Rite Aid security blamed in horrific attack on Y&R actor

Posted Thursday, October 15, 2015 10:18:57 AM
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Rite Aid security blamed in horrific attack on Y&R actor

Rite Aid's security may be forced to take responsibility for last year's horrifying attack on The Young and the Restless actor Corey Sligh -- a beating that almost cost the actor his life.

A new turn of events has taken place in the horrific story involving The Young and the Restless' Corey Sligh. As fans may recall, the model/actor was allegedly hit by a car and attacked by two men last Thanksgiving, a terrifying incident that nearly cost him his life. And now it turns out Rite Aid security may be forced to take the blame.

Sligh, who appeared on a recurring basis as a Genoa City waiter/bartender, hurled a lawsuit against Rite Aid that claims the drug store was negligent in its security staffing of the West Hollywood location in which the incident took place. This week, a judge tentatively denied Rite Aid's motion to dismiss.

According to MyNewsLA, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Daniel Murphy said "Corey Sligh's allegation of negligent hiring, retention and supervision against the drug store chain is not undermined by his lawyers' concession that security guard Armand Gascon was hired by Spear Management Co. and not Rite Aid. He said both Spear and Rite Aid may have breached their duty to protect customers like Sligh because only one security guard was present."

Sligh's lawyers reportedly have maintained that Gascon was unfit to be a security guard and merely watched as the attack took place.

The 27-year-old actor and his girlfriend, Alisa Berhorst, were headed to a Los Angeles Rite Aid store on November 27 of last year to take a friend a Thanksgiving meal when they saw two men in a car doing "donuts" and speeding. Sligh asked the men to slow down, which resulted in the driver then hitting Sligh with his car and two men getting out of the vehicle to attack Sligh, who suffered multiple injuries including a broken arm that required surgery.

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