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by Nel
For the Week of September 12, 2022
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It appears Chelsea is heading for a major meltdown, and Adam has decided to follow in his mother's footsteps and renounce Victor, yet again. Are Nick and Sally about to start a little something something? Can Nate win Devon over with his ideas, or will there be more tension between them? Join our columnist for her views and opinions in Two Scoops for this week.

What on earth is going on with Chelsea? Is she headed for a complete meltdown? It certainly appeared that way when she was at Society and her emotions exploded. She spoke a mile a minute, and she told Abby she was sick of apologizing. She admitted she hadn't been okay since the day Rey died. She said she'd enjoyed doing the podcasts with Billy, but those had been yanked away from her. That wasn't true. Billy had wanted Chelsea to go solo on the podcasts and bring on guests or find someone to partner with, but Chelsea chose to walk away from them, claiming she couldn't do them without Billy.

Chelsea also claimed that whenever she made a connection with someone, it always blew up in her face. She needed everyone to stop telling her what to do and how to take care of herself because no one knew what she'd been going through, and she wanted everyone to keep their opinions to themselves.

I think with everyone telling Chelsea to seek professional help, perhaps she should listen because they obviously see what Chelsea doesn't. As my friend is wont to say, when everyone is telling you the same thing, perhaps everyone isn't wrong. You could at least try to, I don't know, look in the mirror and see if maybe there's a kernel of truth in what they're saying? She claims no one knows what she's going through. Perhaps that's all the more reason to seek professional help. She can discuss those issues with an impartial therapist, not all these people who know her and have seen her go off the rails a time or two.

Chelsea seems to fall for unavailable men, especially if they show her the slightest bit of kindness, even as simple as common courtesy (which is, unfortunately, less common than we might like). Could this be her way of subconsciously protecting herself? Perhaps she feels it would be less hurtful being rejected by someone familiar, someone she knows in her heart will reject her, rather than pursing someone who is available, when the rejection would be far more devastating. Perhaps Chelsea is merely delusional, and seeing how great these men are with their partners, maybe she fantasizes herself with one of them and conjures up a relationship with him.

When Adam suggested Chelsea seek professional help, Chelsea claimed his suggestion was ironic, since she was in that state because of him. Really? Chelsea has always been her own worst enemy, and she has always blamed everyone but herself.

Chelsea blames Adam for her breakdown. How does that work? Adam didn't tell Chelsea to try to stand on the handrail in the elevator when the power died, causing her to fall and suffer a stroke. Is he responsible for the power outage? Yes. Is he responsible for her poor choices and impatience? Not so much. If she had waited ten minutes, like most of us would have done, the elevator would have started again. Do we want to be in a stopped elevator? No, of course not. But climbing up hardly seems wise. Chelsea's jealousy about Adam and Sharon's relationship was what drove her to put a plan in place to implicate Adam in the attempted murder of Rey, and she absolutely was imagining scenarios that weren't there to justify her choices.

Why is Chelsea suddenly so obsessed about Johnny knowing she is his biological mother? She'd never cared before, so why now? Chelsea is lost at the moment, and this might sound crazy, but perhaps she wants Johnny to love her the way Connor does. Maybe she believes that would fix her. If she doesn't have a lot of attachments, she might be grasping for anyone who would love her back, too -- and who loves a mother more than her child? Even though he's fully bonded and connected to the mother who has raised him, there has to be a reason she is asking for this connection now, after her heartbreak over losing another woman's husband, Rey, who was never in a romantic relationship with her. Who knows why Chelsea wants this to be public knowledge.

Shouldn't Johnny be told when he is curious enough to ask? Wouldn't it be easier on him than just sitting him down and telling him? I don't know, but to my way of thinking, I would take the news much better if I asked for the information rather than having someone decide it was time I knew.

Chelsea wanted to take Connor to Minnesota for a visit with Anita. She told Adam that when she'd been in Minnesota, she'd gained her perspective and returned to Genoa City, grounded. Chelsea felt rejected when Adam said it wasn't Connor's job to fix her. Billy felt sorry for Chelsea and arranged for Johnny and Connor to get together at the rooftop pool, but should he have done that without checking with Victoria? This move might get Billy into hot water when Victoria hears about it.

I think Chelsea needs to be on her own for a while and get herself together or get help from a therapist. She needs to realize she doesn't need to have a man to complete or fulfil her. She has a fabulous talent for fashion design, and Chelsea is bright enough to do whatever she chooses.

Who is more obsessed with Adam, Sally or Chloe? Is Chloe getting on everyone's last nerve with her incessant belittling of Adam to Sally? She certainly is getting on mine. Chloe has her issues with Adam because he'd been responsible for Delia's death, but that was not intentional, and I'm sure he struggles with that guilt without her help. It seems Chloe tries to poison everyone against Adam, and that just isn't right. Why isn't she blaming Billy? If Billy hadn't left Delia alone in the car with a puppy on a dark night, Adam wouldn't have struck Delia with his car and caused her death. Yes, Adam covered it up for quite some time, but Chloe tried to eliminate Adam on several occasions. What does that make her?

I understood Chloe giving Sally a little insight into Adam's dark side, once or twice, but she incessantly nags Sally about Adam's misdeeds, and it's beginning to sound like nails on a chalkboard. Chloe needs to stop and assess her own past that hasn't been so pretty. Chloe ran Adam down with her car, and he survived; she conspired with Victor to tamper with evidence against Adam, and it failed; she tried to murder Adam, and he survived; and she shot Adam. Although Chloe believed she was running innocent errands for Chelsea, she, in fact, helped Chelsea frame Adam for the attempted murder of Rey. Should Chloe be pointing her finger at Adam?

Sally is having a difficult time letting go of Adam, and she finally told Chloe to stop with the Adam bashing, but have we seen a spark or five between Sally and Nick? This would be an interesting coupling. Nick seems to like the bad girls, first Phyllis and now possibly Sally. We need to wait and see if this develops into anything.

I believe that Sally is having a difficult time letting Adam go because he was the first person who really understood and accepted her, and he didn't judge her for the sketchy things she'd done in the past, since his hands weren't so clean in that area, either. Adam was the first person who actually helped Sally, and she was the angel on his shoulder who encouraged him to do the right things and supported him even when he did the wrong thing.

Adam made her feel like she mattered, warts and all. She never had to pretend with him; she could be herself. She didn't have to try to live up to anyone's standards. She felt safe with Adam, and losing him has left her a little vulnerable, which is probably the reason she can't let go completely -- yet. Sally certainly doesn't need to keep hearing Chloe's yammering about Adam.

My opinion of Adam has hit a high note for the moment, and it will stay there as long as Adam stays where he is, but let's see if it will last. First, he fessed up to Sally the reason he'd broken things off with her. He is no longer interested in vengeance against Victor, he spoke to Nick in a very caring way about how Nick felt about being responsible for taking a man's life, and he offered Nick sage advice by suggesting psychological help to process everything. Adam was calm, cool, and collected when he told Victor he had a job with Jack at Jabot.

When Victor said Adam wasn't part of Jack's family and would be treated as an outsider, Adam calmly stated that was how he'd been treated within his own family. Has Adam finally grown up? You can bet that the Black Knight isn't going to take this sitting down. Can we feel the revival of a Newman-Abbott war in the making again?

I liked how Adam told Victor he wanted to follow in his mother's footsteps because he now understood her choice to end her relationship with Victor; she hadn't wanted to fall into the trappings of being a Newman, and she'd decided she wanted something happier and healthier for him, which was why she'd raised him as a Wilson.

Well, it was about time that Adam admitted to Sally that he loved her. This is a whole new side to Adam, being completely honest and vulnerable. The question is, will Sally and Nick become the next couple, or will Sally and Adam reconnect. In the meantime, Victor told Nick he wanted Sally fired and for Nick to take her place. I loved how Nick defended Sally and said he wasn't going to fire her. He also defended Adam, and he told Victor that he had a better understanding of Adam, since they shared a strange and tragic thing: they'd both felt the repercussions of taking another man's life. Victor told Nick to get over it. WHAT?!? Victor wanted Nick to "get over" being responsible for a man's death? That must have come from the heart.

What is Kyle's problem with Adam? Why is Kyle spewing all this venom on Adam? Kyle is willing to give Diane a second chance after the chaos she created in Genoa City and for abandoning him, but he isn't willing to give Adam a chance, when Adam hasn't done anything to him, Summer, or Jack? How much more hurtful could Kyle have been, telling Adam he was Jack's charity case and that the Abbotts had just gone along with Jack's wishes to hire Adam, because they didn't believe Adam would bring anything of value to the company. Kyle had the audacity to warn Adam not to cause Jack any grief during his tenure, and Kyle said he was waiting for Adam to screw up or lose interest.

Kyle throwing stones at Adam is laughable because Kyle warned Adam not to hurt Jack in any way. Let's take a peek at Kyle's history, shall we? When Kyle returned from New York City, he began working with Victor to bring Jack down. Kyle cast the deciding vote to oust Jack as CEO of Jabot. Kyle was resentful for the years of his perceived misconception of being mistreated by Jack. Kyle moved into Jack's office and took over as acting CEO. He fired Jack's key allies and longtime employees. With Victor's help, Kyle planned to take Jabot public so Victor could buy the majority shares in Jabot.

With that in Kyle's past, how does he have the nerve to warn Adam not to hurt Jack? Hello, pot!! I want Adam to prove he is an exceptional executive and an asset to Jabot and leave Kyle in his wake.

Nate still doesn't get that he works for Devon, and Devon scrutinizes the reasons whether an idea should go ahead or not. Devon is cautious and looks at all the angles before he makes a final decision, which is one of the reasons he has been successful. Plus, Devon has actual money invested in his businesses; Nate does not. If it all goes south, Nate might lose a job, but Devon could lose his fortune. Elena desperately tried to get Nate to slow down and wait for Devon's return before Nate went ahead with his idea of the music festival, but Nate refused. He said the music festival would bring in a huge revenue, and he wasn't about to let anyone stop him, including Devon. Ahem... Devon, the boss -- you, the underling... the boss has the final say. Why doesn't Nate get that? Is his ego that ginormous?

Elena warned him not to keep Devon out of the loop because that would be professional suicide. Nate ignored her warning and said he would run his plan by Lily. I think Lily will think it's a good idea, but she wouldn't give Nate the go-ahead without Devon's approval. Nate is impatient, and he really believes he knows better than seasoned executives who know all the pitfalls. Nate loves Imani's advice over Elena's because it is exactly what his ego loves, being stroked, regardless that it's all bad advice.

Nate has been acting like a child having a temper tantrum. During the video conference, Devon said that after a decade of being in that business, he knew what he was talking about. After Jill asked for everyone's opinion about the company going public, Devon said it meant giving up a lot of control, and Billy agreed. Devon's been tough on Nate, but he wasn't the only one expressing reservations here. When Nate was asked for his opinion, like a spoiled brat, he claimed it was above his pay grade and left the meeting. He told Elena he quit. Well, hoorah! He wasn't doing the company any favors.

Imani is urging Nate to maneuver around Devon. He is completely ignoring Elena's solid advice. If Nate's plan goes ahead, it might result in devastating ramifications to the company and to Nate. What is Imani's end goal in advising Nate to go against Devon? Is she hoping to win him away from Elena? If that's the case, will Nate give up Elena for Imani, or will Nate finally clue in that Imani has been manipulating him and providing him with poor advice. Plus, if she wins him when he's unemployed, what's the gain for her? A good-looking man without a job is just a good-looking man.

Has Billy really committed himself to being happy as COO? I don't believe he is. Billy really loved doing the podcasts, and he'd been in his element (even if it wasn't so exciting to watch). I think he is trying to keep his promise to Lily that he would support her in his capacity as COO. I wonder how long it will be before Billy returns to the podcasting, despite or instead of the COO position. When Billy feels trapped, he rebels. I think he is going to start feeling trapped very soon, but that remains to be seen.

Was Billy right in acquiescing to Chelsea's boo-hoo mood and allowing Johnny and Connor to get together at the rooftop pool? There are times when Billy has a soft heart, and this was one of those times. He unilaterally decided to get the boys together for Chelsea's sake (not the boys' sakes) without consulting with Victoria. Sometimes I find Victoria hard to read, so who knows how she will react to Billy's decision. I don't believe it will be in a good way.

Has anyone else thought that the scheming rivals Phyllis, Nikki, and Ashley seem to have been written as three immature teenagers planning to get even with someone? These are intelligent women, so why are they stooping to these childish games? I would like to see them written as the intelligent women they are and have them make a solid adult plan and let it play out.

Why does Phyllis even try? Her plans never work, and some of them come back to bite her. Her plan for Diane has already backfired because someone Diane knows already had any future articles about Diane quashed, and there goes Phyllis' brilliant plan. Now Nikki is taking things into her own hands, and she is going to see Deacon Sharpe, the guy who'd helped Diane fake her death. I wonder why she didn't contact him sooner because Nikki went to trial for Diane's "death." Will Deacon provide Nikki with the information she is seeking? Hmm, good question. Is Deacon loyal to Diane, or has Diane managed to stab him the back so he will be willing to have a nice chat with Nikki about Diane. I'm hoping Deacon wants to chat. According to him on The Bold and the Beautiful, he does want to be a new, improved man, so opening up would be a step in that direction.

I'm still scratching my head because Jack is giving Diane a pass and not Phyllis. Jack seems to be warming up to Diane's phony persona, and Diane just keeps milking it. Sometimes I wonder how bright he is about relationships and how much he is guided by... other body parts. I love Jack, but I can't wait to see the egg on his face when Diane's mask falls away completely.

Here is something to ponder. There seems to be a very small dating pool in Genoa City, and the characters are playing musical chairs; that doesn't always work. Genoa City needs new blood added to that dating pool. Remember when Chelsea returned with a new husband? He died shortly after arriving in Genoa City. Victoria married Ashland. Months later, they divorced then he died. Sharon and Rey had been married about a year when Rey died. Is there something in the water that kills off newcomers? It just seems that every time they bring someone new into that incestuous dating pool, they die. Why kill them off? The Young and the Restless really needs some new characters to spice things up.

Until next time, stay safe!

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