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Summer can't keep a secret, Tucker has pillow hair, Diane's back home but with ankle jewelry, and we remember Neil Winters -- let's discuss in this week's Two Scoops

Hello, dear readers, it's been a big week in the world. We celebrated May the 4th Be with You Day, Cinco de Mayo, the new King's Coronation, and the Kentucky Derby.

But in Genoa City, none of that even made a dent. The town was abuzz about Jeremy Stark's murder, Diane's case, Sally's new baby, Nate's affair, and Summer and Chance's "mutual thinking spot."

And boy, do they have a lot to think about. When Phyllis outed herself to Summer and pleaded with her not to tell anyone, especially Daniel, Summer lasted about fourteen minutes until she started playing "Let's Suppose" with Daniel.

"Let's suppose mom is still alive and was roped into a revenge plot with Jeremy Stark..." Daniel thought she was losing her grip on reality. After all, they had just had a memorial service for Phyllis and mourned her loss. There was a charred body that everyone believed was Phyllis. How could Daniel think anything else but that his sister was succumbing to the grips of the wishful thinking phase of grief. Daniel thought Summer was falling apart and trying to convince her brain that a crazy scenario was true versus the horrific and heartbreaking truth of Phyllis' death.

But the truth is Summer wasn't daydreaming (or day drinking) or doing anything else to impair her judgment. And when Daniel ran into Summer at the "mutual thinking spot," he confronted her for flip-flopping her stories until she confessed that their mother was indeed alive and that Phyllis murdered Jeremy by stabbing him to death with scissors.

Side note -- I attended a Star Wars-themed day drinking event at Disney. I am still mad that I could not get my hands on a light saber Churro to go with my flight of beers.

But back to this galaxy and Genoa City. My soapy friends, you must assure me that you will never entrust any secret to Summer. Not a surprise baby shower or a scissor murder, because the girl "accidentally" let slip that she "couldn't get Chance to drop anything about the stabbing or the scissors" in an unbelievable "oops" moment. She said the quiet part out loud and not only out loud, but in a public park, where any passerby could hear her. When Daniel asked Summer if she'd killed Stark herself, I could see why he jumped to that conclusion.

I don't know how long Summer can look Kyle in the eyes and pretend to grieve her very alive mom while his mom is on trial for a murder Summer knows she didn't commit. When this all comes to light, and of course, it will, is this the end of Sklye? I can't imagine how Kyle could forgive her for keeping that secret.

But Phyllis knew she would, so she went to Summer instead of Daniel. Daniel has a moral compass like his father, Danny, while Summer rides the edge slightly like Phyllis.

Speaking of moral compasses, Nate's is broken. I'm angry with him because he knew that Victoria wanted him and chose to travel with her, anyway. Not to mention refusing Audra's request to tag along. When Victoria asked Nate to admit he wanted to get caught, Nate acted outraged. But in truth, I believe Victoria is right on that point.

I am anxious to see how things play out when J.T. comes to town. Even though he says he doesn't want to, he will eventually show up. If not, why dangle him in front of us? I would love to know how he and Amelie Heinle get along. They are ex-spouses, after all. I can't imagine working together would be very comfortable, but perhaps they have an amicable relationship.

I think that J.T. brought out a softer side of Victoria. I have only genuinely liked Victoria maybe twice. I liked her with J.T., and I liked her when she first got together with Billy in the Caribbean. Mind you, I am not saying I don't like Amelie Heinle. I like her plenty. She just does a fantastic job of playing an entitled ice princess, which sometimes makes her character hard to root for. Like now, going after Nate when she knew he was with Elena. Deplorable. But deliciously soapy.

And now, a mystery I need you to help me solve. I don't understand what Audra's endgame is. Can you help me, dear readers? Does she want Nate's body and is trying to chase off Elena and Victoria to clear the field? Does she think if Victoria gets back together with J.T., she will toss Nate to the wind, and Audra will get his job? Is she just a troublemaker who likes to stir things up for kicks? I can't decide if it's one of those reasons or something entirely different. However, I am glad she told Elena about Nate's trip, and I liked seeing Elena throw a drink in Nate's lying face.

Across town, Victor beckoned Sally to his lair to make her an indecent proposal. No, not the naughty kind, but the kind where he asked a new mother to abandon her baby for fame and fortune. He tried to butter her up by calling her ambitious and gifted multiple times. Ego stroking to try to numb the kill shot that was coming. I might have taken that deal when I was Sally's age because I hated babies and never wanted to be a mom. I would have said, "Wow, you will take this poopy crying baby and make me a millionaire? Yes, please! Where do I sign?" Okay, not really, but maybe. Instead, I married a man with two daughters and fell in love with them. Now I have two daughters, two sons-in-law, and nine grandkids.

But Sally wants this baby more than Victor's money and lets Nick in on his father's twisted offer. While Sally got Nick to stand down today, I can hardly wait to see the fireworks when he eventually confronts his father. Maybe Nick and Adam will join forces and have a heart-to-heart with Victor in a show of brotherly solidarity.

Adam is preoccupied because he and Chelsea told Connor he would be a big brother. Connor was understandably confused by the relationship dynamics in play. Since Sally was with his Uncle Nick, he assumed the new baby girl would be his cousin. Adam and Chelsea did their best to explain.

To be honest, I am not sure where the writers are going. Maybe nowhere soon if the writers' strike isn't settled soon... I am hoping for a fair and speedy resolution. I am 100% Team Writers since I am a writer and like getting paid for my work. But I digress. With Chelsea, I think it's uncertain where she is heading as a character. We saw a lot of Chelsea and Billy, a little Chelsea and Daniel, and a little Chelsea and Adam. It almost feels like a chemistry test to see which man they want to pair her with. But I have bad news if that's the case; she has chemistry with all of them. Melissa Claire Egan is such a fantastic actress, and whoever they pair her with, she always shines and helps her partner shine.

I can't even root for one couple versus another because I can't decide where I stand. I loved Chelsea with Adam in the past, but now I like Adam with Sally, too. I also like Sally with Nick, but I always root for Nick and Sharon as the endgame. I loved Jack and Phyllis, but Jack and Diane are growing on me. I'm all over the place, which is good because it means the writers and actors are selling the viability of multiple couples. Have you ever been torn between two relationships before? The Y&R cast and writers reflect that inner conflict well.

The best at that right now is the Sally Spectra scenes. Courtney Hope looks like she's falling for Nick and Adam in every scene. And really, what's not to love about two handsome, kind, billionaire brothers? But if I had to choose one, I still think she fits best with Adam.

In my favorite comedy scene this week -- Tucker padding around the Abbott household with tousled hair in his jammies, making coffee. I laughed so hard when Jack walked in and saw Tucker on his sofa in his bathrobe. Is Jack right? Did Ashley invite Tucker into the Abbott home just to stick it to Jack? I don't think so. I think she wants to open her heart to Tucker again, but once someone betrays your trust, it's tough to trust them again. I loved the answer she gave to Abby, that she sees good in Tucker and tries to allow him to be his best self, even though he typically makes terrible decisions.

I look forward to seeing Diane and Tucker run into each other to brush their teeth in the bathroom next week. Oh, what fun we will have!

To celebrate Neil's passing anniversary, Lily and Devon threw a party in the new Neil Winters jazz club to honor their father. The flashback scene with a young Lily and her dad made me tear up. I miss Kristoff St. John, and I never met him. Imagine how challenging it must be for his Y&R cast mates to do these scenes, having lost their real friend.

There were also some charming scenes this week with Mariah and Sharon talking about baby Aria, parenting, and how to answer prying questions from strangers. As I mentioned earlier, my daughters are my stepdaughters, and we decided long ago that when someone said something like, "You look just like your mom," we would just say, "Thank you," and keep walking because we didn't feel the need to explain to every stranger on the street that we weren't related by blood and make them feel foolish or uncomfortable when they were just being friendly. It was an excellent conversation for Sharon and Mariah because many blended families face questions and comments regularly, and having a plan makes it easier.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Tucker pop up some Jiffy Pop for the Abbott family movie night? Will Diane find out Phyllis is alive and gnaw off her ankle bracelet to go out and really kill her? Will Sally take Victor's money and then stay in town and taunt him? Will Connor be an excellent big brother, or will Victor start pitting the grandkids against one another for a new generation of sibling wars? (Sending prayers and love to you, Eric Braeden!!!) Will Cricket be furious when she finds out her archenemy is alive and take joy in prosecuting her?

Will Billy end up running Jabot, since Jack and Kyle are too preoccupied with Diane's legal problems to pay attention? Will Daniel's conscience get the best of him and lead him to Chance to unburden his soul with the truth? Will Elena hook up with J.T. and send Victoria a steamy video for revenge? Will Summer realize that karmic justice for being a witch isn't being convicted of a murder you didn't commit? Will Daniel and Mariah become friends even though her resemblance to Cassie reminds him of his troubled past?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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