Gaines remains a threat as Victoria and Ashland wed

The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, October 15, 2021
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Friday, October 15, 2021

In Nick's room at the Newman palazzo, Nick demanded to know who Gaines was. Gaines claimed that he was a friend of Ashland's, but Nick questioned why Gaines was in Nick's room rather than at the wedding. Gaines replied that he had arrived late and hadn't wanted to interrupt the ceremony. Nick ordered Gaines to start talking fast, or they'd have a problem. Gaines barked that he didn't have to tell Nick a thing. Nick growled that Gaines wasn't going anywhere, and he shut the door.

Nick identified himself, and Gaines recalled that everything he'd read about Nick indicated that he was a righteous, no-nonsense guy. Gaines noted that Nick had been up there when the wedding had started, and he suspected that Nick also didn't approve of what was going on downstairs. Gaines questioned what Nick actually knew about the man his sister was about to marry, and Nick snapped that he wasn't the one who needed to answer some questions. Gaines introduced himself by name and clarified that he was an old acquaintance of Ashland's, not a friend. Gaines added that it was quite the opposite, since he knew Ashland's deepest, darkest secret.

Nick asserted that he knew all of Ashland's secrets, but Gaines promised that not many people knew about the one he was talking about. Gaines explained that his father had worked for Camilla Rhodes, and Nick recalled that she'd given Ashland his start in business. Gaines revealed that when Camilla had passed away, she hadn't left Ashland a dime, but Gaines's father and Ashland had forged a letter that had left her entire estate to Ashland. Nick was skeptical, but Gaines suggested that Nick ask his father. Nick was floored that Victor had known about it.

Gaines recounted that Victor had pressured him to stay silent, but Billy had flown Gaines there to expose Ashland before the ceremony. Gaines continued that he hadn't approached Victoria yet because he didn't trust Billy, and he'd decided to take matters into his own hands by hiding out and waiting for the most opportune moment to make a move. Gaines chided Nick for interrupting him, and he warned that nothing would stop the wedding unless Nick cooperated with him to keep Victoria from marrying a ruthless, dangerous man.

Gaines looked out the window at the ceremony on the terrace below. He cautioned that time was running out, since the minister was about to pronounce Nick's sister legally wed to "that slimeball." Nick paced for a moment before grabbing a key out of a drawer. Nick ordered Gaines to stay put, and he bolted for the door, locking it behind him. "Take me with you!" Gaines bellowed.

On the terrace, Victor prepared to walk Victoria down the aisle as Leslie played the piano. Adam asked Sally how she'd persuaded Victoria to wear Sally's dress, and Sally replied that she'd just told Victoria the truth. Adam clasped Sally's hand. Tessa began to sing as Victor led Victoria down the aisle, and Ashland gazed lovingly at Victoria as she headed toward him. Victor kissed Victoria's cheek and wished her all the happiness in the world. Billy looked crestfallen as Victoria beamed at Ashland. An Italian minister began the ceremony.

The minister declared that marriage was the ultimate union between two hearts and souls. He continued that the kind of love that lasted forever could be elusive, so it should be cherished, respected, and held onto when it was found. He cautioned that it wasn't a fairy tale, since there would be obstacles along the way, but if a couple made the decision to devote themselves to one another, they would grow stronger individually and as a couple, and the marriage would stand the test of time. He shared that Ashland and Victoria had chosen to write their own vows, and he prompted Ashland to begin.

Ashland credited the beautiful, brilliant woman standing before him with turning him into a different man than he'd once been. He referred to the unexpected and significant obstacles he'd faced over the past year, and he praised Victoria for helping him put them into perspective, giving him renewed strength, and inspiring him to cope. He proclaimed that she'd helped him fight and strive to be a better man, and she'd seen him at his best and his utter worst. He applauded her for standing by him, despite knowing all his flaws, and accepting him for who he was.

Ashland considered it a gift that Victoria had stood by him through difficult times. He wasn't sure he could ever repay her, but he pledged to "damn well try" with everything he had. He vowed to give her all the love and support that he had in his being, and he promised absolute honesty going forward. Lily observed the solemn look on Billy's face.

Ashland shared that he'd had decades of old walls that Victoria had helped knock down because he'd known his heart had been safe in her hands, and he'd known he'd found his partner and soul mate in her. He added that she'd opened him up to a whole new way of living and shown him the power of true forgiveness. Phyllis whispered to Jack that it was interesting that Victoria would forgive Ashland but not Nick. Ashland lauded Victoria for providing strength to his weaknesses, forgiveness to his past, and love to his heart, and in return, he intended to give her the world and all the joy they could squeeze out of it in the time they had left.

Victoria was sure everyone could see why Ashland was such a huge success, and she considered him a tough act to follow. She believed she'd become a stronger person because of him, and he'd helped her see that she had a capacity for love that she'd never expected. She gushed that the connection they had was unlike anything she'd ever known, and he'd helped her to grow as a person in many different ways and on many different levels.

Victoria referenced the merger of her and Ashland's companies, and she looked forward to merging their lives and their families. She declared that she couldn't feel more complete than she did right then, and she felt that the mistakes she'd made in her past had led her there to Ashland. Billy squirmed. Victoria said she'd learned a lot about herself and about life, and while nobody was perfect, it didn't mean they were incapable of change or unworthy of love. She proclaimed that love transcended all.

Victoria recognized that Ashland wanted to give her credit for inspiring him to fight his illness, but she was the one who was honored and grateful to be fighting alongside him, in sickness and in health. She thought those words couldn't have a greater meaning to anyone than they did to them. She regretted that she couldn't promise him forever, but she pledged that they would spend every precious second they had together.

The minister asked Ashland if he took Victoria to be his legally wedded wife. Ashland said "I do" as Nick appeared in the entryway. As the minister turned to Victoria, Adam spotted Nick and told Sally he'd be right back. Adam joined Nick and asked what was going on, and Nick inquired whether Adam knew a guy named Jesse Gaines. Adam confirmed that he'd been looking everywhere for Gaines, and Nick divulged that he'd found the guy. Ashland turned to Harrison to retrieve the rings.

Adam guessed that Gaines was there to sabotage the wedding. Nick thought it sounded like Gaines had good reason, and he wanted to help Gaines do it if Gaines's allegations were true. Billy noticed Adam and Nick conferring and muttered that it couldn't be good. The minister prompted the exchanging of rings. Adam urged Nick to think it through before he did something drastic, but Nick worried that his sister was about to marry a lying thief who'd stolen a dead woman's entire fortune.

Victoria slipped a wedding band on Ashland's finger as Adam counseled Nick not to torpedo her wedding, since she'd never get past it. Adam pointed out that Victoria was truly happy, and he questioned whether Nick really wanted to be the guy who wiped that look off her face and ruined what should be the best day of her life. Nick and Adam looked on as the minister pronounced Ashland and Victoria husband and wife.

Adam assured Nick that he'd done the right thing. Nick found it strange to be getting advice from Adam, and Adam agreed that it was odd for him to offer moral guidance about anything. Nick contemplated what to do, since he couldn't join the party while he had Gaines locked upstairs. Nick fretted that Gaines was a powder keg who might do anything. Adam offered to call security while Nick checked on Gaines.

The wedding guests mingled. Leslie remarked that it had been what she called a wedding, with a beautiful couple and moving vows. Victoria expressed relief that everything had gone smoothly, and Ashland said he appreciated Victor's support. Victor stressed that he'd do anything for his daughter's happiness, and that had meant her marrying Ashland.

Victor crossed the room and ordered Billy to behave himself. Billy joined Victoria and Ashland and congratulated them. Billy told them that, contrary to many people's assumptions, all he'd ever wanted was for her to be happy. Victoria responded that he'd gotten his wish, since she was happier than she'd ever been. Billy excused himself to get a drink, and Ashland invited him to enjoy the open bar.

Sally complimented the minister on a job nicely done, and she inquired whether he'd performed a lot of weddings. He confirmed that he'd presided over his fair share, and she asked how many of the couples he'd wed had actually stayed together. He seemed taken aback, and she quickly made up an excuse to step away.

Lily fawned over Victoria's dress as Sally eavesdropped nearby. Elena admired the craftmanship of the gown, and Lily was determined to find out who the designer was. Elena wondered if Lily might need a wedding dress soon. Lily denied it, but she stated that she'd offer any amount of money for someone to make her a dress that gorgeous.

Phyllis passed along Nick's best wishes to Victoria, noting that he hadn't felt welcome at the wedding. Victoria huffed that Phyllis had still felt welcome to show up and offer her opinion. Victoria walked away and joined Nikki. Victoria said she appreciated her mother's efforts to keep her calm earlier. Ashland thanked Nate for doing a stellar job as his best man.

Nikki pressed Victoria to share the mystery of the missing wedding dress. Nikki was appalled that Sally had had the audacity to steal Victoria's dress and substitute it with her own design at the last minute. Victoria recognized that it had taken nerve, but she'd ended up wearing Sally's dress because she preferred it to the other one. Nikki thought that Victoria had made the right choice because she looked stunning.

Summer overheard and agreed that the dress was amazing, and she asked which of Lauren's designers had been behind it. Summer was stunned when Victoria informed her that Sally had designed it. Victor requested a moment alone with Victoria, and Nikki led Summer away. Victor took Victoria's hands in his and said it had been a beautiful ceremony. She thanked him for one of the best days of her life, and they exchanged words of love.

Noah told Tessa that her voice was stronger and more beautiful than ever. He added that he'd heard her latest songs, but hearing her sing in person packed a much bigger punch. Tessa considered it a huge honor to perform with Leslie at the piano. Noah sensed that Tessa was distracted, and he implored her to open up to him. She confided that she missed her girlfriend.

Jack told Phyllis that he'd caught what she'd said to Victoria. Phyllis explained that she'd felt the need to do it for Nick, and Jack recognized that she was disappointed Nick hadn't attended the wedding. Phyllis suspected that it would be a long, bumpy road to reconciliation for the siblings, and she didn't understand why Nick didn't want her to help. Jack pointed out that things might have been blown out of proportion, given the stress of two back-to-back family destination weddings. Phyllis conceded that he had a point.

In private, Lily joined a wistful Billy and recalled the look on his face when Victoria had been saying her vows, and she sympathized that watching the ceremony hadn't been easy for him. He insisted that he was happy for Victoria, and Lily assured him that she was confident in what they had. Lily was also certain that if she hadn't been there, he would have already checked the text message Gaines had sent him. Billy lamented that nothing about the trip had gone how he'd expected or wanted, and he wondered if perhaps it was the universe trying to tell him something. "Don't give a sleazy guy a duffel bag full of cash?" Lily joked.

Billy admitted that he'd been thinking about why he'd been so determined to make sure Victoria knew about Ashland's past, and he'd realized that part of him had wanted to prove that Ashland wasn't a better man than he was. Billy shared that he'd been hoping Victoria would judge Ashland as harshly as she'd judged Billy, but he recognized that she had also forgiven Billy for many things. Billy swore that he loved Lily and what they had, and that moment of self-awareness hadn't been cheap, since there had been a lot of money in that duffel bag. Lily pointed out that Billy had spent just as much gambling, yet he'd learned nothing. Billy grumbled that if he ever saw Gaines again, the last thing he'd do was thank him.

Summer told Kyle she was in awe of the wedding they'd just attended, but he insisted that their nuptials had been just as special. He conceded that the Tuscan venue was fantastic, and he suggested that they renew their vows there. Summer loved the idea, but she thought it was a bit soon because they'd just gotten married. He exclaimed that with a wife like her, he'd do it every single day. They looked over at Sally sitting alone, and Summer remarked that she almost felt sorry for Sally.

Jack wished Ashland the best in his new marriage, and he hoped it was long and happy. Jack thought Ashland would be surprised by how many people in Genoa City were pulling for him. Kyle approached and asked how Ashland was holding up, and Ashland thanked him for taking such good care of Harrison. Ashland hoped they could keep the parental channels open and easy, and Kyle gave his word that they would.

Ashland excused himself to have a word with Victor. The men shook hands, and Ashland thanked Victor for making sure the ceremony went off without a hitch. Victor officially welcomed Ashland to the Newman family. Ashland admitted that he'd been sweating, thinking about how Gaines might show up and disrupt things. Victor reiterated that he'd taken care of things.

Victoria cornered Sally, who assumed that Victoria was still furious with her. Victoria conceded that the dress had been a huge success, and she was glad she'd worn Sally's design. Victoria clarified that she didn't agree with Sally's methods, but in the end, Victoria had worn the gown that was perfect for the incredibly special occasion. Sally acknowledged that she'd stepped over a line, but she'd believed that she'd created the perfect dress for Victoria. Victoria supposed there was just one thing left to say, and she thanked a stunned Sally with a hug.

Nick and Adam met in the hallway outside Nick's room. Adam reported that security was on the way, but he thought they should check on Gaines first. Nick opened the door and found Gaines lounging on the bed. Gaines dryly asked if they were going to let him out in time to catch the bouquet. Meanwhile, Phyllis sent Nick a text message to let him know the ceremony was over and to ask if he would be at the reception.

Nick wondered where security was, and Adam asked why Gaines was still smiling even though his plans had been ruined. Adam revealed that he'd made a judgment call not to call security, since they had to keep the situation as quiet and controlled as possible. Victor suddenly appeared at the door, and Adam nodded at him. Victor glowered at Gaines.

Victor closed the door, and Nick figured he should have known that his father had been pulling all the strings. "Not all of them," Gaines clucked, but Adam ordered him to be quiet. Victor growled that Gaines would talk to anyone who would listen, and Gaines obviously didn't know what was good for him. Victor was thankful that Gaines hadn't disturbed the ceremony, but he still considered Gaines to be a threat to Victoria and her company. Victor refused to allow that to happen.

Downstairs, Billy read Gaines's text message, which invited him to check out an attached video. Moments later, Billy informed Lily that Gaines had just offered them the scoop of the year by sending them a video detailing Ashland's crimes, including a display of the evidence. Billy played the video, in which Gaines presented the letter Camilla had written to Ashland to explain why she hadn't left him a penny of her estate.

Billy revealed that Gaines had threatened to send the video out globally if ChancComm didn't publish it within the hour. Lily realized that it was all anyone needed to take Ashland down, and she contemplated what they should do. Billy's brow furrowed as he gazed over at an obliviously blissful Victoria and Ashland.

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• Victoria asks Victor how he handled Gaines.

• Sally tells Adam that he's the only person she's interested in winning over, and they kiss again.

• Lauren demands an explanation from Chloe.

• Phyllis questions whether things will work out between her and Nick.


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