INTERVIEW: Y&R's Melissa Claire Egan on the "intense" Chadam connection, love scenes, and those missing rings

Posted Friday, June 10, 2016 2:18:03 PM
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INTERVIEW: Y&R's Melissa Claire Egan talks Chadam, love scenes, and those missing rings

The Young and the Restless' Adam (Justin Hartley) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) may have recently renewed their vows, but the actress reveals there's a chance the couple might not survive the summer.

The intense relationship between The Young and the Restless' Adam (Justin Hartley) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) -- otherwise known as Chadam -- is one of the hottest connections in the soap opera world. But with the CBS Daytime soap possibly heading for some major changes in the months ahead, there's a possibility that the popular couple will crack faster than sun-beaten desert terrain. Soap Central spoke with Egan about the challenging time ahead, and she reveals that Chadam is definitely on shaky ground. "Hopefully, they can stand the test of time," she says. "Chelsea will fight to the end and do whatever it takes." We can only guess that things are going to heat up for Chelsea in the coming months. She and Adam renewed their vows, and I'm pretty sure any time a soap couple does that, it means they're headed for disaster!

Melissa Claire Egan: I know, right? It's kind of like in real life, I feel like all those celebrity couples that renew their vows every year go kaput after awhile. I'm hoping that Adam and Chelsea are not the Heidi [Klum] and Seal of the scenario [laughs], but I'm glad they renewed their vows. It was really special, and the fans wanted it. We were hearing a lot of chatter from the fans, saying, "Where are their wedding rings?!" And the producers started saying it too, so Justin and I said, "Why don't you guys write something and make it a whole episode so the characters can have this moment? We think the fans would really like it." And they did! Chadam was trending that day, so it was pretty cool. I'm glad we did it. The best part of it all is to know that someone is listening to the fans.

Egan: Exactly. We listen and we care. We care about the fans on our show and what they think! But, yes, like you said, the downside is they're definitely facing some adversity right now with a possible trial for Adam coming up. Yes, adversity with -- take your pick: X, Y, or Z!

Egan: It's so true. There are a lot of different things, but mostly this upcoming potential trial is definitely causing some drama. And the never-ending connection that Adam has with Victor [Eric Braeden]. It always gets on Chelsea's nerves and is something that hangs over their relationship like a shadow.

Egan: Well said. It really is like a shadow they can never get out from under, and I think that's why she definitely wanted to get out of town last year, with the whole "move to France" idea, but then they missed their opportunity. They're always kind of feeling Victor's pull. He's always an anchor sucking them back down into the water. Another bit of adversity the couple is facing is the fact that Adam is the father of Sage's baby, Christian. Not all of the details about that have come to light, so do you foresee that causing additional problems for Adam and Chelsea?

Egan: There is so much other stuff going on right now for them, that it's almost like a side story -- which is crazy, that something that intense would be a side story! Right now, Chelsea is focused on keeping her husband out of prison and keeping her family together when she knows these charges are ludicrous. She knows someone is out for her husband and trying to take him down and will stop at nothing to do it, and then hopefully if they can get through this, she'll deal with whatever is going on with the whole baby situation. I imagine it's kind of a secondary thing because she doesn't know the full story at the moment. But just wait!

Egan: Yeah, she knows that Adam is Christian's father, but she doesn't know the baby is alive. That's a potentially dangerous thing [for them to face] when it does come out, but it's nothing compared to what they're dealing with right now. One of Chelsea's strengths, in my opinion, is that she stays so true to the love that she feels for Adam and stands by him, no matter what. In your opinion, what is it that makes her stay by his side and stick around?

Egan: Chelsea and Adam have been through so much together, and she's lost him so many times, that losing him again just isn't an option for her. She'll fight to the end and do whatever it takes. They've lost each other so many times, and yet always found their way back to one another, and they're not willing to lose each other again... I think Adam and Chelsea are just one of those couples that have true love and real passion and real fire, both good and bad. They're just one of those TV couples that has that kind of intensity and strength. People like to see them fight, and they like to see them love. It's one of those couplings that just works, and the fans like it. Hopefully they can stand the test of time. Your fans are as equally intense and passionate as the connection the characters share. They love their Chadam!

Egan: They do! They do love their Chadam, and it's nice. It almost reminds me of when I was on All My Children, and Alicia [Minshew] and Thorsten [Kaye; Ridge Forrester, The Bold and the Beautiful] had the whole Zach/Kendall relationship. It was a great, intense connection, and the fans just couldn't get enough of them. They were together for so many years on the show while I was there, so I think of them sometimes [when I think of Chadam]. It's just one of those things that happens. Certain couples are just fan favorites, and it's a neat thing. It's cool that the fans take the coupling so seriously and feel very protective of these couples and these people. It's very sweet and very supportive. While we're on the topic of All My Children, did you see that Susan Lucci did a nude scene for Devious Maids? The woman is almost 70 years old!

Egan: Did she?! Oh, my God, if anyone can do it, she can. She looks incredible. That's amazing. Erica Kane would be so proud! That Pilates chair of hers does a body good!

READ MORE: AMC's Susan Lucci dishes on her Devious Maids nude scene Susan said she still gets nervous before scenes that require her to take her clothes off. Do you still get nervous for love scenes, too?

Egan: Believe it or not, I don't really get nervous. This month marks my ten-year anniversary of starting at All My Children, and I've done more love scenes than I can even count, so they're not really nerve-wracking for me anymore. My initial concern is more like, "Oh, man, I really wanted to have a cheeseburger tonight, but I have to be in my underwear tomorrow." Laughs And I've been lucky enough to have great partners. Justin is the best; he's such a gentleman, and I'm super comfortable with him. You really get used to it, and it's not the hardest part of the job, for sure. What is the hardest part of the job?

Egan: That's a good question. I guess I'd have to say the amount of material. But I also enjoy it. I love that we only get one take, because it's a constant challenge, and it keeps you on your toes. But only having one take can be hard, because you sometimes wish you could do it again. There's just so much material every day that I can never breathe easy and relax until my last page of dialogue is done. So that's more of a stress than a love scene or anything like that. A love scene is a piece of cake! The 45-page monologue? Not so much! [Laughs] But I've come to love the pace of our medium. Speaking of nerve-wracking career moments, I know you went to the Dodgers game, and I'm wondering what you thought of The Bold and the Beautiful's Karla Mosley (Maya Avant) performing the National Anthem?

Egan: Karla is amazing, and as usual, she killed it! I was not surprised. We grew up together, so [CBS Daytime Executive Vice President] Angelica McDaniel was kind enough to include me with a bunch of others from The Bold and the Beautiful cast, because Karla and I have known each other since the sixth grade. I've actually heard her sing that before at high school football games, so it was cool to see her sing it in front of all these people at Dodger Stadium. I was so proud! She's such a talent. Would you have the courage to do something like that?

Egan: My husband and I were just joking about that last night. I grew up doing musical theater, so I sing, but I'm not a singer, and I think there's a difference. I feel for a song such as the National Anthem, you need a singer. So maybe one day. I love doing musicals: Give me a show tune and I'll sing it. But the National Anthem in front of thousands and thousands of people? I would be so ashamed if I screwed it up, because it's such an important song! But never say never. I'll practice in the shower and let you know!

We found an old video of Melissa and Karla Mosley performing together in high school! Check out the fun below

Hmm. Turns out I've always played the mean, slutty ones...

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