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Love and romance took center stage this week on the Young and the Restless ­ with plenty of drama brewing just beneath the surface! Billy and Lily's relationship was strengthened as Billy began to face his mental health issues; Devon, Abby, and Chance worried about Dominic's health (while still finding time for some romance); Chelsea began having romantic thoughts about a new man; Victor schemed to uncover Ashland's secrets, forcing Ashland to confess his latest secret to Victoria; Adam and Sally's personal and professional relationship began to take a turn on Valentine's Day; and... was Rey shot (and abandoned by Chance) during a stakeout?! Join our columnist in breaking down the past week in Genoa City as he determines whether two wrongs can make a right in this week's Two Scoops!

Happy Valentine's Day to all you Two Scoopers out there! Whether you are single or coupled-up for the holiday this year, I am spreading my love to all of you. I really appreciate being able to write this column and share my love (and occasional angst) for our favorite soap with each of you. But enough about me and you. Y&R was also spreading the love this week -- and even kicked off the Valentine's weekend with a sweet holiday episode on Friday that provided plenty of feels (and simmering drama).

During the holiday episode, something Sally said as she and Adam toasted their new partnership -- that "two wrongs made something very right" -- got me thinking about how that also relates to other storylines and potential couplings that we are beginning to see come to fruition throughout February Sweeps. So, before we delve into the Valentine's episode any further, let's jump back to the start of the week and discuss all the happenings in Genoa City that brought us to that final moment.

As the week started out, Tessa and Mariah's engagement party had just ended, and Mariah brought Tessa to their new apartment to spend their first night there together. I really enjoyed these scenes, and it was nice to see them basking in their love for one another and discussing their future together. Of course, the subject of Noah came up when they saw the heart he had drawn on the custom-printed poster that guests of their engagement party had written messages to the brides-to-be on.

While I am happy that Mariah is trying to be understanding and give her brother a pass for longing after her fiancée, it would be nice if these two lovebirds could just have a storyline that didn't involve a man -- especially Noah. It all just feels very forced (and also a waste of Rory Gibson's talent in the role of Noah when there is so much other storyline potential around Genoa City for him to get embroiled in). Noah just continues to brood and look sad all the time -- except when dreaming about kissing Tessa, of course. For Noah, it seems two wrongs do make a right, and he would happily steal Tessa away from his sister in the same way that she "stole" Tessa away from him years ago.

Noah wasn't the only one having naughty dreams this week. Was I the only one shocked by Chelsea having a dream about making out with Rey?! I'll admit that I did sort of get a flirtatious vibe from her when she and Rey were talking at Crimson Lights, but I brushed it off because I didn't think the writers were headed that direction. Now, though, I'm very curious to see where all of this is going. Will Chelsea feel that two wrongs make a right and use that logic to justify interfering with Rey and Sharon's marriage the way that Sharon interfered with Chelsea and Adam's marriage in the past? I'm excited to find out!

To Chelsea's credit, though, even she seemed surprised by having that dream about Rey when she jolted awake and was visibly shaken by having those feelings. However, looking back on those scenes at the coffee shop now, I think that her brain may have been working a little faster than her heart, and deep down, she already knew those feelings were starting to blossom. It just felt a little off to me that she spent so much time going on about Connor during their chat -- and even brought up how Rey and Connor had a special bond -- after she had just eavesdropped on Rey's conversation with Sharon about how he has regrets about missing out on parenting (since all of Sharon's kids are grown, and they won't be having a child of their own). Was that conversation about Connor just Chelsea's way of starting to plant seeds in Rey's head (and heart) that she can provide him with something Sharon cannot? I'm sensing a new Sharon vs. Chelsea storyline is on the horizon -- and I'm not mad about it! Going forward, Sharon may want to keep a closer eye on Chelsea's friendship with Rey!

And by the way -- is Rey okay? The last we saw him, he was on a stakeout with Chance, and gunfire broke out. It was Chance's first day back on the job with the police force, and he was supposed to provide backup for Rey, but when the gunshots rang out, we saw Chance experience a PTSD episode and fall to the ground in a panic. The next time we saw Chance, he had returned home to Abby, and when she questioned why he was home already, he simply responded that he left because he felt like his place was at home with her and the baby. Ummmm... what?! What happened to Rey?! Did I miss something? Or will we he be bleeding out in some alleyway the next time we see him?

Chance is clearly not ready to be back to work as a detective and has a lot more healing to do for his mental health. Hopefully, he will be spending more time at home because it seems that baby Dominic will need all three of his parents in the coming weeks if Dom's recent health crisis becomes more serious. So, while I do agree with Chance's decision to return home to Abby and Dominic, maybe he could have waited to return until he knew Rey was all right? Seriously, though -- what happened to Rey?!

Moving on from Rey's potential crisis to baby Dominic's very real crisis... it was nice to see Devon, Abby, and Chance bonding again this week over their shared concern for Dom. I'm not sure if that is the point of this latest plot twist with Dom's health -- to bring the three of them together and reaffirm their friendship -- or if there is something more that will come of all these blood and bone marrow tests that Dominic is going through. Some fans are speculating that we may learn Devon is somehow not the sperm donor, but I think that may just be the wishful thinking of fans like me who feel Devon has overstepped by asking for custody in the first place. Although, to be fair, it wouldn't be the first time there was a sperm donor mix-up in this town -- Abby's parentage is a result of one!

All right, that's enough sperm talk this week. Let's move on and discuss Billy! His story got a little more serious this week as he began to face some of his inner demons. Although I didn't love the scenes where he was talking into his tape recorder and essentially being his own therapist, I did ultimately like where that took us with his story by the end of the week as he pitched his idea for a podcast to air on one of Hamilton-Winters streaming services. Devon seemed to like the idea, too, so it seems like the podcast is a go, since Devon has final say on these types of things at Hamilton-Winters.

I do wish that Billy would have sought help from an actual therapist first, though, before just randomly deciding to just be his own therapist by talking to himself -- but I see now what the writers were setting up and how they were leading this story in the direction it took. Perhaps all of Billy's past wrongs will translate into making the right type of influential podcast that he is aiming to produce. I'll hold out my opinion on this podcast venture of his until we see how it all plays out, but I do like that the theme of the podcast is focused on helping others to identify ways of bettering their physical and mental health (something I'm sure we can all relate to and strive for). I'm just not so sure how that will translate into an entertaining storyline to watch on Y&R. Are the writers trying to insert their own health and wellness podcast into the show that we'll be forced to hear instead of watching an actual storyline? Or is there something more dramatic in store for the characters involved in this podcast storyline? Because, let's be honest -- we're all here for the drama!

Speaking of drama, Victor was certainly stirring up plenty of it this week as he enlisted Michael's help to investigate Ashland's "miraculous recovery" and the experimental cure that came from an obscure clinic in Peru. I love how Victor is toying with Ashland and being polite to him in their conversations, even though there is a layer of "I'm onto you, bub" in the subtext of all their conversations.

I have always tried to give Ashland the benefit of the doubt, but even I am starting to smell a rat when it comes to his latest "sudden revelation" -- how many of these revelations does this guy have?! It seems like he is only honest to Victoria when he must be. If he is conning her somehow, I've got to give credit where credit is due because he knows just when to "come clean" with her about his secrets -- right before someone else tells her first. Like Victor, I'm not sure what to think of the fact that Ashland has been funding this clinic in Peru via a shell corporation -- and that their cashflow from him doubled just before he went there for his experimental treatment -- but something definitely feels off about it all.

Is this Ashland's third major secret/lie now in the past year? I guess three wrongs are just right for Victoria! I was a little disappointed that she seemingly gave him another pass for yet another secret that he kept to "protect" her and their company "from potential legal issues." Ashland is definitely a smooth talker, though, and he does seem to have all the right answers at all the right times. I can't totally fault Victoria for wanting to think the best of her husband -- especially after how sweet he was to her on Valentine's Day (although there was certainly some doubt behind her eyes as they tried to continue celebrating the holiday).

Before I move on from discussing all the Ashland drama this week, I want to give a shout-out to Robert Newman in taking over the role of Ashland from Richard Burgi this week. As someone who never watched Guiding Light, I wasn't familiar with Robert Newman from his years on that show, so I wasn't really sure what to expect when I heard the news that they had recast him in the role. As much as I enjoyed Richard Burgi, the transition this week was seamless, and Robert slipped right into the role of Ashland perfectly! It's too bad that Richard broke the show's COVID protocols, but I understand why they made the decision to replace him as a result. Even Richard has stated that he understands the position that the show was in and why they made the decision to recast him, so it sounds like there aren't any hard feelings regarding his exit, which is nice to hear. I wish Richard Burgi success in his future acting ventures -- I'm sure we'll be seeing him in primetime again (or perhaps another soap?) in no time!

All right, now let's discuss my favorite part of the Valentine's Day episode on Friday -- Adam and Sally! As much as I was hoping to learn something -- anything! -- about Rey's condition after we heard him involved in a shooting at the end of Thursday's episode, I still really enjoyed all the characters and stories that were highlighted on Friday instead (and who doesn't love a good cliffhanger, anyway?). Victoria and Ashland, Devon and Amanda, Billy and Lily, and Victor and Nikki all had cute and romantic scenes throughout the episode -- and I'm sure we'll see even more couples highlighted on Monday as Valentine's Day continues in Genoa City; however, Sally and Adam were definitely the highlight for me.

I fall more and more in love with Adam and Sally each week! I love how he went to bat for her and offered her the COO position at Newman Media. He sees her as a kindred spirit, since they are both "black sheep" and outcasts in Genoa City, and their drive and determination to prove their naysayers wrong has sparked an undeniable chemistry between the two. Their budding romance has been a great slow burn over the past few months -- and what better timing for it to reach a climax and turn into something more than on Valentine's Day?! Sure, we saw them trying to remain professional with each other this week but, based on the "Next Week on Y&R" preview at the end of the episode, they are about to take their relationship to the next level all over Adam's office -- and I can't wait!

All that Sally has ever really wanted is to be taken seriously in business and find someone that truly loves her for who she is -- faults and all. And the exact same could be said of Adam. Sure, they haven't always made the best decisions in their efforts to gain those things (and they both have plenty of regrets), but they have recognized the error of their ways and are trying to move on and build a better future. They truly are kindred spirits and can provide one another with what they have both been longing for in life, professionally and personally. And that is why their toast at the end of Friday's episode was so great! Having been told by others that they were both the wrong type of person to get involved with, they will now be able to prove all the naysayers wrong and show them that "two wrongs made something very right" (if Victoria and/or Chelsea don't get in their way first)!

What do you all think? Hit the comments and share your thoughts on my opinions and about what you thought of this week's episodes! Can two wrongs make a right? As it turns out, the answer is, sometimes, yes -- in Genoa City, at least!

Until next time,

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