Soap alum Jensen Buchanan back to jail after allegedly violating her probation

Posted Monday, January 22, 2018 1:36:55 PM
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Jensen Buchanan in court along side a photo of the car accident she was involved in

Former daytime star Jensen Buchanan (ex-Elise Mosley, The Young and the Restless; ex-Melissa Bedford, General Hospital) is facing more legal woes after being caught allegedly breaking her no alcohol probation terms.

Soap opera alum Jensen Buchanan is in hot water once again. Not long after being sentenced to serve one year in county jail for driving while intoxicated and causing a head-on car accident that left the driver of the other vehicle in critical condition, the former daytime star (ex-Elise Mosley, The Young and the Restless; ex-Melissa Bedford, General Hospital; ex-Vicky Hudson, Another World; ex-Sarah Gordon, One Life to Live) was arrested for allegedly drinking while under felony probation.

At the time of her arrest earlier this month, Buchanan was reportedly out of custody on alternative sentencing and fitted with an electronic alcohol monitor (a practice sometimes used to relieve overcrowded jails). Probation officers allege that the soap star's alcohol monitoring device registered alcohol use between December 29 and January 11, leading to her arrest on January 12.

Buchanan appeared in court on January 18 for violating her parole and was reportedly denied a defense request to set bail so she could be released from Santa Barbara County Jail. She's scheduled back in court this week and could face up to six years in prison for violating her probation -- a sentence the judge warned could be imposed if she didn't strictly adhere to the probation terms set out for her during her trial in October.

As previously reported, Buchanan had a blood alcohol level of 0.34 -- more than four times the legal limit -- when she drove on the wrong side of Southern California's Highway 154 and smashed her Mercedes S550 directly into the path of a white Ford C-Max, causing major injuries to its driver, 56-year-old Bradley Asolas of Camarillo, in May of 2016.

During the emotional hearing that followed, Buchanan -- who pled guilty -- pledged to remain sober for the rest of her life and attend A.A. meetings. The judge decided to sentence her to 365 days in county jail rather than the six years the prosecuting team pushed for, though he warned at the time, "Should Ms. Buchanan violate the terms and conditions of her probation, every day of that six-year prison sentence is right there, and I would not hesitate to impose it."

For more about Buchanan's latest legal troubles, read the full story here.

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