Scott Reeves, Ryan out at Y&R

Posted Friday, August 17, 2001 4:56:37 PM
Scott Reeves, Ryan out at Y&R

According to reports, Scott Reeves (Ryan McNeil) has been informed that his days at The Young and the Restless are numbered.

The Emmy-nominated Reeves joined that cast of Y&R in May of 1991. It is believed that he will make his exit during the November Sweeps period.

During his ten-year run in the fictional town of Genoa City, Reeves was awarded a 1993 Soap Opera Award as Outstanding Younger Actor. In 1997 and 1998, Reeves earned Daytime Emmy nominations in the Best Supporting Actor category. Most recently, in 1999, Reeves was nominated for a Soap Opera Award in the Best Supporting Actor field.

It is said that Reeves has taken the news of his release well, and that there are no hard feelings on his part towards the show or its executives. According to a show insider, Ryan's exit will be very much a part of Tricia's continued spinning out of control and is "storyline dictated."

Speculation about exactly how Reeves' character will exit has been running rampant for several days. The two obvious rumored scenarios involve Ryan being killed by Tricia and Ryan simply leaving town and possibly returning at a later date.

Reeves is married to Melissa Reeves (Jennifer Horton, Days of our Lives). The have two children; 9-year-old Emily Taylor Reeves and 4-year-old Laurence David Reeves.

A Y&R spokesperson was unavailable for comment on this story.

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