Y&R tapes 7,000th episode

Posted Tuesday, October 17, 2000 2:31:33 PM
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Y&R tapes 7,000th episode

Special congratulations go out to The Young and the Restless as it celebrates the taping of its 7,000th episode. The stars of the show gathered together recently to toast the milestone.

The Young and the Restless, which debuted 27 years ago, has spent the past 11 years as the number one soap opera in the country. It's a feat that hasn't been accomplished by any other program on television.

To appreciate the hard work put in by performers on daytime television, CBS's Everybody Loves Raymond recently celebrated its 100th episode. It's been on the air for four years. To equal the 7,000 episode catalog set by The Young and the Restless, Everybody Loves Raymond would have to air for an additional 276 years!

Nearly all of the show's performers and behind-the-scenes talent were in attendance. Actress Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) was in attendance to celebrate an accomplishment of her own. Cooper holds the honor of being the show's longest-running cast member, having made her debut in 1973.

From veterans to newcomers... Ashley Bashioum (Mackenzie) and Lauren Woodland (Brittany) were also in attendance. Neither of these newcomers was even born when The Young and the Restless hit the airwaves. The pair and others were, however, given a chance to see some of the show's more memorable moments thanks to a barrage of television monitors that had been set up around the studio.

The Young and the Restless has undergone some changes in the past year. The show updated its trademark opening theme and started displaying actor's names next to their likenesses in the opening credits. The change in music has upset some fans who liked the more mellow version of the theme song. The change to the show's opening has caused at least one show to follow suit. ABC's Port Charles began airing character names in its opening credits this summer.

The special anniversary episode will air on October 31st.

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