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This past week on The Young and the Restless, there were some horrifying discoveries, shocking revelations, and carefully crafted lies that left many Genoa City denizens speechless! But our Two Scoops columnist has plenty to say about it, so keep reading for his breakdown of all the drama and sinister twists we were served!

Well, I can honestly say that a dead cat was not something I was expecting to see when I tuned in to Y&R this past week! Yikes! Cameron is not messing around, and his revenge plot seemingly has no boundaries. As horrifying as that discovery was, the threat level that Cameron brings to the show has been a welcome addition. We were left somewhat lacking in the villain department on Y&R throughout Jeremy's storyline, so it is fun to have such a crazy villain that actually poses a serious threat right out of the gate as this storyline kicks off. I'm sure Sharon and Faith (and Borgnine, the cat) would disagree with me, but I am stoked to have Cameron back in town for however long his reign of terror may last. And, honestly, what kind of a name is Borgnine, anyway? That cat was asking for it (yes, this was just a joke, and I am a cat lover, so don't come at me in the Comments for this remark)!

I really feel bad for Faith. I can't imagine how I'd feel if someone murdered one of my cats just to torture my mom. And I don't think this latest tactic of Cameron's is a good omen for Faith. If he's willing to kill Sharon's daughter's cat, it seems like he is sending a message to Sharon that he is going to get his revenge on her and Nick by going after their daughter. And judging by the "Next Week on Y&R..." preview at the end of Friday's episode, Cameron does go after Faith! Hopefully, the writers wouldn't be cruel enough to kill off another of Sharon's daughters, but time will tell.

Whether Faith survives or not, I am enjoying how much screen time Nick and Sharon have had together lately, and whatever happens to their daughter next week is sure to give us even more of this duo, so I'm all in! I really love Nick and Sharon as a couple, and I am crossing my fingers that Cameron's reign of terror sparks a romantic reunion for these two. We all know it is going to happen sooner or later, so why not now? Nick and Sally are beyond boring, and I'm ready for the Adam/Sally/Nick love triangle to end, so I'm not only crossing my fingers but also my toes for this to go the way I am hoping it will.

I was thrilled when Nick told Adam this week that Adam needs him to keep an eye on Sally and protect her for Nick while all this craziness with Cameron is happening. Nick will be much too busy protecting Sharon, after all. Yay! I hope this means that Adam and Sally will be sharing a lot more screen time soon. I'm very much liking where all this is headed. I hope that we Adam and Sally fans aren't just being teased again only to have the rug pulled out from under us because that trick is getting very tired in this storyline.

This whole plot with Phyllis being a fugitive on the run is getting a bit tired, too. I really want to be invested in this and care about it all because I'm such a big fan of Phyllis (and her portrayer, Michelle Stafford), but how long are they going to drag this out? I was really hoping that as Kyle and Chance were on their way to Phyllis' hotel room that she was going to call Chance and turn herself in before he had a chance to arrest her. It really would be in her best interest to turn herself in because it would make her look less guilty. But, of course, no such phone call took place, and Phyllis had already left her hotel room and gone on the run again by the time Chance arrived to arrest her. Boo!

At this point, I was thinking to myself "where is this going?" and "why are they dragging this out so much?" But I received my answer to those questions by the end of the week when Summer revealed to Daniel her plan to save their mother, which, in a nutshell, was "Let's pay off someone who will claim to be a witness to Jeremy's crimes so that Phyllis will look like the victim she truly is." And all I have to say to that is "Okay, fine. Do that. If that is what it takes to wrap up this storyline, please do that."

It must be nice to have such a disposable income that you can just pay off a random stranger to be a convenient witness that will clear your mother of any crimes she may have committed, eh? I couldn't really gauge Daniel's reaction to Summer's plan, though, so it will be interesting to see if he goes along with this idea that his sister has come up with. So far, Daniel has only revealed things about his mother's faked death to others because the lies were hurting people and could have even sent an innocent woman (Diane) to prison. In this instance, though, the lie wouldn't really hurt anyone and would likely work to absolve their mother of any criminal charges, so I think Daniel may go along with it. Only time will tell, of course, but I'm very curious to see how this plays out.

I'm also very curious to see how the Audra/Nate/Victoria storyline plays out. Audra has admitted she is interested in Nate and that she wishes he were bedding her instead of Victoria, but I don't think she has any real feelings for him. Maybe she is just physically attracted to him, and it doesn't go much deeper than that (and I can't say I blame her because I'm definitely crushing on him, too, which is probably why I give him less of a hard time than some in regard to his recent behavior).

I'm confused by Nate, too, though. He seems to be really into Victoria, but he also seems to get a bit of enjoyment from Audra flirting with him, even though he is with Victoria now. More so than anything, he seems to be mostly interested in the power that he gains by being with Victoria and having a major role in her family's company. Are his feelings for her genuine, or is it all part of this sudden rush for power that he is addicted to? He certainly seemed like he had genuine feelings for Elena until recently, too, so maybe Nate just doesn't really know what he wants (at least when it comes to romance).

I would like to see Victoria be happy in love for a change, so I hope that this dalliance with Nate grows into something real, and Audra does not come between them. I'd much rather see Audra with someone like Kyle, and it seems that his marriage to Summer is about to implode, so that could be a real possibility in the near future! Summer has certainly dug herself into a hole by simultaneously trying to fight for her mother's freedom and actively preventing Kyle's mother from being cleared of murder charges for a death that she knew didn't even occur. Mariah may have been right when she told Kyle that it is time to kick Summer to the curb.

I have to commend Diane for how she stood up for Summer this week, though. That was a nice surprise! Granted, her empathy toward Summer's plight was a way for her to put all the blame on Phyllis, but she still gets points for that in my book. She does seem truly concerned about her son's marriage, and it was sweet that she encouraged him to give Summer the benefit of the doubt. But I have a feeling that Kyle may take Mariah's advice over his mother's, and he and Summer may be headed for a divorce.

But let's move on to the other Abbott drama this week. It seems that the next war over the family company seems to be brewing, given all the infighting and scheming going on lately in the battle of Ashley and Tucker vs. Jack and Diane. I love that Tucker tried to talk Ashley out of her plot to oust both Jack and Diane from Jabot, but I also love that when he realized he could not talk her out of it, he immediately agreed to join forces with her to make it happen! Tucker is probably my favorite character on the show right now. The writing for him is so much fun, and I am always happy when he and Ashley are featured in any episode.

I really hope that the writers don't screw up this couple, but I am worried that perhaps Diane and Tucker have been working together all along to stage a coup of their own at Jabot. Ashley was 100 percent correct in her prediction that Diane would ask for a senior management position at Jabot now that she is cleared of the murder charges, so that has me worried that Diane may actually be playing Jack. And when Abby and Devon were concerned that Tucker had positioned himself for a senior management position at Jabot, too, I got to thinking that there may be something fishy going on.

Sure, it was Ashley's plan for Tucker to take on that role in the company, but I'm a little concerned that this may be the prize Tucker (and Diane) have had their sights on for a while. I want both Jack and Ashley to remain happy in their current relationships (and I really don't want Tucker to be written as a bad guy again), so I hope it does not turn out that they have been playing everyone for fools. Having said that, I also love that the writers are putting that doubt in viewers' minds because it is fun to speculate, and it adds some enjoyable tension to the storyline. Regardless, I am going to cross my fingers that it is love, not corporate espionage, that is driving Tucker and Diane's motives in regard to Jabot.

How fun were the scenes at Society with Abby, Devon, Ashley, and Tucker?! I really enjoyed seeing them all hanging out and bonding. It's a little bizarre that once Ashley and Tucker are married, Abby and Devon will be stepsiblings that are in a relationship and have a baby together, but it's not the most shocking thing that has happened on a soap opera! I had so much fun watching Abby and Devon's reactions to learning that Phyllis was alive and also that Tucker and Ashley were getting married. I'm sure they were not expecting so many truth bombs when they agreed to go out with Ashley and Tucker for a bite to eat.

Even though I am anxious for Ashley to truly fall in love with Tucker again and allow herself to be vulnerable with him, I appreciated that she and Tucker were up-front with Abby and Devon about why they were getting married -- Ashley wants to thwart Diane's attempt at becoming a major player at Jabot, and having Tucker as a family member and board member will help her toward ousting Diane. It was humorous when Devon and Abby were pointing out all the reasons that Ashley should not be concerned about Diane because she lacks the business experience to be a real threat. And I am curious about what role Ashley wants to give Tucker in the company -- is she going to offer him the same position that Jack just offered Diane? That would be hilarious, so I kind of hope that is the case. I don't think Ashley ever said what role Tucker would filling at Jabot, but offering him the same job that Jack offered Diane would be hilarious and lead to some more fun scenes among this group, so I'm here for it!

I'll wrap up this week by circling back around to Cameron and his latest scheme for revenge against Nick. I wish I could say I cannot believe he would have someone beat him up so that he could blame Nick for it, but that type of shady plot is right in Cameron's wheelhouse. We all know that Nick's hand was only bruised because he punched a wall out of frustration when he was arguing with Cameron, but Cameron certainly took full advantage of Nick's temper and used it against him. I can't say I blame Chance for arresting Nick based on the evidence because Cameron certainly made it look convincing that Nick did assault him.

But I also feel like Chance enjoyed arresting Nick a little too much, right? Chance made it a point to bring up that Nick lied to him about the nature of Ashland's death last year, which made it hard for him to believe Nick now when Nick said he didn't assault Cameron. Between Nick's bruised hand and Cameron's bruised face, there was no way Chance couldn't arrest Nick, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. In fact, it was actually kind of refreshing to see Chance get the opportunity to throw Nick's past lies in his face finally. Chance did a similar thing to Diane and Jack by bringing up their plot to imprison Jeremy Stark by framing him for a robbery recently, so Chance is kind of on a roll. It's nice to see him getting some sort of vindication for the way so many of Genoa City's elite have blatantly lied to him and impeded his police investigations. I don't think it will be Chance who has the last laugh, though.

Well, that's all for this week, folks! Don't forget to hit the Comments (here on the site and throughout the week on social media) to share your opinions, too!

Until next time,

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