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Not everyone sees things the same way. That's why Ashley is headed to Paris for answers; Audra is in Nate's lap, working her magic; and Tucker has changed his mind for the 40th time. It might also explain Diane and Nikki having a coffee with no hair pulling. Find out what was to our columnist's liking -- and if you agree -- in this week's Two Scoops for The Young and the Restless.

My dearest readers, how often will we have to watch Ashley's black-and-white memories of Tucker knocking over wine glasses before our heads explode? Can we make it a drinking game? Every time Ashley or Tucker remembers it in their mind, we do a shot of tequila. Are you in?

Tucker challenged Ashley to go to the café in Paris and ask anyone working there if they remember such a scene to put the issue to rest. Great idea, Tucker! Ashley is finally on a plane and ready to do that instead of sitting forlornly on the sofa in the Abbott mansion, whimpering to Traci. Once Ashley discovers that what she "remembers" never happened, she will realize she needs to check herself into a mental health facility pronto. Thankfully, Traci boarded the plane with her, so she won't go alone.

Really, what else can it be? Have the writers tortured us with these flashbacks for weeks for no reason? Ashley having another mental breakdown is the only thing that makes sense. Then, Tucker, who clearly still loves Ashley, can kick Audra to the curb again to swoop in, care for his wounded love, and maybe redeem himself in everyone's eyes. See, I fixed it.

This week, over on General Hospital, the head writers got the axe, and new writers were installed. Sometimes, I wish the same would happen at Y&R to get the show moving again.

But ever so slowly, things seem to be moving in the right direction. Adam is back with Sally, Nick, and Sharon are inching their way back together, Summer and Chance are starting something fresh and full of life, and Billy is back at Chancellor-Winters and is a role model to Chance instead of being the punching bag of the Abbotts.

In addition, the most exciting storyline to come to Genoa City in eons is the Claire/Aunt Jordan saga. Colleen Zenk is a spectacularly deranged villain, and I know we have not seen the last of her. On next week's previews, they mentioned that Jordan's facility has caught fire and that Jordan is either dead (no way) or on the loose, about to wreak more havoc on the Newmans. (Absolutely that one.)

Hayley Erin as the deeply wounded and traumatized baby Eve/Claire Grace has been heartbreaking to watch. There is a deep nugget of truth in this storyline: if you tell a child they are worthless, they grow up believing it.

Claire has every support from Cole and Victoria, but her inner monologue shows that she still feels unworthy of love. It will take years of therapy to make her whole again, if it can ever happen. I find all the scenes surrounding this storyline extremely compelling, except for the ones where Adam is still Victoria's punching bag.

Hey, writers, just once, can Adam be Victoria's hero? Can Adam save Claire from Jordan and earn Victoria's gratitude when Jordan escapes? Can these two siblings stop the constant warfare? It's tired and old. I would prefer to see all the Newmans join forces against an outside threat like Aunt Jordan versus sniping at each other all day long.

Amelia Heinle has made me love her anew. I have a hard time with icy cold corporate Victoria, but this soft, vulnerable, brokenhearted mom? I adore her. This is why I want her to have an epiphany about Adam and how she has treated him. I want her to see that he was the outsider, just as Claire is now trying to find out where she fits in a family where she's a stranger. Please, please let Adam and Victoria be at peace.

J. Eddie Peck as concerned dad Cole is fantastic, too -- and the fact that Victor put Cole on notice and asked about his intentions with Victoria means that Cole and Victoria are definitely getting back together, if only for one night of comfort sex. Now I know that saying this will make the editor of Soap Central call me a floozy again, as he has many times over the years (always justified), but J. Eddie Peck is downright dreamy.

Victoria's ex Nate is being bamboozled by Audra, and if he takes her up on the offer she made him, he's an idiot. She whips through men and partners in crime like a tornado. But he's Nate, so I think he will be unable to resist her, especially if she asks him to partner with her while giving him a lap dance. But Tucker interrupted them because he changed his mind again, and now he's totally done with Ashley and made a plea for Audra to come back. Yeah, right.

Why doesn't Audra stop with the men, team up with Sally, and take her new design company to the top? Or let her team up with fellow schemer Phyllis and create something all their own? Can we get a bit of Barbie-style girl power going? Instead of Audra sleeping her way around Genoa City, trying to climb her way to the top of an established company, why not allow her to be a creator and visionary and take all that ambition of hers to blaze a trail?

Speaking of schemers, when Heather said she didn't return to Genoa City with the thought of getting Daniel back, I called BS! We saw how she looked at Lily and Daniel months ago; she wanted to burn a hole through Lily with her eyes.

My belief is that Heather wanted this from the get-go. She moved Lucy back to town on purpose to help get her in the door. Heather sped up her plans when she discovered Lily was out of town.

Readers, I loved Lily and Daniel when they were teens, and I loved it when they reconnected. But Heather was married to Daniel, and they share a child together. Who should I root for? Who should I be mad at?

Mostly, I feel bad for Lily because she hasn't had the best of luck in romance. I thought for once, being back with her teenage sweetheart, this relationship would last. All that means is that all these years later, I'm still a hopeless romantic with no firm grasp on reality. Daniel needs to consider what caused him to go off the deep end in the first place. Maybe it was living with Heather! If things don't work out with his second chance with Heather, I don't think Lily would be fool enough to let him in again.

Abby and Devon witnessed Heather and Daniel's canoodling, and Daniel confessed to Devon that he and Heather were going to give their family another chance. Devon being all judgey about Daniel is rich, considering all the times he has cheated, like on Amanda. Rumor has it that Mishael Morgan is coming back to Y&R, and I am thrilled. I only wish they hadn't killed Hilary because that character was a powerhouse that took Genoa City by storm. Amanda is fantastic, although slightly less bombastic than Hilary -- but maybe not this time.

If Amanda comes back right after Devon puts Abby on the board of Chancellor Winters and breaks them up, Abby's vote may not go with Devon and will instead topple his company. At least that's how I'd write it: a good sudsy cheating revenge plot.

Meanwhile, across town, a new romance is blossoming; Summer and Chance are finally getting the opportunity to see what they are together. Connor Floyd looks very snazzy in his new Marchetti duds, and Summer is beaming like sunshine whenever he is near. I am really enjoying these two together. I am also glad that Kyle and Summer have transitioned into friends.

Nikki and Jack, two former spouses, have transitioned into friends, but I can see their arrangement going sideways quickly. Nikki asked Jack to keep quiet about her coming to him as a sponsor, and when Victor finds out -- and he will -- it won't be pretty. As time wears on and Jack is there for Nikki more and more, how patient will Diane be with Jack going to the rescue of his ex-wife time and time again before Diane grows impatient, too? Maybe they will do a soapy swap, and Diane and Victor will have a fling after they think Jack and Nikki cheated on them. Weirder things have happened in Genoa City.

The coffee shop run-in with Diane and Nikki was a hoot to watch, but they have made progress because there was no hair pulling. When Diane returned to Genoa City, I didn't have much faith in her, but as the months passed, I must give her credit. She is often the reasonable one in the encounters withs the long line of people in Genoa City who dislike her.

Just visiting Claire sent Nikki racing for a drink. How will it be when Claire is released and Nikki sees Claire in the office every day? Victoria has gotten both of her parents to agree to give Claire a chance to be part of their family. Nikki truly wants to make an effort, but Claire is the woman who kidnapped and drugged her. Is she supposed to just set that aside because Claire shares her DNA? I don't think her sobriety battle is going to be an easy one. It's times like these when I really miss Katherine Chancellor. If Jeanne Cooper reads Two Scoops in heaven, I hope she knows she is still cherished here on earth.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will Esther name a new latte after Diane? Will Ashley and Traci have a splendid sister's week in Paris, or will Traci be sitting alone in her hotel room while Ashley gets the mental health treatment she clearly needs? Will the smoke- and soot-covered Jordan show up at Claire's hospital first or at Newman HQ? Will Tucker ever decide what woman he wants, what company he wants to take over, or what he's going to do with Glissade?

Will Phyllis back off Danny now that he has vowed to cut her out of his life, or will she show up nude in his bedroom and try to convince him that he wants her again for the 30th time? Will Claire leave the hospital and become a childcare worker, since she's fascinated by the pediatric ward? Will Victor stop calling everyone "my baby" and go back to "my sweetheart" just for a little variety? Will Kyle eventually resent that he gave the job he wanted to his mommy and go back to Audra's bed?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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