Stacy Haiduk on her secret Y&R role and her furry co-star

Posted Sunday, July 12, 2009 10:06:09 PM
Stacy Haiduk on her secret Y&R role and her furry co-star

In a new interview, Y&R's Stacy Haiduk talks about being one of the few daytime stars to have an inanimate co-star. Exactly what is the story behind Mr. Kitty? And what does one channel when playing a "whack-job?"

Sometimes, things are not what they seem on soap operas. Take the casting call that Stacy Haiduk (Mary Jane Benson/Patty Williams) read for earlier this year. According to the audition script, The Young and the Restless was looking to cast a "sexy businesswoman." Haiduk says she had no idea that role would evolve into playing a "whack-job" who talks to a stuffed cat.

"Actually, I am really enjoying finding the levels to play her," Haiduk tells Michael Fairman for Michael Fairman on Soaps. "It has been a good experience. One thing I wanted was for people to feel for her, and that she was not just a whacko. I wanted them to feel bad for her. She is in pain. I feel sorry for her."

Whether or not fans will feel sorry for Mary Jane remains to be seen. However, fans have rather surprisingly taken to Haiduk's work with an unlikely co-star: Mr. Kitty. How exactly did Mary Jane and the taxidermy cat come to be bestest friends?

"Mary Jane hurt Mr. Kitty and killed Mr. Kitty," Haiduk explains, in the context of her character's recent killing of a bird. "She killed the bird and then went back and talked to Mr. Kitty and said, 'You know I did this and it's similar to what I did to you. But you understand Kitty, right?' I think what they are saying is when she does not get what she wants, the pain inside of her begins and the pot is boiling over, and she can't hold it in anymore, and she does something like that."

Fairman duly notes that many mass murders started off doing harm to animals. Does that foretell any sort of murderous mayhem in Genoa City? Haiduk isn't saying. But why else would Mary Jane have a mysterious scrapbook with photos of prominent Genoa City residents?

For the entire interview, click here.

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