Michael Graziadei lands Lifetime series

Posted Wednesday, February 19, 2014 11:38:12 PM

Michael Graziadei, who from 2004 until 2013 played Daniel Romalotti on The Young and the Restless, will costar in Lifetime's upcoming series The Lottery.

It's been more than six months since Michael Graziadei last appeared as Daniel Romalotti Jr. on The Young and the Restless. And while Daniel may not be back in Genoa City any time soon, viewers will soon be able to see Graziadei on-screen again. The actor co-stars in a new series that was just picked up by Lifetime.

The Lottery is a dystopian thriller set in a world where women have stopped having children. When 100 embryos are successfully fertilized, a lottery is held to decide who will be surrogates. The government's role in deciding who can have a family causes a great deal of conflict. Graziadei will play the alcoholic father of one of the last children born before The Lottery.

Graziadei's nine-year stint on The Young and the Restless was filled with romance and drama. One of Daniel's most memorable storylines was his star-crossed love with Lily Winters. The two fell in love when they were on the run to escape vehicular homicide charges in the death of Cassie Newman and, after being cleared of charges, eloped despite Lily's parents' disapproval.

Lifetime has ordered ten episodes of The Lottery.

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