Lindsay Bushman at Orphaned Starfish fundraiser

Posted Sunday, September 16, 2012 11:46:30 PM
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A Y&R newcomer lent her star power to a good cause. Lindsay Bushman attended this year's Orphaned Starfish Foundation event to benefit orphanages abroad.

Lindsay Bushman (Summer Newman), one of the new fresh faces to grace the teen scene on the Young and the Restless, put her party hat on this week, and she did it for a worthy cause. She joined a constellation of stars at a bash to celebrate education and to support worldwide orphanages.

In celebration of 11 years of service, the Orphaned Starfish Foundation hosted a party at the Hard Rock Café on September 12. The event's proceeds will benefit orphanages across Latin America and Ethiopia with technology training and tools to break the cycle of poverty and abuse, and enable them to become self-sustaining adults when they leave the orphanages at age 18.

Stars like Judy Reyes, the event's host, and Justine Pasek, Miss Universe, joined Bushman at the fundraiser. X-men's Dania Ramirez was also on hand, and musical guests included Lucy Walsh and MK+theGentleman.

Bushman accepted the role of the aged Summer Newman on Y&R in June 2012. She previously appeared on General Hospital as a young Kate.

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