Role of Noah goes to Hollywood Heights star

Posted Saturday, August 25, 2012 10:53:39 AM
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Role of Noah goes to Hollywood Heights star

The Young and the Restless has recast its first role under the show's new head writer and executive producer. As previously reported, Kevin Schmidt is out as Noah Newman. Robert Adamson, a newcome to daytime, will take over the role this fall.

Earlier this month, Kevin G. Schmidt (Noah Newman) revealed on Twitter that he'd been let go from The Young and the Restless. Just ten days after that post was made, The Young and the Restless has recast the role.

Daytime newcomer Robert Adamson, who recently wrapped up a run on the Nickelodeon telenovela-styled Hollywood Heights, has won the role, according to Soap Opera Digest.

In landing the Y&R gig, Adamson will be reunited with Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith, Y&R's new executive producer and head writer, respectively. Phelps and Griffith worked in the same capacity on Hollywood Heights. Sony Pictures Television is reponsible for producing both Y&R and Hollywood Heights, and the media conglomerate has reportedly been voicing its say in show matters recently.

News of the recast leaked when Schmidt asked Y&R via his Twitter account, "How many times you gonna try and bring in a 'New Noah? There's only one."

Schmidt was not the "original" Noah -- the role was first played by infant twins in 1997 -- but the actor had appeared as Noah from mid-2008 through early 2010. He returned to the show in April 2011.

Adamson will being taping on September 4, and will first air on October 1.

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