Five shocking revelations from Eric Braeden's new memoir, I'll Be Damned

Posted Monday, January 30, 2017 8:51:57 AM
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Five shocking revelations from Eric Braeden's new memoir, I'll Be Damned

From having a father in the Nazi party to cutting up dead bodies, here are five super shocking stories The Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) reveals in his new memoir, I'll Be Damned.

The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) releases his new memoir, I'll Be Damned, on Tuesday, February 7. But eager fans are getting an early taste of the book's startling content thanks to People.

The celebrity outlet has released a few scandalous tidbits from the highly anticipated book, all of which are causing quite a buzz. From Braeden's extremely close connection to the Nazi party to cutting up cadavers, here are five shocking things revealed in I'll Be Damned.

1. Braden's father was a member of the Nazi party
But the actor says, "He was not a part of the atrocities." In fact, his younger brother was approached by the Hitler Youth (the youth organization of the Nazi Party), but their father forbade the youngster from joining. "So I have come to peace with all that," Braden reveals.

2. The actor used to cut up dead bodies
Braeden's first job was working for a researcher who studied arthritis. His task: cutting up the knee joints of cadavers "in a room full of dead people."

3. A former Y&R star is his real-life enemy
He can't reveal who, but a fired actor angered Braeden so much, the two nearly got into a fistfight. "He was a very good actor," Braeden says. "But he's lucky he's walking in one piece."

4. His early days on Y&R sunk him into a depression
Braeden almost quit after just three months with Y&R because the "lack of depth in the Victor Newman character" made him severely depressed.

5. Marlon Brando advised him to quit acting
Braeden says that during a casual football toss, iconic actor Marlon Brando told him to rethink his career goals because he was "too bright" to be an actor.

6. Eric was born Olga Frauhausen
No, not really. We just wanted to make sure that you were paying attention. Braeden does, however, open his memoir with a truly "explosive" reveal.

For more scandalous details from Braeden's life, check out People's original article here. And for more shocking details from I'll Be Damned, be sure to buy the memoir when it's released in bookstores nationwide on Tuesday, February 7. You can also preorder the book on

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