Wait, what? Did Michael Muhney just hint he's returning to Y&R?

Posted Monday, November 07, 2016 6:50:16 AM
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Wait, what? Did Michael Muhney just hint he's returning to Y&R?

A recent tweet by Michael Muhney has fans completely convinced he's returning as The Young and the Restless' Adam Newman.

If having Michael Muhney reprise his role as The Young and the Restless' Adam Newman is on your holiday wish list, you might be thismuchcloser to having your dream fulfilled -- at least according to some passionate fans.

In the wake of Justin Hartley exiting the role of Victor Newman's son due to the success of his primetime hit This Is Us, rumors have been spreading like wildfire that Muhney will step back into the Genoa City role he played from 2009 to 2014. While much of the buzz has been wishful thinking and nothing more, a recent tweet Muhney shared is further fanning the fiery flames.

The tweet that has everyone talking reads, "If you believe in something wonderful, cheer for it long enough, put out good vibes, if you have patience... it can really happen. #Heaven"

Fans of the actor immediately felt a connection to his words, considering many have been championing his return to the CBS soap since he left nearly two years ago. They've cheered for it, put out good vibes, and have had patience -- exactly like Muhney writes. But is his tweet really about a Y&R return?

Level-headed fans are concluding that the actor is referencing the recent Chicago Cubs World Series win, considering Muhney is a huge fan of the team. And some are pointing out that it's highly unlikely CBS would rehire the actor, considering his abrupt exit came in the midst of unproven sexual harassment rumors. However, others are hopeful that Muhney's tweet is Y&R related and he'll be reprising his role.

Y&R has yet to comment on the rumor of Muhney's return, but Adam's on-screen romantic partner, Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea Newman), said in September that she doesn't think a recast is on the immediate horizon. "I really don't think they'll [do another story in which Adam returns with a new face] and I'm not just saying that," she said. "I truly don't think there's going to be another Adam... but who knows? As of now, I don't think there is a plan to [recast him]."

Would you be open to Michael Muhney reprising his role as Adam Newman? If not, why do you feel that way? Is there someone else you'd rather see in the role, or would you prefer Adam not be on the canvas at all? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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