Courtney Hope dishes on Sally and Adam's hot Valentine's Day romp on The Young and the Restless

Posted Friday, February 11, 2022 9:16:34 AM

The Young and the Restless' Sally and Adam are finally going to make love this Valentine's Day, and actress Courtney Hope says the couple's dynamic "will definitely change!"

The growing attraction between The Young and the Restless' Sally (Courtney Hope) and Adam (Mark Grossman) is hot, hot, hot -- and it's going to reach a burning point next week when the pair rips their clothes off and finally gets it on.

Hope opens up about the pair's Valentine's Day shenanigans in the new issue of Soap Opera Digest, revealing that once Adam put Sally into the position of COO at Newman Media, he wanted to see her in, ahem, other positions, as well.

"It seems that ever since Sally said, 'I've put myself out there enough, so, now I'm just going to focus on my work,' there's been this shift in Adam," the actress notes. "Now that she's being totally professional, he wants her."

Of course, being that Adam and Sally are both so into business, what would normally happen in the bedroom actually happens in the boardroom: a misunderstanding involving a bottle of Champagne on Monday, February 14, leads to sparks between the pair, who finally shed their hesitancy (and their clothes) and do the deed -- right on Adam's desk!

The impromptu Valentine's Day romp will certainly change the dynamic between the executives, who have thus far kept a pretty tight lid on their growing feelings for one another.

"The tension has been building up between them for a really long time, but they kept acting like it didn't exist," Hope says, adding that things will definitely be different from here on out. "There's a level of trust that happens between two people after they've been intimate like that. Adam isn't one to share his emotions, so, it'll be interesting to see what transpires for them and what their new dynamic will be at work. Things will definitely change!"

How do you feel about Adam and Sally finally sealing the deal, so to speak? Do you like the two as a couple? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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