CBS confirms Steve Burton joining cast of Y&R

Posted Monday, January 07, 2013 2:44:27 PM
CBS confirms Steve Burton joining cast of Y&R

Former General Hospital star Steve Burton has officially confirmed his addition to the cast of The Young and the Restless. Burton also explained his reasons for returning to daytime, just a few months after announcing he needed a break. Burton appeared on GH for 21 years.

Amid an explosion of blue and white confetti, CBS confirmed that former General Hospital star Steve Burton (ex-Jason Morgan) will be joining the cast of The Young and the Restless later this month.

In an appearance on CBS's talk show, The Talk, Burton explained how the top-rated soap was able to convince him to return to daytime television just months after the actor announced that he was leaving ABC's General Hospital in order to spend more time with his family.

"I left [General Hospital] originally for a few reasons, but the main reason was to get to Nashville, to get my family there and raise my kids there, and kind of just get out of L.A.," Burton explained. "I told my manager [that] if can keep my family there and I can spend time with them and come back and forth [to Los Angeles for work], I would do that in a second. And without hesitation, CBS Daytime made that deal really quickly. This is crazy, but I am just so grateful to have the best of both worlds."

Burton did not elaborate on what the other reasons were for his decision to leave General Hospital.

At The Young and the Restless, Burton will be reunited with executive producer Jill Farren Phelps, who had previously helmed General Hospital. Burton acknowledged that his friendship with Phelps was also a key factor in his decision to join Y&R.

"We're good friends, and I have great respect for her," Burton offered.

On Y&R, Burton will play the newly created role of Dylan McAvoy. The show issued a casting call for the role in the beginning of December.

"He's a war veteran, he had two tours in the Middle East. By trade he's an architect; he has to take over his family's construction business because his dad gets a serious injury," Burton said in describing his new character. "I know he's got a bunch of secrets, and I know he's coming to town looking for someone special."

Despite moving to a new soap, Burton assured fans that he and his former General Hospital costars will still continue to tour as the band Port Chuck.

Burton will report to the Y&R set for his first day of work tomorrow, January 8. He will first appear on-screen on January 29.

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