Devon tells Abby and Chance he is suing for shared custody

The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, January 14, 2022
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Devon tells Abby and Chance he is suing for shared custody | Y&R Daily Recaps (Friday, January 14, 2022)
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Friday, January 14, 2022

by Nel

At home, when Abby heard Dominic crying, she entered the room, and Chance told her he'd fallen asleep on the sofa. He said he'd had a nightmare, woken up shouting, and scared Dominic. Abby calmed Dominic and put him back into his bassinet. Chance said Abby was "so great" with the baby. Abby claimed Chance was, as well, but he just hadn't realized it yet.

Abby told Chance she was worried about what was going on in his head and about the nightmares that woke him screaming "no." She asked if Chance had given any thought to seeing a therapist, someone who specialized in PTSD. Chance didn't think it was necessary. All he needed was her and Dominic. They'd both known it was going to take some time for him to adjust. While Dominic slept, they went upstairs and made love. After the loving, Chance quietly left the mansion.

Sometime later, Mariah and Tessa arrived at the Chancellor home. Mariah told Abby it was the one-year anniversary of Abby asking her to be surrogate to Dominic. Abby was delighted with their gift. Abby commented that Mariah and Tessa seemed extra happy. Mariah said she and Tessa were ready to be parents, and they were going to adopt. Abby was really excited for them. Abby stated that she hadn't seen Mariah that happy in quite some time. Mariah admitted it was the happiest she'd been a long time.

Abby asked if Mariah had spoken to Devon recently. Mariah said she hadn't and asked why. Abby explained that Devon wanted to make changes to their arrangement. He wanted Dominic to spend more time with him at the penthouse. He had grown very attached to Dominic, and he was having a hard time letting go.

Abby told Mariah and Tessa that it was a critical time for them because they were trying to figure out how to be a family. Devon had been disappointed when she'd told him they wouldn't agree to shared custody. Abby said she hadn't heard from him since. She thought perhaps he needed space, just like Mariah had. Mariah suggested she could reach out to Devon. She said he'd been there for her when she'd been struggling.

At home, Devon told Amanda that he wanted a bigger role in Dominic's life and that having legal rights to protect that relationship was the best way to secure it. He loved Dominic and wanted to do right by him. Devon claimed Chance needed time to recover after the traumatic situation he'd gone through. He said Chance wasn't ready to be a parent. Devon said he only wanted to be there to help them. He wished they didn't have to go the legal route.

Amanda told Devon the legal route was the best way to get what he wanted. Devon didn't want to be forced into attacking Abby and Chance's parenting skills. Amanda said Devon had to argue that Chance wasn't capable of giving Dominic the love and support he needed. They needed to approach it with their strongest strategy. Amanda was ready to fight to get Devon the relationship he deserved. She said custody battles were brutal, and before she filed the documents, Devon had to be sure he would do whatever it took to win.

Devon told Amanda he wanted to proceed with as little insult as possible, because he didn't want it to appear like an attack. Amanda said that might be difficult to do. Amanda said that Devon needed to go into the case with his eyes wide open. Devon hoped that once Abby and Chance saw the lengths he was willing to go to, they might settle rather than going through a court battle. Amanda claimed Abby and Chance's feelings could turn to anger, and they might instruct their attorney to go into battle mode.

Devon told Amanda that all he'd ever wanted was for the three of them to be on the same page for Dominic. Even if he won, he would make certain that Abby and Chance understood they were all on the same team. Amanda warned Devon that if he lost, Abby and Chance would control all access to Dominic, and they might not allow Devon to see him. Devon claimed that Abby would never keep him out of Dominic's life. Amanda said she'd pointed out all the risks, and she wouldn't have encouraged Devon to pursue legal action if she believed he would lose.

Amanda told Devon she'd done her research, and there had been specific circumstances, similar to Devon's, where donors had been awarded rights. Regardless of what had been going on with Chance, Devon had been a constant presence in Dominic's life, and he was close to the family. Filing the document with the court would give Devon the opportunity to make sure that never changed.

Devon told Amanda he had to do right by Dominic. He hoped things wouldn't get ugly in court, and he wanted the situation handled as civilly as possible; however, he instructed her to move forward if things didn't work out the way he wanted. Amanda wanted Devon to take a step back and let her handle things with Abby and Chance's lawyer. It would be less personal with just two lawyers talking. Devon disagreed because it was personal, and Abby needed to hear it from him.

At Crimson Lights, Rey and Sharon flirted. Rey didn't look happy when Mariah and Tessa interrupted them. Mariah told Rey he'd been missed at Nick's birthday party. Rey said he'd heard it had been blast. Hiding his annoyance, Rey said he would be at the next big celebration.

Mariah and Tessa told Sharon they were going to Fenmore's and then to Abby and Chance's because they had a little surprise for them. Just when Rey wanted to pick up where he and Sharon had left off their flirting, Chance arrived. Sharon left to fix a beverage for Chance. Rey said he couldn't wait for Chance to return to the force, but Chance informed him that he was going to take an indefinite leave. Rey was disappointed, but he said if that was what Chance needed to do, Rey supported him.

Chance told Rey he'd missed the pregnancy, the birth, and the first few months with Dominic. Abby, Devon, and everyone else had taken care of Dominic. All those people had spent more time with his son than he had. Rey claimed Chance would create his own history with his son, and it wouldn't be long before Dominic realized how lucky he was to have Chance as his dad.

After Chance left, Sharon sat down again with Rey, and she promised she wouldn't let anyone interrupt them. Rey said he wanted to spend some quality time alone with his wife. Rey wanted to wine and dine her at a French bistro. Rey wanted to leave immediately, and Sharon agreed.

At Society, Chelsea told Adam she wanted to talk about them, but Adam interrupted and told Chelsea that there was no future for them. Chelsea claimed they had overcome worse situations previously. She reminded Adam that he'd promised they would rebuild what they'd had. She claimed it was her turn, and she wanted to make those same promises to him. Adam stated that Chelsea had missed something in her recollections; things had always fallen apart, and the last time, things had disintegrated. He asked if she really wanted to do that again.

Chelsea knew Adam was scared, but so was she. She claimed it was difficult to put her heart into the hands of the person she needed the most because that person could break it, but it was worth the risk. She claimed it would be worse to walk away from true happiness. Chelsea believed they could have the happiness and the deep love again. She wanted them to try.

Adam realized Chelsea had given their situation a lot of thought. Chelsea said some things just felt right. Adam claimed they weren't one of those things. He knew with every fiber of his being that a reconciliation would be a terrible mistake. Adam said Chelsea had put a man in the hospital; she could have killed him, all because she wanted to get back at Adam. Chelsea reminded Adam that she hadn't been in her right mind because she'd had a brain injury. Adam claimed the brain injury had been his fault. He asked if she realized how toxic their love had been to have driven her to that point.

Adam told Chelsea he was trying to be gentle because he didn't want to hurt her, but she was holding on to something that wasn't going to happen. He said if Chelsea couldn't let go, then he didn't think their working relationship could continue; however, he didn't want things to go that way. He wanted Chelsea to stay at the company and thrive, but if their proximity was a problem, then he wouldn't hesitate. Chelsea claimed that was cold. Adam said it was the most caring and compassionate thing he could do for her. He wanted her to live a rich and full life and to be the best mother to Connor she could be. He asked her to stop hoping they could get back what they'd had. It wasn't going to happen, and Chelsea needed to come to terms with that.

Later, at the coffeehouse, Chance and Chelsea were surprised to see one another. Neither had realized the other had returned to Genoa City. Chance said he was there to do a bit of thinking. He got the impression that Chelsea was there for the same reason. Chelsea said she'd heard what he'd been through in Spain. Chance said that while he'd been in Spain, he had heard what Chelsea had been through. He admitted he was surprised Chelsea had returned to Genoa City. Chelsea said she hadn't had much choice because she had to be with Connor, and Adam wasn't going to allow her to take Connor far. Chance claimed she could have fought that, but Chelsea didn't want to keep Connor away from his dad.

Chance commented that Chelsea and Adam seemed to be in a good place. Chelsea said they weren't. She had believed they could work things out, but that wasn't going to happen. Chelsea apologized for bringing the conversation down. She changed the subject and said they should be rejoicing because Chance was alive and at home. She asked if Dominic was the light of Chance's life. Chance appeared to agree halfheartedly. She asked if he had any photos of Dominic. Chance checked his phone. He claimed he didn't have any photos of Dominic. Chelsea said he was getting to know his son, and that was more important than photos.

Chelsea described to Chance what to expect as babies grew. Chance commented how much Chelsea seemed to love being a parent. Chelsea claimed it was the most rewarding thing she'd ever done. Adam arrived. Chelsea left to get a coffee. She told Rey she wanted a coffee to go. Rey saw Adam, and he understood her request.

Chance told Adam he got the gist of what was going on between Adam and Chelsea. Adam was surprised that Chelsea had said anything because she didn't usually open up to people she didn't know well. Adam said he was sorry Chelsea was hurting, but hopefully they could move on and put the past behind them. Chance received a text message from Abby. "Please come home. I need you."

Chance told Adam that life was short and unpredictable. He knew Adam and Chelsea had been to hell and back, but they obviously still cared for each other, and they had maintained a strong connection. He asked if Adam was 100% certain it was over. Chance asked if Adam had any of that love left. Adam stated he didn't. Chelsea had been at the door, eavesdropping. Chelsea rushed out of the coffeehouse, obviously upset. Rey watched her leave.

Adam arrived at Newman Media, and he poured himself a drink and sat down on the sofa, looking disheartened.

Chelsea arrived home in tears. She poured herself a drink and gulped it down. In a fit of anger, she threw her glass into the fireplace, where it shattered.

At Society, Tessa asked if Mariah was thinking about Devon and Abby. Mariah admitted she was worried about Abby and Devon because she loved them both deeply. Mariah could see the irony in the situation. Mariah had been attached to Dominic but had been able to distance herself, and Devon was holding on tighter than she had. She said Devon had a special connection with Dominic, and he wouldn't let go.

Tessa told Mariah she felt bad for Devon, as well as Chance and Abby. Mariah claimed they'd had everything planned from the beginning, but the situation had become more complicated than anyone had expected. Mariah said she was going to reach out to Devon because she wanted to help in any way she could.

Devon and Amanda arrived at Abby's. Devon asked if Chance was there. Abby stated he was out running errands, and she asked if she needed to call him. Devon said it wasn't necessary. He wanted Abby to hear him out. Abby said the conversation would have to wait until Chance was present.

When Chance arrived, Abby said Devon had something to say, and he'd brought his lawyer. Abby had asked Devon to wait until Chance was home. Devon hoped they would understand where he was coming from. Devon said he'd given a lot of thought to what Chance had shared with him the last time they'd spoken. He hadn't wanted to take the next step; however, he felt he was doing what was best for Dominic and himself. He was taking legal action to get shared custody of Dominic. He said Amanda would be filing the paperwork and contacting Christine in the near future.

Beside herself with anger, Abby asked Devon if he was taking them to court in order to spend more time with her and Chance's son. She asked how Devon could do that to them.

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