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The word is out that Phyllis is alive, but not everyone in Genoa City believes the story. Nate and Victoria blew up Elena's world, Nana Sharon babysits Aria, Devon becomes a Winters, and so much more in this week's Two Scoops.

My dearest readers, when you see that title, do you hear Patrick Swayze in your mind? I hope so. It perfectly describes Phyllis, who is out somewhere, roaming free as a breeze, riding the wind while the entire town is in chaos because of her shenanigans.

Some moments made my jaw drop, like Cricket (Yes, I know she goes by Christine now, but Danny called her Cricket recently, and now I want to help bring it back) saying Phyllis would never do anything to hurt her kids. What are you talking about?

Christine has been Phyllis' archenemy since the day Phyllis blew into town! Now she's defending her?

So, are we supposed to accept that Christine genuinely believes that Michael is making up a wild story about Phyllis being alive to mount a defense for Diane? We are expected to believe that Christine thinks Daniel, the victim's son, is in cahoots with Jack and Michael to help the woman who murdered his mother? C'mon. Stop. I started screaming at my TV and then dissolved into laughing like a hyena. I don't even know how Lauralee Bell said those lines with a straight face!

The only positive thing about this wild scenario is that Christine will hate her even more when Phyllis turns up alive and well. If the soapy stars align, we can get a good old-fashioned hair-pulling, face-slapping catfight with Phyllis, Diane, and Christine.

Meanwhile, across town, Jack and Kyle, or shall we call them Abbott and Son, PI, went to the sleazy motel Phyllis was hiding in and found strands of red hair in the drain, which the cops missed.

I want to talk about this phenomenon for Y&R and all the soaps I watch. Nearly all soap cops are inept and rarely solve cases. One exception was Paul Williams, played by our beloved Doug Davidson. But since the powers that be saw fit to retire Genoa City's best policeman, I guess it's up to Jack and Kyle to save the day. Soap cops always need the intervention of townsfolk to do the detective work for them. Chance is at least willing to consider the possibility that Phyllis is alive and was working with Jeremy Stark, so I must give him credit for that.

Diane was furious when she found out that Phyllis was alive. Kyle told her Jack didn't tell her the truth because he didn't want her to freak out and make things worse. Even knowing that, Diane went and stuck her ankle monitor out the door to test the fates.

When I was a kid, I used to fight with the boy next door. Sometimes, our parents would separate us and tell us we couldn't play in each other's yards. There was a ditch between our two houses. I put one foot on his side of the ditch when we were on playdate lockdown. He would immediately run and tattle on me. "Tammy has her toe on our side of the yard." So, I suppose I would understand where Diane was coming from... if she were five years old like I was when I did it!

Before the ankle monitor incident, Diane was gleefully looking at bridal magazines and gloating to Ashley about the certainty that she won't go to jail for Phyllis' murder. I am 99.9% certain she won't be able to keep it in and will blurt out to Ashley that Phyllis is alive. My question is, does Ashley hate Diane enough to work with Phyllis to keep her hidden so Diane goes to prison? Right now, that seems a distinct possibility.

The only thing that might keep Ashley from doing that is that she's obsessed with Tucker. Readers, I will tell you that this is probably my favorite love match for Ashley ever. Trevor St. John and Eileen Davidson have a delightful and playful chemistry together. I enjoy their scenes now that Ashley has stopped playing with Tucker like a cat toy. I was delighted when she invited him to move into her bedroom!

I loved the scene where Ashley and Tucker happened upon Abby and Devon as they celebrated Devon officially becoming Devon Hamilton Winters. First, I like this plot point because it's honoring the character of Neil but also a way to keep Kristoff St John's memory alive on Y&R. Secondly, seeing Abby dance with Tucker while Ashley beamed at them in the background was charming.

I think if you have ever loved someone in your life before, you know that the person you love has the potential to hurt you sometimes. The Young and the Restless has had many redemption storylines, and I genuinely love them. I grew up with a dad who was an alcoholic, but then he completely stopped drinking and became a minister! He became a chaplain at a Children's Psychiatric hospital catering to kids with substance abuse issues.

Not only did my father change, but in his change, he turned his sad story into a way to help other people. He helped so many kids. When he died, my mother and I got letters from many strangers, starting with some version of, "You don't know me, but your dad saved my life." The complete turnaround of his life convinced me of God's existence because I can't imagine any other way my father changed so absolutely. Redemption stories resonate with me.

Has Tucker changed? Has Diane changed? Only time will tell, but the signs point to yes in both cases. Jack and Ashley have both found love in people who needed redemption. I only hope that one day, they will accept that each other's love interests are worth a second look so they can stop their incessant bickering.

Phyllis will need to be redeemed after she is found, too. Everyone will be furious with her once the entire town knows that she faked her own death, with or without Jeremy Stark's prompting. Imagine the day that Lauren tells Phyllis off for making Lauren cry over her! I can hardly wait.

Phyllis' kids are not having a happy week. Summer is furious that Daniel informed Michael, Jack, and Kyle that their mom is still alive. This also makes it uncomfortable for her because she must continue the lie that she didn't know about this when she is the person who saw Phyllis alive.

Chance is beginning to connect the dots and realize that Daniel and Summer's story doesn't add up. Summer begs Chance to help her mother when she comes back to town, but Chance asks Summer for honesty, which she seems unwilling to give him. I think by Monday, he may shame a confession out of her. What do you think?

I think Chance may have a new mystery to solve soon -- who is lurking around, stalking Sharon? According to next week's previews, the wine Sharon was gifted appears to have blood on it. But whose blood? Maybe J.T.'s brain tumor is back, and Elena's call got him riled up to come to town and harass his former enemies?

As for Chance's love life, do you think he will ultimately end up with Sharon or Summer? Or someone entirely different? I don't know how Summer and Kyle's marriage will survive this. Since Chance has been spending a lot of time with her and will potentially support her quest to help Phyllis, I can see the two of them growing close. However, Chance has also been spending considerable time with Sharon. I can see it going either way.

As for Daniel, I wonder if he has filled Lily in on everything that has happened? I am so proud of him as a character that the writers have allowed him to grow and mature. Not only did he do the right thing and tell the truth, but he also protected Summer from any blowback by saying he was the one who spoke to Phyllis. Daniel tried to shield his sister and gain sympathy for his mother. Another redeemed character!

Now on to ...dare I call Victoria and Nate a couple? Ugh. A character who is not redeemed and doesn't think there is anything wrong with her is Victoria. She and Nate make quite the pair. I loved how Nate attacked Audra for telling Elena he was traveling with Victoria and attributing Elena's heartbreak to her. Um, no. It's your fault, Nate; you are the liar-lips, fibber-face Cheaty McCheaterton. It's not Audra's fault Elena's heart was broken.

Readers, Victoria's fake sympathy makes me gag. "Oh, Nate, I am so sorry I ruined your relationship with Elena." No, you're not! I call B.S. That is precisely what you hoped would happen all along.

Like Victoria's brother Nick, I think in the long run, Victoria will get hurt. I am not convinced that Nate is really smitten with Victoria. Nate's career ambition seems laser-focused right now.

I can't decide if he's into Victoria for herself or because she's Victor Newman's daughter and the woman who can elevate him up the corporate ladder. Unluckily for him, Audra has made her wishes known that if Nate moves up, she wants to move up, too. She also informed Nate that she finds him attractive and has a thing for him.

Someone on Twitter this week noted that she doesn't understand why all the women in Genoa City flock to Nate, because he's boring. I second that emotion. Nate is a snooze. He doesn't have a lot of personality. I'm not really a fan of the brooding guy temperament. Mind you, that is no reflection on the actor. I think Sean Dominic is exceptionally handsome, and he seems to have a great personality on his social media. It's Nate that's a personality dud, not his portrayer.

I would hate to work at Newman. Since Victoria and Nate are making out or having sex in the office all day, it would be really awkward if you were an admin assistant and had to get Victoria to sign off on something.

Nikki called out Victoria this week when she was again whining about Victor giving McCall to Adam to run. Nikki told her daughter that she sounded more and more like her father every day and noted that she was not merely content to conquer something. Nikki said Victoria also had to watch her enemies suffer and lose. Nikki was not wrong. I am glad that Nikki had that conversation with Victoria. Sometimes people don't feel themselves going over to the dark side.

Meanwhile, on to happier couples... Tessa and Mariah brought baby Aria to Nana Sharon to babysit so they could have their first post-baby date. They are the sweetest little family, and I love how they dote on their precious daughter.

Tessa and Mariah's discussion about how they have changed and the things that are important to them post-baby was very relatable. I am glad they prioritized their relationship and time together for this one night. I think this couple may have the potential to change people's minds about their beliefs. I believe that there are people in the audience who will see Mariah and Tessa love this fictional baby and realize that same-sex couples can be loving and devoted parents in the real world. I hope this storyline opens hearts and minds.

Readers, one storyline that I have definite opinions on, which may not match yours, is this -- I am firmly on team Adam and Sally. When I see the two of them together, it always feels like Magnet and Steel to me. As Taylor says, it appears like they are drawn together by an invisible string. If Nick broke things off with Sally tomorrow, tell me she wouldn't be at Adam's door within one day.

That awkward scene at Crimson Lights when Sharon watched Aria broke my heart. I loved seeing Sally smile as she overheard Adam expressing his concerns to Sharon about being a girl dad. Sharon gave Adam a pep talk, uplifted and encouraged him about his skills as a dad, and left him feeling better about his doubts. Sharon is now the official pep talk giver of Genoa City. In the past, it was Mamie, then Traci, and now, apparently, Sharon is the matriarch of the entire town.

But I digress -- back to Sally and Adam. I was pleased that they had a real conversation and tried to come to an understanding of where they stood. I wish that Sally had overheard the fight Adam had with Nick where Adam said to Nick something to the effect of "I love her, and you are just passing the time." Nick didn't deny it. Nick is not in love with Sally or devoted to her for life. They're just dating, while Adam has a lifetime stake in Sally and his daughter. Oh, I want them together so much. Give me a Jack and Phyllis moment where Sally gives birth in an elevator while Adam delivers their daughter.

Another scene I really liked this week was when Chelsea had that moment of realization with Billy that she almost missed her whole life with her suicide attempt. That was a compelling message to put out there in the universe. So many people make a tragic decision during a terrible moment and miss out on every beautiful possibility in their lives. I am glad that the writers at Y&R are covering this topic wholly and returning to it. I suspect they may have saved a life or two and made some depressed people rethink their circumstances. As Billy Joel said, "Don't forget your second wind."

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Victor and Jack become drinking buddies in their old age? Will Phyllis work on some better disguises than the ones we have seen so far before she tries to sneak back into town? Will Chelsea's video game enhancements save the world, as she believes? Will Abby, the former Naked Heiress, go on Dancing with the Stars with Tucker as her partner? Will Diane's wedding gown account for the ankle monitor ring that bracelet will leave around her leg? Will Elena school me on how to get a messenger to move my stuff to storage for me? Will Victor ever tire of saying "Billy Boy Abbott"? Will Leanna Love return to town to get the story on Jeremy's murder, since they bonded at the gala?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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