The Young and the Restless sneak peek spoilers: Jordan toys with Nikki, Ashley terrifies Traci

Posted Monday, April 01, 2024 7:07:43 AM
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This week on The Young and the Restless, Jordan taunts Nikki in a new-old way as Ashley's alters seem to be truly taking over.

Nikki does her best to forget that Aunt Jordan has escaped once again and is probably out there, waiting to pounce at any given moment. So, she puts on her bourgeois best and heads over to Society for a meal and some sparkling water, perhaps? Imagine her surprise when the waiter hands her a clear drink and tells her the man at the bar ordered it for her. However, nobody is there when the server turns around. When Nikki learns the drink is vodka, she immediately tells him to take it away. Does Jordan have another ultimate plan in mind?

Poor Ashley is more of a mess than ever, as she continues to lose chunks of time. When Traci finds her in a sorry and disheveled state, Ashley is forced to admit she has no idea where she has been or what she has been doing. Will this alarm both Traci and Ashley enough to force Ashley to finally seek some psychiatric help? Even Tucker has been begging her to see a therapist. How many Ashleys will a mental health professional meet?

Now that Claire has received all the help she seems to have needed, Cole and Victoria want to help her integrate into Genoa City society and get to know her life and family better. To that end, they have a very special day planned for their newfound adult daughter. But should they be careful? Is Claire as perfect as she seems?

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