Alison Lanier reveals the secret behind Summer and Chance's steamy shower scene on The Young and the Restless

Posted Tuesday, March 12, 2024 4:01:47 PM
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Summer and Chance have finally found romance on The Young and the Restless, taking it to the bedroom -- and the bathroom, or maybe even a different room...

The Young and the Restless' Summer Newman finally got her wish after pining after Chance Chancellor for months. He is free of his relationship with Sharon and wants her. He really, really wants her.

Summer had been pining after Chance, never thinking he'd look at her as anything more than a friend. After all, he was devoted to Sharon, and Summer was getting over her split from Kyle. He was a great friend who helped her find some happiness again, but Summer had resigned herself to never having Chance all for herself.

It didn't take long for things to change after Sharon dumped her younger boyfriend. After a few romantic dinner dates, Summer and Chance finally hit the sheets last week. This week, we were treated to the morning after as they hit the shower for a steamy love scene that left Summer blushing when she ran into her mother at Society not long after.

If things looked a little too close for comfort in that shower scene, there's a reason, and Alison Lanier revealed a little secret on X (formerly known as Twitter) after it aired.

"Fun fact: we used a shower in one of the dressing rooms for today's Summer/Chance scene," she wrote, surprising some fans with the news.

No word on whose dressing room doubled as Summer and Chance's place to start their new day off on the right foot.

What's next for Summer and Chance as they explore this new side of their relationship? Will they have a honeymoon phase for a while, turning them into a boring pair? Or will Summer's lingering feelings for Kyle get in their way? After all, he is no longer with Audra, and fans know from experience that Summer and Kyle can rarely stay away from each other for too long.

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