Beth Maitland returns to Y&R

Posted Monday, February 25, 2019 7:29:19 AM

The Young and the Restless viewers are ecstatic to hear that Beth Maitland is making another return as fan favorite character Traci Abbott.

It might not be an official Fan February move, but The Young and the Restless is making fans' dreams come true, anyway: the CBS soap opera is once again bringing Beth Maitland back in the role of Traci Abbott.

Y&R fans were ecstatic to see via Twitter that the South Dakota native was asked to shoot some scenes this month that are likely to air later this spring.

"Packing a bag and donning my Doc's and heading to Genoa City for an early call tomorrow!!!" Maitland shared on Thursday, February 21. "Let's do this!!"

Maitland's return to the screen follows some outstanding material given to the actress in 2018. As fans may recall, Traci was integral to the Abbott family drama that included Ashley (Eileen Davidson) admitting that she had faked Jack's (Peter Bergman) paternity test results. In fact, the character took the reins of the Abbott family business for a short time, an opportunity Maitland was thrilled to play out.

"[It was] fantastic! And too short!" the actress said at the time of her character's day in the sun. "I don't think Traci aspired to run the company, but she's got the grit to do it. She is a businesswoman, traveling the world, selling her books so, yes, she is a businesswoman in her own way... She has a way of even facing off with Victor Newman [Eric Braeden]! She has something that people can't crack when faced with morality, ethics, and what's right. It's really, really hard to cut somebody off at the knees when they're looking you in the eye and they've got your daughter's heart."

Maitland makes her return on Monday, March 18. In the meantime, fans can follow the actress' progress in the Daytime Emmy Awards. She earned a pre-nomination in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category this year, and we'll all find out whether she advances to the next round when the final nominations are announced on Wednesday, March 20.

How do you feel about Beth Maitland's upcoming return as Traci Abbott? What do you think brings the character back to Genoa City this spring? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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