realized that Adam was trying to trap her, Sharon saw that her relationship with Adam had caused Chelsea's breakdown. However, Adam took full responsibility for Chelsea's condition, both physical and mental. When Sharon again asked Adam to turn himself in, he knew that Rey would only lock him up and throw away the key. Ain't that the truth! And Chelsea would make sure that would happen. In the meantime, Rey was still keeping tabs on Sharon's every move and knew that she hadn't been at the hospital. Of course. Since Rey had backed her into a corner, Sharon told Rey that Chelsea, not Adam, had tried to poison him. And to stop her plan from completely going south, Chelsea revealed to Nick that she could speak and hoarsely said, "Sharon knows."

Phyllis really needed to stop spending so much time worrying over a small piranha such as Sally nipping at their toes, when a huge, ferocious, man-eating shark was baring his sharp teeth -- aimed right at Kyle's gut. Of course, Lauren was suspicious about Sally, since Phyllis was never one to back down from a fight, but Sally wasn't a threat as long as Phyllis, Summer, and Kyle played nice. Oh, yeah, I forgot...Phyllis would be unfamiliar with that concept. But the very thing that Sally was holding over Summer's head was what Ashland Locke already appeared to know about Kyle and Tara, anyway. That would make Sally's ultimatum moot as long as Ashland was also aware that Harrison was not his biological son. But, come on, Jack didn't even know that fun fact yet.

With only being partially informed, Jack went into his meeting with Ashland Locke, not completely armed for a battle that wasn't even his to fight, anyway. Kyle is right -­ he should be fighting his own battles. No matter how much Jack wants to protect his son, Kyle is a big boy and perfectly able to take care of himself. Any other time, Jack would have been pleased and proud of his son for wanting to handle it on his own. Plus, Kyle needs to learn exactly what Ashland knows so he knows what he's up against. And Ashland, who never forgets a face, remembered Kyle and Tara from back in the day. Uh-oh. That's probably not good.

Even though Kyle wanted to clean up his own mess, he still wouldn't come clean to Ashland regarding his fling with Tara. Oh, that's going to bite him in the rear. Kyle denied ever knowing Tara in the Hamptons, and even though Ashland acted as if he believed him, something still smelled very fishy. That shark issued a not-so-veiled warning that anyone who played with his wife could possibly end up swimming with the fishes. Or something like that. Well, Kyle had better up his game if he wants to swim with sharks, mainly that shark, because his phony-baloney story didn't cut it with Ashland, who called his goons to get the dirt on Jabot and to sniff out the company's weaknesses. Shoot, maybe he should get Summer's advice on that, since she had just unburied Sally's dark secrets.

And speaking of coming clean, why doesn't Sally just own up to everything that happened in Los Angeles to her boss, especially since her job appears to possibly be in jeopardy. Lauren hasn't always done things completely aboveboard, either, so she'd probably understand and maybe sympathize a little with Sally regarding the reasons for her prior bad acts. Lauren would realize that sometimes people make stupid decisions in the name of love. And Jack would probably give Sally a break on that, too. But since Sally believed that Summer was the one who had reneged on their agreement, all bets were probably off. Sally could give the shark the reason for him to chomp down ferociously on Kyle, if she reveals all -- including the truth about Harrison's biological father.

Even Kyle realized that he had more to fear from Ashland, who called to announce that he had changed his mind about doing business with Jabot, than from Sally, who'd only ever really been an annoying pest. Too bad Kyle didn't see that Ashland was only toying with him until after Phyllis had already talked to Lauren about sending Sally out of town. Lauren was upset with both Summer and Sally when she should have been angry at Phyllis for stirring up a conflict that had already died down. Phyllis should just mind her own business, but come on...we are talking about Phyllis. That's never going to happen, no matter how much her daughter pleads for it to.

So, Lauren told Jack to beware of the feud between the two young women that apparently wasn't over, and Jack immediately went to Sally for answers. But even though Sally tried to dodge his questions, Jack only wanted to help. I mean, really, how could Jack help Sally if he had no idea what was haunting her from the past? And really, at this point, Sally had more to gain by telling all than to lose by continuing to keep quiet. Sally admitted that Theo had revealed to her the secret of Kyle's affair with Tara and that she had used it to keep Summer's lips sealed regarding the dirt about Sally in Los Angeles -- that she had pretended to be dying and ended up having to kidnap the other woman to try to hang onto the man she loved. Needless to say, Jack was flabbergasted.

Jack's biggest regret was that Sally hadn't told him sooner, and really, she should have been completely honest with him from the start, especially once she saw the sparks flying between them. And sadly, Jack chose to slow things down with her, since she had been less than truthful about it all. And Lauren decided it was time to exorcise those deep, dark secrets for both ladies by demanding that they eliminate the "catfights and gossip and blackmail" from Fenmore's. Lauren wants a workplace where women support other women, which makes absolute sense. The games they were playing only decimate the positive image that Fenmore's is trying to create for the powerful woman of today. Thankfully, Sally, Kyle, and Summer called a truce. Now if Phyllis will just stay out of it...

Bravo, Billy, for making the right choice! He seemed to be teetering over the edge about partnering with Victoria and Newman Enterprises to try to snatch Ashland Locke's media company right out of Victor and Adam's clutches, even without the approval of Lily, Jack, and Jill. But when push came to shove, Billy chose Lily. Good for him! And Victoria did some heavy pushing when she demanded to know who was calling the shots at ChancComm -­ him or Lily. But Victoria went too far that time, and Billy stood up for his woman. There's hope for him yet.

So, was it one step forward and two steps back for Billy? It sure appeared so when his little chat with Victor seemed to almost sway him back toward partnering up with Victoria to get Ashland's company. Yes, Genoa City's very own mustachioed shark had already started gobbling up his competition, namely ChancComm, as bait by stealing one of their biggest clients. Shoot, that was probably just a midday snack for Victor, but it was still a very tasty morsel. But then Lily used a little sex appeal, and Billy forgot all about Victor. See, that's where Victoria doesn't get it. She mentioned to Lily that Billy was bound to fail her eventually, so, apparently, Victoria still doesn't have any faith in him. But Lily used positive reinforcement to keep her man's attention. Smart girl!

Amanda's granddaddy, Sutton Landron, arrived in town to talk turkey with his long-lost granddaughter -- the very same granddaughter that he had known about all her life but refused to acknowledge until he learned that she could help him. Sutton even had the nerve to admit that he had been keeping tabs on both Hilary and Amanda throughout their lives, yet even in the toughest of times, he never once lifted a finger to help either one of them. But the way he spun it, because the twins had been alone and unaware that they had a sister, they had been forced to survive on their own, which had made Hilary and Amanda tough and had helped them become the successes that they were. It was almost like he was waiting for a thank you from Amanda for neglecting her all her life. What a guy!

But Amanda was able to learn more about her father later from Naya, who said that Richard had been a fun and sexy guy who just hadn't been ready to settle down. Oh, isn't that always the way? Amanda then saw that she took after both sides of her family, especially in her determination. Yeah, Sutton was determined to get Amanda as his attorney, and he succeeded, just as Naya finally was determined to welcome Amanda into the family with open arms. It was what Amanda had wanted her entire life -- the love of a family. Ain't love grand?

Okay, where are the cigars? Mariah learned that she...uh, I mean "they" were pregnant, and everyone was thrilled. The theme to the happy event was "It takes a village," which was somehow appropriate. Really, it pretty much did. Abby couldn't carry a baby, so Mariah had to carry it for her. And Chance couldn't conceive a baby, so Devon was happy to be the supplier for the occasion. And Tessa was along for the ride as Mariah's significant other. Why, it was the typical boy meets girl, boy marries girl, girl impregnates another girl with a donor man's sperm. has all the makings of the great American love story. But seriously, Abby declared to Chance in a video that they were the lucky parents-to-be and insisted that all their dreams were coming true.

Other notable (or humorous) items that happened during the week

Well, hello again to Patrika Darbo as Sally's Grams! When Shirley and Sally Spectra first arrived in Los Angeles on The Bold and the Beautiful, they were ready to take the fashion world by storm. And they definitely succeeded after they got into Bill Spencer's crosshairs and gave him plenty of reason to cause them both some gloom and doom. Although Shirley fully supports her granddaughter, she also loves the big bucks. Even if her Grams can be a bit calculating, it was still nice for Sally to have someone on her side.

I love the gorgeous gold and green necklace that Sharon was wearing with her lovely green blouse. That's the way to accessorize! And later, the colorful earrings Sharon wore when she met with Chelsea were vibrant and very eye-catching. Sharon's really been the jewelry guru lately.

It's just seemed weird watching Victoria walk proudly around with that continuous smirk on her face when she doesn't have her own love in her life. Was she really that proud about trying to destroy Billy's happiness?

Nick was absolutely right -- Phyllis risked Summer's job, too, with her personal attack on Sally. Phyllis just never seems to consider all the possible consequences of her actions when she comes up with her grand schemes.

And Lauren was absolutely right in the way she handled both Summer's and Sally's shenanigans. Phyllis was way out of line by demanding that Lauren never question her daughter again. So, what? Is Summer six years old?

Congratulations, Melissa Claire Egan, on your upcoming bundle of joy! It will be interesting to see if Ms. Egan's pregnancy will be written into Chelsea's storyline. And if so, who will be her baby daddy. Or maybe we'll have another "who's the daddy" storyline. But who else if not Adam...?

Until next time, please stay tuned. And take care and please stay safe!

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