Y&R's ups male heartthrob factor with two new hires

Posted Monday, October 15, 2012 6:34:06 PM
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Y&R's ups male heartthrob factor with two new hires

The Young and the Restless is upping the hunk quotient with two new hires. Redaric Williams and Lamon Archey, both male models with backgrounds in sports, will play new characters beginning next month.

As is usually the case when there is a change to a show's head writer or executive producer, the incoming regime introduces characters that will help tell their vision. Head writer Josh Griffith, whose material began airing on The Young and the Restless just last week, is preparing to introduce two new characters in the upcoming weeks.

International model Redaric Williams has been hired for the role of Tyler, a character whose name has been bandied about on the Internet for about two months. Williams is a newcomer to the world of daytime. Williams attended University of North Texas on a football scholarship.

Y&R put out its casting call for Tyler in August. The breakdown described the character as "African American male. Late 20s to early 30s. Orphaned at 16. Worked his way through college and now has an MBA. He's driven to succeed. Smart, energetic. Well-read. Smoothly sexy and confident, with a witty, sometimes cynical sense of humor."

While description of the character certainly painted a visual of what fans might expect from the character, the description did little in the way of offering a glimpse at who the character might interact with. That changed when Williams' audition video popped up on YouTube and inadvertently shed some light on what might be ahead for the character.

The audition script had Tyler interacting with Lily Winters and also revealed that Tyler is Sarge's nephew. In a fun bit of coincidental familial naming, Sarge is also played by a Williams -- Emmy winner Darnell Williams.

Tyler is expected to pop up on-screen in November.

Another newcomer will also hit the screen around the same time. Lamon Archey, who has also worked as a model, will play the role of Mason. Like Williams, Archey is a newcomer to the world of acting -- and he also has a background in sports: Archey is a recreational boxer. Music fans may also recognize Archey from an appearance in Destiny's Child's video "Cater 2 U."

Archey will also first air in November.

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