Loren Lott exits The Young and the Restless

Posted Friday, July 26, 2019 4:02:12 PM

American Idol star Loren Lott, who joined the The Young and the Restless as Ana Hamilton in November, has wrapped her time at the CBS soap opera.

Ana Hamilton's return to The Young and the Restless was a godsend for Devon (Bryton James) in the wake of Hilary's death, but it looks like the big brother will have to lean on his new girlfriend, Elena (Brytni Sarpy), from here on out: Ana's portrayer, Loren Lott, has wrapped her time at the CBS daytime series.

The former American Idol contestant, who joined Y&R in November 2018, took to YouTube to document her final day on set.

"What an amazing journey! I'm so grateful to God for this step in my career," she enthuses. "I have learned so much and I have had so much fun. I've received thousands of hugs and kisses and had several 'dream come true' moments."

The actress admits that while she immensely enjoyed her time on Y&R, she "was a little bummed at first when I was told that creatively [the powers that be] didn't know what to do with my storyline and they wanted to spend their budget increasing other people's storylines" but she has learned to appreciate their honesty.

"Everyone has told me how much they love me and showered me with so much encouragement. Y&R is still my family forever and I have no bitterness towards them at all!" she reveals. "Plus, I've learned that certain no's are an even bigger yes somewhere else. I'm grateful for every storyline I participated in and every song I got to sing. How cool that I got to sing and act on TV. All I wanted when I left Broadway was for my grandparents to be able to turn on the TV and see me without having to travel to support me as they are getting older. I got exactly that. Thanks God. I'm so excited for what's next."

Bryton James (Devon Hamilton) retweeted Lott's farewell post with a statement that he "couldn't be more proud to be your on and off screen bro."

Check out Lott's video (which features a beautiful song from Lott's former Y&R costar Cait Fairbanks) below and don't forget to tell us what you think about her exit from Y&R in the Comments section underneath.

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