Ramirez returns as a Carmen look-alike

Posted Monday, March 12, 2007 12:03:16 PM
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Ramirez returns as a Carmen look-alike

Though Carmen was killed, someone that looks just like her has been skulking about Genoa City and driving Drucilla crazy. Marisa Ramirez returned to Y&R last month, but her latest role is not a ghost or an evil twin.

Put down the straitjackets, Y&R fans. Drucilla isn't the only one that will be seeing "Carmen" roaming around Genoa City in the weeks ahead. Marisa Ramirez (ex-Carmen Mesta) is back at The Young and the Restless and filming episodes for a new short-term story.

Ramirez joined the cast of The Young and the Restless in May 2006 as a potential foil for Neil and Drucilla Winters' marriage. As the storyline progressed, Ramirez was abruptly notified that she would be exiting the show - her character was being killed off. The dismissal and storyline development had many fans wondering why the actress was fired.

A show source told Soap Central at the time there was concern that Ramirez was "too young" for the role of a character that was fighting for Neil's affection. That claim was immediately denied by Y&R head writer and executive producer Lynn Marie Latham. Latham asserted that it was always the plan to have Carmen offed as part of a murder mystery.

This time around, Ramirez will play the role of Ines, Carmen's look-alike cousin. Ines shows up in Genoa City at the behest of David Chow to help stick it to Drucilla. There were alternate plans for Ramirez's characters, but ultimately Latham decided that having a Carmen doppelganger gaslight Dru was the best storyline decision.

Ramirez began her short-term return on February 28th. She is expected to remain with The Young and the Restless for only a short time, though it is unclear at this time exactly how short that might be.

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