Y&R issues another casting call

Posted Tuesday, August 21, 2012 11:48:30 AM
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Y&R issues another casting call

The Young and the Restless has issued another casting call. This time the show is seeking a 20something African-American actress for the contract role of "Sally."

It would appear that The Young and the Restless' new creative team is moving full-steam ahead with plans to rework the show. As a result, Y&R has issued its second casting call in as many weeks.

The show is currently looking for an African-American actress in her mid-20s for the contract role of "Sally Tate." Since the name in a casting call isn't always the name the show plans to use for the character, it is unclear if the role is a new role or a recast.

The casting notice describes the character as "vivacious, energetic, ambitious. She's a mom balancing work and family. She's had her share of tough times, but always bounces back from even the most trying situations. Sexy, romantic, fun-loving, with a delightful sense of humor and an eternal twinkle in her eyes."

Last week, Y&R released a casting call for 30something "Tyler Douglas," another African-American character. To read more on that casting call, click here.

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