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Bourbon shots and blue moods make for mayhem. But for Adam and Chelsea, it was the fun kind... until they had time to think about what they'd done. Jack and Victor reignited their feud, and Diane and Kyle were roped in. Summer is furious (again), and Nick and Phyllis seem cozier than usual. Pull up a seat for this week's Two Scoops commentary -- on the rocks.

Dear readers, I can only speak for myself, but pounding bourbon shots while having the blues is generally a recipe for bad decisions. How do I know? The '80s. Enough said.

When I saw Adam and Chelsea taking their very sweet trip down memory lane with a bottle of bourbon, there was no doubt in my mind they were going to end up horizontal and naked. Talking about their happy marriage and the early bright years of their love awakened a flame inside them that they had let die, but the bourbon apparently helped to rekindle the spark. Comfort turned into kissing, and kissing turned into lovemaking.

When they woke up, they were both wracked with guilt. They both proclaimed that "it just happened," that it didn't mean anything, that their night together was a one-off, just an overflow of emotions from everything they had been dealing with regarding Connor. They reaffirmed they were still committed to their respective partners back in Genoa City.

But their darting eyes and desperate phone calls to their lovers back home betrayed them. I don't think they will be able to flip the switch back off so easily. That's the trouble with pent-up love -- once the door is opened, it all comes flooding back, undeniably and all consuming. What happens the next time Connor's hospital calls for a visit? Will they book themselves at separate hotels to remove temptation? Will Billy and Sally notice that Adam and Chelsea are acting squirrely and can't make eye contact? I have a feeling this is not over between them.

And how do I feel about that? Well, truthfully, I feel fine. I love Adam and Sally, but when Chelsea and Adam were together, I was all in with them. I loved them. When Chelsea was just trying to go from con woman to respectable citizen and no one would give her a shot, Adam was her encourager, and his belief in her is what helped her become the woman she is today. If the powers that be see fit to reunite them, I am okay with that. Then what about Sally and Billy?

Well, if those two pretty people have revenge sex on my TV, I am okay with that, too. Sally only has a job because she is filling in for Chelsea, so when Chelsea comes home, Sally will be floating again. I hope we get to see a soapy catfight scene where Sally says, "So, while I was doing your job and sitting around worrying about your kid, you were banging my boyfriend?" Meow!

Since Billy got his wish and Chancellor-Winters has split, and since Lily is probably going to ditch him, maybe he will find a role for Sally in his new empire. I think Lily is trying to decide if it's Devon or Billy who annoys her the most. I am interested to see which way she lands.

But that having been said, now that the companies are divided, can we please give these characters some storylines that play out outside of the boardroom? I love Y&R, but on the days when it feels like I am in a meeting at work and it sounds just like a real office, it's not providing the escapism I expect from my soaps. If I'm watching fake Zoom meetings after I sat in real Zoom meetings all day, it falls flat for me.

I know every day can't be Victor throwing Brussels sprouts at Jordan fun, but this week, the Jack/Victor feud being rekindled did it for me. You must think I have DID like Ashley, because sometimes I am all "I want Jack and Victor to call off their feud and be friends!" But then they get into a squabble, and I am squealing with glee at my TV set.

The dialogue between those two this week had me howling! When Jack asked, "Are you going to have your security guards throw me out?" and Victor spat back, "I don't need my security guard to throw you out. I can throw you out on the street myself!" I howled. And when Victor told Jack if he had been there the night Jack overdosed, he would have left Jack on the floor, foaming at the mouth, I was in hysterics again. Those two handsome devils are true soap legends, and putting them in any scene together is always sheer perfection.

Why did this scene even happen? Because Michael Baldwin blabbed the secret Victor asked him not to blab. But in Michael's defense, Victor did fire him, so it's not attorney-client privilege anymore, right? Just like Summer blabbed to her parents about Audra getting Glissade away from Tucker, and Kyle going to work with Audra. No one in Genoa City is trustworthy. I would not recommend confiding to anyone in that town.

Peter Bergman and Eric Braeden must get giddy when they see they have a fight scene in their scripts. Writers, please let Jack throw another chair through a window for old times' sake.

Speaking of old times' sake, for a while, I was convinced the writers were setting us up for a Nick and Sharon reunion. But he's been spending a lot more time with Phyllis lately. Did I guess wrong? Are we in for another round of Phick? It is beginning to feel that way. Like Adam and Chelsea, Nick and Phyllis have been taking a few trips down memory lane and discussing their early years and the way they loved and parented "Super Girl." But they haven't done bourbon shots yet, so no sex so far.

I know that many of you also thought after the Sharon stand-alone and the Nick stand-alone that we were heading for a Sharon and Nick as endgame storyline. But I think we guessed wrong. If I had to choose, I'd choose Phyllis, but I always choose Phyllis because A) I am a total fan girl for Michelle Stafford, and B) because Phyllis has the guts to do things I would never and could never do, and I envy her. She makes tons of mistakes, but that's because Phyllis is fearless.

I am not fearless. I am afraid all the damned time. Sometimes I forge ahead, anyway, but Phyllis does nothing but forge ahead daily. Just like Carly on General Hospital, they give me examples of how to stand up for yourself, how to go after things you want, and how not to be ignored or taken for granted. I would never use most of their tactics, but still, those fictional gutsy women inspire me in real life.

I'm more of a Traci Abbott, a writer with a gentle nature. I am happy to see she is finding love (and in Paris!), but I am still afraid that the wrong brother died. When he told her that he downloaded one of her books to read and that she was beautiful inside and out, I was so happy Traci was truly seen. Am I alone in my worry for her? Am I being paranoid? I love seeing Traci being encouraged, appreciated, and pursued, but I don't want to see her hurt. I hope my soapy senses are way off and that Alan is Alan.

Back in Genoa City, Traci's family is at war. Jack, Diane, and Kyle are in a constant battle, and the tensions boiled over this week. I may be in the minority, but I am getting weary of Diane. She fired her own son for trying to help her because she is incompetent at her job.

I think Kyle is right about her. She spends most of her day meddling in her son's life instead of running the company. While she is home badgering her son about his comings and goings, her negligence has probably blown twelve deals for Jabot. I love Jack, but I am rooting for Kyle, Victor, and Audra right now, just so Diane will lose and fail. I know that's mean, but remember, Diane is only pretend.

Kyle is threatening to move out and take Harrison with him, which has riled Diane, Jack, and Summer. They know Harrison has endured a lot of traumatic things, and they feel he should stay put. Summer is furious with Kyle, supposedly over the bad decisions she feels he has made with Audra and Claire. When Nick and Phyllis pressed her about why she really cared, she said it was because of Harrison, but it looked a lot like jealousy. When Phyllis called Claire "Scary Poppins," I almost spit out my San Pellegrino.

Okay, I like Claire, but you know when you first get a job, and you are brand new, and you say to people "Oh sorry, I'm new. I'm still learning." Well, you can only say that for so long. So, when Claire has said for the 50th time, "I'm using my newfound freedom to buy a coffee!" "I'm using my newfound freedom to pick up a bagel!" "I'm using my newfound freedom to sit on a park bench!" It is starting to be annoying.

I predict when Kyle moves out, Claire will camp there with Harrison and his dad day and night. I doubt that Aunt Jordan ever let Claire have a boyfriend, so the attention she is getting from Kyle right now is probably intoxicating. If I am right, I predict Summer will object often and loudly.

When the topic of custody came up, Nick reminded Summer that Harrison was Kyle's biological child, and Summer chastised him, "Are you really going to go there?" Well, Summer, someone had to. Unless Harrison was being abused, no judge is going to take him away from his biological dad because you are uneasy with his business partner. I hope that Summer heeds her parents' warnings, because as Nick advised her, it was not going to go the way she wanted it to.

Back at the Newmans', Cole and Victoria continue to get closer, but I think they need some bourbon shots, too, because I want them to do it. Is that indelicate? Probably, but this is a soap, and we watch for romance and intrigue, and I have seen enough intrigue with these two. I am ready for their romance to escalate. Either reunite them or don't, but don't leave us hanging forever.

What will happen tomorrow, dear readers? Will new drinker Claire get a taste for Champagne and end up in rehab with Nikki when she finds out she inherited the alcoholism gene? Will Nate ever get invited up to Audra's suite now that's she a CEO, or is she all business and no pleasure? Will Chance tire of listening to Summer whine about her ex and look for a new love? (Sally might be free soon.)

Will Connor get home by Thanksgiving to see his paper turkey, or will learning his mercurial parents are having a fling set him back to square one? Will Phyllis' guilt over wrecking Kyle and Summer's marriage prompt her to do some stupid Phyllis thing to try to fix it? Will Ashley emerge from treatment to discover her family house is empty again, the way she likes it? Will Abby ever realize she is an afterthought to everyone in her life and revert to being the wild Naked Heiress for attention?

Only tomorrow knows, dear readers, and I will tune in tomorrow as long as there are tomorrows.

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