The Young and the Restless' Tyler Johnson stars in soapy rom-com My Favorite Girlfriend

Posted Tuesday, July 26, 2022 2:14:29 PM
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Watch Tyler Johnson (ex-Theo Vanderway, The Young and the Restless) fall in love with a girl who has multiple personalities in My Favorite Girlfriend, available in select theaters this August. The film also features daytime alum Michael Nouri (ex-Elliot Hampton, Y&R; ex-Caleb Cortlandt, All My Children).

Ah, the agony of falling in love with someone who has multiple personalities. Many soap opera characters have suffered the unusual fate, and now viewers can watch The Young and the Restless' Tyler Johnson (ex-Theo Vanderway) do it, too. Except in his case, it can't really be described as agony!

Johnson stars in a new rom-com called My Favorite Girlfriend in which his fictional alter ego, Conrad, meets a girl -- or rather girls -- that's just right. Molly (Bonnie Piesse) has multiple personalities, and Conrad finds himself having quite a fun time getting to know all the different sides of his new gal.

"It's complicated for new couple Conrad and Molly," says an official synopsis of the film. "He's a handsome, aspiring chef who leads a perfectly structured life. She's a cute, bubbly social media influencer prone to spontaneity. The attraction is immediate for the mismatched duo and everything is going great until Southern charmer 'Vanessa' shows up. Followed by bad-ass rocker 'Silk,' and more. The woman of Conrad's dreams is actually several of them. Molly has multiple personalities which can switch in a heartbeat. Is he cheating on Molly if he has sex with 'Silk?' And can he choose a favorite when he loves them all?"

In addition to Johnson and Piesse, My Favorite Girlfriend also stars Ray Abruzzo, Michael DiBacco, Misty Rosas, Alec Mapa, and Keston John, as well as daytime alum Michael Nouri (ex-Caleb Cortlandt, All My Children; ex-Elliot Hampton, Y&R).

"So grateful. The talent that is attached to this project is humbling," Johnson shared on Instagram. "@amanda_raymond I will be forever grateful for the opportunity. @bonniempiesse not only does your talent know no bounds, but you & Mark are some of the best people I know. Still processing -- but the feeling is just pure gratitude. Thank you @saban_films and everyone else involved. You made a dream of mine come true."

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My Favorite Girlfriend, which was written and directed by Amanda Raymond, will be available in select theaters on Friday, August 5, and on-demand and digital beginning Tuesday, August 9. Check out the teaser trailer below and let us know your thoughts in our Comments section at the end of the article.

Johnson joined the cast of Y&R in June 2019 as Kyle Abbott's troublemaking friend and social media influencer from New York City. The actor left the canvas in December 2020 in a story that had Theo move to Paris to run a fashion business that he inherited from his grandmother, the late Dina Mergeron (Marla Adams). Johnson made a brief return to Y&R in 2021, and he was most recently seen in the series Sons of Thunder.

What do you think about the casting, premise, and teaser trailer for My Favorite Girlfriend? Do you miss seeing Tyler Johnson in the role of Y&R's Theo? We want to hear from you -- so drop your comments in the Comments section below, tweet about it on Twitter, share it on Facebook, or chat about it on our Message Boards.

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