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Posted Wednesday, September 6, 2000 10:27:22 AM
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Moore Uncertainty

With each passing day, more and more uncertainty builds around whether or not Shemar Moore will remain on The Young and the Restless. Moore has signed on to do a FOX primetime series, "Celebrity."

Moore and Y&R execs have agreed to let the actor stick around until October. After that time, however, all bets are off. According to reports, Guiding Light alum, Kevin Mambo (Marcus), has been auditioned to take over the role in case Moore does depart. Other reports had General Hospital's Real Andrews (Taggert) trying out for the part.

Moore's reps have gone on record urging the actor to ditch daytime. The actor, however, is said to have strong feelings about staying put even if it means cutting back on his on-screen time. The Young and the Restless was, after all, Moore's first acting gig and understandably he may feel a certain level of obligation to the show. Moore has also repeatedly stated how muche he enjoys being a part of the top-rated soap opera.

In addition to the upcoming television series, which will begin shooting this fall for a winter debut, Moore will also appear in at least one feature-length films. The Brothaz, due out in 2001, features Moore as one of four friends that begin to question women and relationships when one of them announces impending nuptials.

Moore has already done double-duty while filming Y&R. In 1997, the actor filmed a part in the film Hav Plenty and in 1998 he appeared in Butter (retitled Never 2 Big for video release). Moore also performed in the mini-series, "Mama Flora's Family," the final chapter of Alex Haley's Roots epic.

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