Cady McClain releases statement regarding her Y&R status

Posted Thursday, April 30, 2015 8:15:34 AM
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Cady McClain releases statement regarding her Y&R status

With rumors of an impending exit swirling, the actress says she doesn't want to lie to fans.

Soap opera fans love a good mystery, and The Young and the Restless' Cady McClain (Kelly Andrews) sure is dishing up a good one. Shortly after playing with her Y&R employment dates on Facebook, rumors started swirling that she was exiting the show. She quickly took to Twitter to clear up the mess, stating it was all just a "technical error." But now the actress has released a Facebook message that brings up more questions than ever.

"I'll tell you what. I'm going to level with you. It's been a very hard few weeks. A LOT has been going on. When the time comes to talk more about it, I will. I promise," she begins, followed by a heartfelt plea to viewers for their kindness during the next few weeks of story.

"Right now all I can say is it's about to get really, really intense on the air shows. And it's worth watching. It's like nothing I've ever acted or been involved with story-wise before. I totally understand that the character of ‘Kelly' drives some people crazy. But please remember, I am just the actress. I'm glad to occasionally be given the opportunity to entertain you, whether it's on Y&R or elsewhere. And if you love the character or hate her, it's all good. Maybe just don't tag me when you hate on her, please, because my work means something to me. I hold the characters I get to create close to my heart. Maybe that's ‘over-sensitive' of me but I don't know how else to be without turning into a hard woman. And I'm already tougher than I want to be."

She then goes on to thank her daytime fans, whom she can always count on, before adding, "I don't wanna lie to you about anything but I also don't want to jump the shark and ruin a cool storyline. So it's best I don't say anything until you see it for yourselves and make up your own mind about what it means. It's a mystery, and nothing's worse than someone telling you what happens before you read the book."

To read McClain's message in its entirety, check out her Facebook page.

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