Casting call causes chatter to the Max

Posted Thursday, February 23, 2012 1:26:48 PM
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Casting call causes chatter to the Max

A recent casting call released by The Young and the Restless has fans buzzing. The role being cast is currently going by the name "Max," but it's the description of the character and the notation that the character is returning to Genoa City that has some viewers questioning if Max isn't the young man's real name.

Soap fans have always enjoyed a good teaser to get their creative juices flowing. There is perhaps no greater producer of Internet speculation than something that nearly all other television series would consider somewhat mundane: the casting call.

A recent casting call put out by The Young and the Restless has again accomplished that goal. The top-rated CBS soap is seeking an actor to play the contract role of Max. While at first glance the name "Max" might not raise any eyebrows, the description of the role has.

Max is described as "Early 20s. VERY handsome, clean cut, All-American and VERY fit. He is returning to Genoa City from graduating college. He is a great guy and seems to have it all; but he still carries a 'chip' on his shoulder for certain people in his past."

Fans have been wracking their brains to come up with the name of a 20something character that might be returning to Genoa City. Could the character be someone that fans have already seen on-screen? Might the character have been "aged" for story purposes? Is the character one that viewers have never seen on-screen? There are a lot of questions, and so far Y&R isn't offering anything in the way of answers.

Among the most popular guesses for who Max might really be is Jack's son, Kyle. Kyle Jenkins was born on-screen in 2001, and was said to be ten years old just last year. However, younger characters are "aged" all the time to give the writers more story possibilities for those characters.

Kyle was most recently played by Garrett Ryan.

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