Victor makes plans to buy McCall Unlimited

The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, January 27, 2023
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Friday, January 27, 2023)
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Friday, January 27, 2023

by Nel

At Newman, Victoria told Victor, Nikki, and Nick she had deep concerns about Tucker. She said he'd wanted everyone to believe his goal was to reunite with Ashley and Devon and to support the Chancellor-Winters IPO, but he'd failed at both his personal and professional goals. Nick said Devon had discovered what Tucker had been up to, and he wanted nothing to do with Tucker. Victoria suggested they all needed to be vigilant about Tucker's movements because he was searching for another target.

Victor told everyone that Michael had discovered that Tucker's lavish lifestyle had put his company under a mountain of debt. Nikki said Tucker had recently sold off parts of his company to secure capital to buy out Chancellor-Winters stock. Victor added that Tucker had taken out a number of short-term loans, and those debts were coming due. He said Tucker was looking for a lucrative company to keep him afloat. He said Tucker couldn't regain solid footing without selling his entire company, since he didn't have any backing or bank supporting him.

Nick advised everyone to be wary of Audra Charles and her allegiances, and he wouldn't put deception past her. Nick said Audra had been working with Tucker and providing him with information about the Chancellor-Winters IPO. He said they needed to be very wary because they didn't know the status of her relationship with Tucker. Nikki suggested they keep Audra at a distance until they knew whether they could trust her.

Victor claimed it would be to their advantage if Audra kept working with Tucker. Victoria cautioned that they needed to stay on the offensive in order to keep Tucker's guard up around them. Nikki asked if Victoria was suggesting they go after McCall Unlimited. Victoria admitted she was.

Nick didn't think that was the right move. He said Tucker was a very dangerous adversary when he was struggling, and no one knew what he was capable of. Victor stated that Tucker might be close to crumbling on his own, and they should let him do it. He said when Tucker's company fell apart, Newman could swoop in and pick up the pieces. Victor said it might be a golden opportunity, since Tucker's divisions fell into their portfolio.

Nick and Victoria left because they were late for a meeting with the VPs.

Victor told Nikki he was in favor of making a move on Tucker's company. Nikki said she didn't understand why Victor was so invested in acquiring it. She said it appeared he was specifically going after Tucker, and she wanted to know why. Victor admitted that one of the divisions in Tucker's company might be appealing to Adam when he returned to the fold. Nikki said "if" Adam returned.

Nikki asked if Victor was trying to lure Adam back to Newman Enterprises. Victor admitted that he'd thought it through, and he felt it would be good for everyone concerned. He said when Adam realized they had McCall Unlimited in their portfolio, it would give him a strong reason to stay.

Billy stopped by Chelsea's. He suggested they spitball some ideas about the podcast. Chelsea stated the podcast wasn't a good idea. She said Dr. Malone felt it was too soon to venture into something so personal and intimate. She said Dr. Malone had claimed reliving the trauma before Chelsea had finished processing it could be a potential minefield for her. Chelsea admitted she'd been disappointed, but Dr. Malone had claimed it was good that she'd wanted to do the podcast. Chelsea said it meant she was focused on her recovery, trying to pay it forward, and focusing on the future. Chelsea admitted it was something she hadn't been able to say previously.

Billy recalled a time when, if someone had said no to Chelsea, she would go down the rabbit hole. He admitted he'd shared some of Dr. Malone's concerns when Chelsea had suggested the podcast. Chelsea admitted Billy had been more in tune with her than he'd realized. She proudly admitted she was ready to open herself up to feedback, even if it was negative. Billy admitted he'd screwed up often, and he wasn't sure she should take his advice.

At Newman Media, Audra stated that Phyllis hadn't had the right to approach them with Daniel's project. Nate expressed his admiration for Phyllis' brazenness. He confessed he was intrigued with Daniel's gaming platform. He said if the gaming platform was on shaky ground at Chancellor-Winters, it might be something they should pursue. Audra stated the Chancellor-Winters contacts were ironclad. She said the only way Daniel could be released from his contract was if the company decided to release him. Audra didn't believe that would happen.

Nate asked Audra how much access she'd had to Chancellor-Winters' contracts concerning projects like Daniel's. Audra informed him she didn't know the details of Daniel's deal because her insider information had been limited to things directly related to the IPO. She said she knew that Lily and Devon wanted to build an entire gaming division around Daniel's idea. She said they'd also been preparing a press release, but she assumed they were at a standstill, since that hadn't happened.

Audra asked if Nate was thinking of poaching Daniel from Chancellor-Winters or stealing his idea. Nate said he was merely curious, and he wanted to know what was going on at Chancellor-Winters that would make Daniel's project so precarious. Nate was certain it had something to do with Devon's inability to collaborate or take chances.

Nate said it was too bad that Audra had burned her bridges at Chancellor-Winters because it would have been nice to have inside information. Audra reminded him they'd both burned their bridges there. She asked how Nate planned to pursue Daniel. Nate said he wanted to sell Daniel on Newman Media and how they were more stable and fit for his venture. Audra received a text message from Tucker: "Think we need to meet." Audra told Nate she had to take care of something, and she left.

In Phyllis' suite, Daniel asked why Phyllis had taken it upon herself to go to Nate and pitch his project. He said he'd explicitly told her he wasn't ready to give up on Chancellor-Winters. Phyllis reminded him the company had put his project on hold. Daniel said he'd confided in his mother about the company being on shaky ground, not some opportunist who would pitch his idea behind his back. Phyllis claimed she'd gone to Newman Media as an exploratory venture and to whet their appetite. Daniel reminded her it was strictly his platform. He said he wasn't going to trust virtual strangers with his dream project.

Phyllis reminded Daniel that Nick was his stepfather, and the Newmans weren't strangers. Daniel said he didn't want to be involved with any company run by Newman Enterprises. He said he was upset that Phyllis had shared privileged information and compromised his intellectual property. He said anyone she'd spoken to could take his ideas and run with them before he got Omega Sphere off the ground.

Phyllis assured Daniel she'd only spoken to Nate and Audra because it seemed Chancellor-Winters was shelving his project indefinitely. She said she hadn't given Nate any risky information, and she hadn't she spoken to any of the Newmans. Daniel asked about Tucker. Phyllis assured him that Tucker had overheard her leaving a message for Nate.

Daniel accused Phyllis of sharing information with the person who'd sold out his cousins to give Newman an opportunity to acquire a majority holding of Chancellor-Winters. He said he'd never imagined that Phyllis would talk to Nate without consulting with him first. Phyllis admitted she'd overreacted.

Daniel told Phyllis that if his platform ever needed a new home, it would be his call to make as to who they would go with. He said at that moment, Tucker looked like a better option than Newman Media. Phyllis stated Tucker was a snake. Daniel claimed Tucker was a smart and intuitive businessman. He said Tucker had made a lot of salient points, and he'd understood there could be a crossover between a business and a personal life. He said Tucker understood that a big part of him creating the gaming experience was a way for him to heal after Lucy and Heather had left him.

Phyllis informed Daniel that Tucker was very good at reading people, and Tucker would then manipulate them to do what he wanted. Daniel said McCall Unlimited had all the resources and infrastructure they needed to hit the ground running. Phyllis stated a lot of companies did. Daniel countered that with McCall Unlimited, he would be dealing directly with Tucker. Phyllis pointed out that if Daniel's and Tucker's agendas didn't coincide, it would be war.

Daniel told Phyllis he was aware of Tucker's reputation, but Tucker seemed to have a genuine enthusiasm about Daniel's vision. Phyllis claimed Tucker wanted to be part of Daniel's vision because it was brilliant. She said Tucker wasn't genuine. Daniel said Omega Sphere was about changing people's lives and giving them the opportunity to grow and be better. He stated if Tucker had been willing to do that in his own life, he might be the better alternative than Newman Media -- if they needed an alternative. He said he trusted Lily to come through.

Daniel said Lily was one of the most genuine and honest people he'd known, and he trusted Lily. Phyllis pointed out that it seemed that Lily's company was imploding, and Daniel should get out while he could. Daniel asked if Phyllis was telling him to cut all ties before they dragged him down. He reminded Phyllis she'd allowed an old grudge to ruin her career and her relationship with Summer. Phyllis claimed everything she'd said about the situation had proven she'd been right. Daniel asked what being right had gotten her. Daniel left.

Audra arrived at Tucker's suite. Tucker lamented that he'd missed their conversations and Audra's take on things. Audra accused him of wanting information from her. She said she'd known him too long to fall for his "let's have an innocent chat" line.

Tucker asked Audra if she knew anything about Newman Media's pursuit of Daniel's new gaming platform. Audra accused Tucker of wanting to use her connections and resources to collude with him again. She suggested he had more important things to do, like asking Ashley for forgiveness and mending his rift with Devon.

Audra said she'd realized everything Tucker had said he'd wanted to accomplish in Genoa City had been "complete BS." Tucker claimed he'd been sincere about Ashley and Devon. He said the gaming project was intriguing. Audra warned him to keep his hands off because Newman Media would snatch it away from Chancellor-Winters. Tucker complained that he missed Audra's friendship. When Audra prepared to leave, Tucker got down on his knees and asked for a reset. They began kissing passionately.

In the park, Billy told Chelsea he'd been thinking about her and her desire to find her purpose. Chelsea said the key to finding one's purpose was to find what their purpose wasn't. She didn't think they should choose the things people offered, because they needed to pave their own path.

Billy told Chelsea that not having a job and living alone at the Grand Phoenix had given him a lot of time to think. He admitted he'd had a lot of sobering moments, and seeing Chelsea was the highlight of his day. He said he'd realized that he and Chelsea had lived parallel lives for quite some time. He admitted they had a number of emotional and mental similarities. He claimed it had been the reason they'd connected, and he was very grateful for their friendship.

Billy told Chelsea they'd both had their share of struggles. He said he wasn't comparing his struggles to hers, but he knew the darkness when trying to find that light or saving grace. He said they were both adrift and trying to find a career that fulfilled them. He said they'd both struck out on love, and they'd both fought back at being in pigeonholed opportunities people had believed had been right for them.

Billy said that he and Chelsea were searching for their passion and what made them feel good. He said he believed it was what he'd loved about podcasting. He admitted the back-and-forth between him and Chelsea had been great. He said he was very proud of all the work Chelsea had done and how determined she'd been. He said it made him feel determined, as well.

Moments after Audra returned to Newman Media, Daniel arrived and apologized for all the confusion with Phyllis. Daniel said he wanted to clear the air. He admitted Phyllis had overstepped. He said her intension had been good, but she'd jumped the gun about something she didn't know a lot about and lacked any control over.

Audra said she'd heard about Daniel's collaboration when she'd worked at Chancellor-Winters. Daniel stated he had a contract with them, and he had every intention of honoring it. He wanted to clarify any misconceptions, but if anything happened in the future, he would be happy to sit down and discuss possibilities.

Nate asked Daniel to stay. He said that in the event of a possible future collaboration with Daniel, he wanted to sell Newman Media to Daniel. Nate said that he and Audra had both worked at Chancellor-Winters and Newman Media, and they'd found Newman Media a much happier business home. Daniel stated that hadn't been the case for him. Audra said he had to have seen the turmoil there. Daniel said he was committed to Lily and her company. He said that when he made commitments, he did his best to honor them and not betray the people that believed in him.

Daniel told Nate and Audra that his project was his future, and it meant everything to him. He said it wasn't for sale to the highest bidder. He hoped that was something they could understand, accept, and respect. Daniel thanked them for their time, and he left.

Nate told Audra he was more intrigued than ever. Audra said Nate should know they had competition if he intended to go after Daniel. She said Tucker had the same idea. Alarmed, Nate asked how she knew that.

At Society, Victoria asked Nick why he wasn't sold on the Tucker idea. She said the reach of McCall Unlimited was international, and having that brand under the Newman umbrella would solidify their position in the global community. Victoria said snatching something from Tucker would be delicious karma. Nick agreed that was true, but something about it didn't sit well with him. He said he couldn't shake the feeling it was all part of a bigger plan Victor had put in motion and hadn't told them about.

Tucker arrived, and Victoria invited him to join them to discuss Tucker's future plans. Victoria said there was a nasty rumor around town. Nick said he'd heard Tucker's company was in trouble. Tucker said he didn't believe rumors, and neither should they.

Chelsea thanked Billy for walking her home. Billy asked if they could grab dinner soon. Chelsea offered to cook up something. Billy suggested they could go out. Chelsea agreed. Billy left.

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