Donnelley's run comes to an end

Posted Sunday, January 07, 2001 11:16:06 PM
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Donnelley's run comes to an end

CBS confirms that Alex Donnelley (Diane Jenkins) will leave The Young and the Restless this month.

Donnelley is a long-time veteran of The Young and the Restless, but she's come and gone in the past. Donnelley joined the show in 1982 as a Jabot model. The actress left in 1984, but returned in 1986 for a short time. Then after a decade-long absence, Diane returned in 1996 --- and four years later ended up pregnant in a sperm snatching saga.

A Y&R spokesperson insists that Donnelley's departure is mandated by the storyline. However, an official statement from the show seems to hint that there is some regret that Donnelley is being written out. "She will be greatly missed by the Y&R family," says an official release from the show.

Donnelley's "storyline-dictated" finale is on February 13th.

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