RIDE TO HELL: Betrayal leads Hilary and the Winters family down a dangerous path

Posted Thursday, February 12, 2015 7:36:27 PM
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RIDE TO HELL: Betrayal leads Hilary and the Winters family down a dangerous path

Mishael Morgan says to hold on, because Hilary's life is about to come crashing down around her -- literally.

The Young and the Restless' recent promo promises a Valentine's Day to die for, complete with a disastrous plane crash that leaves many of the show's major players in shambles. But the plane won't be the only thing potentially exploding in flames this February: Mishael Morgan tells Soap Central Hilary's marriage to Neil is about to go up in smoke, as well -- and there isn't a safety card in the world that can bail her out of the trouble headed her way.

Sleeping with your husband's kid is bound to come with consequences, but Mishael Morgan's Hilary is in for the mother lode of payback. After all, she betrayed her blind husband, Neil (Kristoff St. John), by shagging his son, Devon (Bryton James) -- which is no ordinary situation. Add to it the fact that Neil secretly knows the truth, having quietly regained his eyesight, and BAM -- Y&R viewers are in for some seriously messy storytelling.

"I am so excited for everyone to see what happens," Morgan raves about the weeks ahead. "There's definitely a big blowup. They didn't go small in getting to the wrap-up of our storyline. They kept it big and juicy, so I'm really excited for everybody to see."

Poor Hilary has been grappling with guilt for months, and the pressure has been mounting the longer and longer she's been keeping the news of her attraction to Devon from Neil. "It's a mixture of guilt and anger and frustration, because she's been trying to get Devon to tell Neil, and she's trying to get Devon to understand the predicament that she's in with Neil, having to keep up this charade while being in love with him, and it just feels like he's not listening, and it's going down the road that she is terrified of," Morgan explains. "She sees the horror story playing out right before her eyes, and she feels powerless to stop it. She's stuck in this place... and she doesn't know how to fix it, and she feels like she's not getting the support to fix it, and she just has to just continue to keep playing this game, which she really doesn't want to."

Unfortunately, Hilary's imagined horror story doesn't even come close to the real horror story headed her way. As if things weren't dramatic enough, the writers have thrown a plane crash into the mix -- and the entire Winters family is aboard. "In the process of trying to calm Hilary down, Devon thinks it would be a great idea for us to all take a huge Valentine's Day trip together with Neil and Devon and Lily and Cane and Colin and Jill, like a big, happy family," the actress teases of the situation that ultimately places every member of the family in danger. "I don't know what exactly he was thinking, but somehow he convinces Hilary that this would be a really fun trip for Valentine's Day, and that's how the plane crash starts. And then the drama begins... in the air."

It's a brilliant metaphor, really. The plane crashing and burning signifies the crash and burn of the Winters clan. But though the accident is ultimately what threatens the survival of the family, Hilary places a lot of the responsibility on herself. "She feels guilty all around, because her presence is the catalyst for what's destroying this entire family," she explains. "So I definitely feel she's starting to look at everything that she's done, and she's starting to really feel the weight of it."

In fact, as soon as Hilary realizes something's wrong with the plane, her first thoughts are how she'll be able to make amends with Neil, whom she's so deeply hurt. "She starts to replay everything that she's done in her life and especially what she's done recently with Devon and Neil and what has led her to this point, and I think she starts to decide that she's at a place where she needs to start setting things right," Morgan says. "And if she gets that opportunity, then hopefully she'll get to fix everything in her own way."

Time will tell whether or not Hilary -- or Devon for that matter -- will survive the deadly crash. If they do, will their relationship be able to survive the wreckage their horrendous betrayal leaves behind? "I think they will have a lot of enemies -- a lot more than they anticipated," she previews. "But I think that their love story has been so amazing, and I love where the writers are going. I know there's still going to be a journey to come, but I really do believe that in the end, their love will prevail."

For more from Morgan, be sure to join in on the actress' live Twitter chat on Friday, February 13. She and Bryton James will be live tweeting fans about all the Valentine's Hevon drama starting at 12:30PM ET/9:30AM PT. Message them at @MishaelMorgan1, @BrytonEjames and @YRInsider, using the hashtags #Hevon and #ValentinesDay.

Do you feel that Hilary's betrayal is forgivable? Do you hope to see Devon and Hilary survive the next few weeks and come out the other end as a strong couple? And what do you hope for Neil, now that he's wifeless? Share your thoughts in our Comments section below, on our message boards, or by submitting Feedback..

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