Ptosha Storey discusses Naya's huge request of Amanda on The Young and the Restless

Posted Thursday, March 25, 2021 1:46:20 PM
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The Young and the Restless' Amanda (Mishael Morgan) has a BIG choice to make now that her birth mother, Naya (Ptosha Storey) -- a.k.a. the woman who gave her up -- needs her help.

Fans of The Young and the Restless were super shocked when Naya (Ptosha Storey) showed up on Amanda's (Mishael Morgan) doorstep this week with a huge request: she wants her legal eagle daughter, whom she gave up at birth and actively forgot about all these years, to help her father out of a jam.

The big question is what could be behind Naya's request for Amanda to represent the man who insisted that Naya give up Amanda and her twin sister, Hilary? Is she just being unnecessarily mean? Or could Naya be hoping to finally bring the family together?

In a new interview with TV Insider, Storey reveals that her alter ego's motives are twofold: she knows Amanda is a stellar attorney, and she hopes to forge a connection with the daughter she gave up so many years ago.

"Amanda's a Harvard graduate. Naya has seen that Amanda's reputation precedes her," the actress explains. "This is an opportunity for Amanda to help her family. Naya sees that Amanda's a great attorney who happens to be her daughter."

However, Storey is totally aware that what Naya is asking of her daughter is a near impossible request.

"What a full circle moment! Having to fight for someone who didn't want you? What kind of human being can overcome that and commit to it? It's a big ask," she shares. "It's a beautiful thing for Amanda to have to explore. She's been looking for her family and she has an opportunity to impact it in a big way. Her attitude to her grandfather could be, 'You forced my mother to give me up? Why should I fight for you?' He might not even want her help. We all have to live with our choices."

For more from Storey about Naya and Amanda's emotional storyline, check out her full TV Insider interview here.

Do you think Amanda should help her birth mother and grandfather? What would you do in that tough situation? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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