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The Young and the Restless Recap for Friday, May 26, 2023
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Friday, May 26, 2023)
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Friday, May 26, 2023

by Nel

At the Athletic Club, Sally told Chloe they'd been rejected again, but they had to remain in circulation and be seen by the people who made things happen.

Devon and Lily arrived and greeted Sally and Chloe. Lily said she was sad they wouldn't have the benefit of Sally and Chloe's design services at Chancellor-Winters. Chloe claimed that she and Sally were extremely busy. Lily and Devon wished them a lovely evening and left. Sally asked what Chloe had done. Chloe said she'd panicked and manifested.

Sally told Chloe that Lily and Devon hadn't been responsible for Jill's decision to put a pause on their plan at Chancellor-Winters. Sally suggested they focus on their future; they needed to keep pitching ideas and putting themselves out there. Chloe said they'd been pitching to some very weird places. Sally claimed it was how they made a name for themselves. Chloe griped that no one could afford them.

Sally told Chloe she wouldn't lower her standards. Chloe asked if she would refuse to lower her standards, even if it got their foot in the door to get their business going. Chloe asked if it would kill Sally to accept Nick's offer to back their business. Sally said she wanted them to do it on their own. Chloe responded that it would only have been a few thousand dollars for them to sprinkle around, help them grow, and branch out. When Sally admitted Chloe was right, Chloe told Sally to pick up the phone and call Nick.

Sally asked Chloe to see her the way a Newman would. She said all trust had been lost after Summer had gone to Milan, they'd chosen to forget she'd designed the most amazing wedding dress for Victoria, she'd had the nerve to have a relationship with Adam even though she'd put Newman Media on the path to success, and since she was pregnant with the newest Newman. She said the Newmans had probably decided that she would use them as her meal ticket.

Chloe told Sally that Nick wanted to give Sally the money because she was good, and he believed in her. Sally said she didn't want to take advantage of her relationship with Nick, not only because of the baby but because Nick had told her he loved her. Chloe said that was "so romantic," and it explained the business decision.

Sally told Chloe that Nick had turned her suite into a romantic oasis. Chloe said she'd been waiting for one of them to finally admit how they felt. Sally said Chloe was a dedicated partner and loyal friend. Sally claimed there was only one way she could pay Chloe back, and that was to give Chloe her freedom.

Sally stated that Chloe had been "so good" to her through the ups and downs, and every time she'd wanted to give up, Chloe had been there. Chloe added that she'd been there to kick Sally in the derriere, which was what she was about to do again. Sally said she loved Chloe too much to keep disappointing her. Chloe said she wouldn't scurry off just because they'd been let down yet again. She said they were a team, and they didn't need Nick's offer. She claimed they had talent, tenacity, and a brilliant business plan. She said Jill had loved it before the budget had come up and bitten her on the bottom line.

Sally told Chloe their mission was to find someone who was visionary enough to hire them -- even though they had no track record, or they could give an old option something new to see.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon greeted Chance. She guessed that he'd discovered new evidence and was on the verge of making a promising breakthrough. Chance said she was right. He claimed he needed a little time and the right test results, and he would solve the case.

Christine was on the patio when Nick arrived. He noted she was working late. Christine admitted that recently, Phyllis had been taking up most of her time. She asked if he was aware of the latest developments. Nick admitted it would be a long time before they got over losing Phyllis. Nick said he'd seen what Summer and Daniel were going through, and he wished they'd had more time with their mom. Christine saw Chance, and she told Nick she had to talk to Chance. She assured Nick that justice would be served.

Chance told Christine he'd found proof Phyllis was alive. Christine told him Nick was unaware Summer and Daniel had claimed Phyllis was alive. She asked if that would be information Summer would have shared with her father. Chance admitted there were some complicated family dynamics at play.

Chance told Christine he'd gone to Stark's motel room, where Stark had registered under an alias. He said he'd found a program for Phyllis' memorial outside the room that appeared to have mascara-tainted tears on it. Chance said a judge could easily discount the hair because they didn't know when it got there or how long it had been there before Jack and Kyle had found it. Chance asked Christine how tears could show up on a program for Phyllis' memorial after her death. He said it was being checked for prints and DNA.

Christine told Chance that Phyllis going to her own memorial was the kind of outlandish thing Phyllis would do. She thanked him for all his hard work. Chance said he wanted to close the case as much as Christine did, but they wanted to get it right.

At the counter, Nick apologized to Sharon for saying it had looked like blood on the Champagne bottle, and he was glad she'd gotten rid of it. She accepted his apology and picked up an envelope. Nick prattled on about Sally and who would teach her all the baby stuff, since she didn't have any family in town. Sharon seemed to ignore him and opened the envelope. She pulled out a postcard that read, "Greetings from Colorado." She turned it over, and the handwritten message read, "Where heaven's a little closer." Nick saw the shock on Sharon's face. He read the postcard.

Sharon told Nick it was the same handwriting that had been with the Champagne. Sharon said it was another kind of torture; Colorado had been where they'd met, and the Champagne bottle was what she'd used to hit him, hence the blood. Sharon said the postcard and Champagne were from Cameron Kirsten. Nick didn't believe it, and he stated there was no signature or return address. Sharon indicated that that was his game. She said he was toying with her and having his twisted brand of fun before he moved in for the kill.

Sharon acknowledged that she'd said both items had come from Cameron, but that had been a knee-jerk response. She told Nick they probably weren't from Cameron. She said a traumatic experience like that never went away, and some of the old fears had cropped up for a second. Nick said he trusted her instincts, and if something felt off, it probably was. Sharon said they needed facts. Nick said they needed Chance. Sharon agreed. Chance was on the patio, and Nick asked for his help.

Sharon told Chance that a number of years in the past, a man had gone to prison for what he'd done to her and others. She said she had the feeling he might be trying to get in touch. Chance asked if she wanted him to look into it. Sharon said please. Chance asked for a name.

In Phyllis' suite, Phyllis asked what she would do without Summer because Summer had stayed one step ahead of anyone who'd tried to best them. She claimed Summer was stronger and fiercer than Phyllis had ever been.

Phyllis acknowledged that Summer had been through a lot in the past few months, and she admitted it was her fault. Summer said Phyllis had disappeared without any warning and with no chance for them to say goodbye. She said she and Daniel had felt guilty for the way they'd treated her and the things they'd said to each other, including things she'd said to Diane, believing Phyllis had died in a horrific way. Phyllis acknowledged Summer and Daniel hadn't moved on before she'd returned with a whole new mess. Phyllis stated that she should have stayed away.

Summer said she was happy Phyllis was with her, but she didn't know how to act. She said Phyllis was alive, but she had to keep it a secret -- and Phyllis couldn't leave the hotel room without being caught and prosecuted. Summer stated that there were many people mourning Phyllis' death. Summer said Phyllis had turned their lives upside down. Phyllis acknowledged that it seemed to be what she always did.

Phyllis said she'd returned because she'd seen how much pain Summer had been in at the celebration of life. Phyllis commented that it hadn't been much of a celebration. Phyllis admitted she'd been there, and hearing herself being eulogized had put things into perspective. Shocked, Summer said if Phyllis had been there, she'd seen what losing her had done to them.

Phyllis claimed she'd needed to know how her children felt about her, and she'd seen how much pain they'd been in. Phyllis said she'd known Summer had had something up her sleeve because she'd held the memorial at the jazz lounge. She said Summer had been fierce and amazing; she had had Diane on a hook, hadn't let go, and had pushed Diane to the breaking point. Phyllis said she'd finally won, but she'd lost her kids in the process. She said she'd seen how much they'd suffered, and she asked if she'd really won.

Phyllis told Summer she'd been wrong being so vindictive. She apologized for what she'd done to their family. Summer said that she and Daniel had tried to help her, but they hadn't known how. Phyllis acknowledged that others had tried to help her, but she'd seen their help as judgmental, and she hadn't known what to do because she'd felt like everyone had abandoned her. She said no one had been willing to help her stop Diane. Summer realized that that was when Stark had stepped in.

Phyllis told Summer that Stark had seen how vulnerable she'd been, and he'd recognized she'd been alone. She said he'd seemed to care, and he'd known exactly what to say to her. She said he'd devised a plan, and she hadn't been able to say no. Summer said Stark had convinced her to fake her own death and frame Diane so that everyone would see how dangerous Diane was. Phyllis said instead, she'd brought "that hellishness" into their family.

Summer told Phyllis there was more than enough blame to go around. Summer said Phyllis had needed their love and support, and she admitted that Diane wasn't trustworthy. Summer said Diane would never be a decent mom. She admitted she'd pushed Phyllis away when she should have held her close. Phyllis said it wasn't Summer's job to take care of her. Summer claimed it was because they were a team, and Phyllis had always had her back. Summer noted what had happened because she hadn't had Phyllis' back.

Summer said Phyllis had done what she'd needed to do to stay alive. Phyllis stated that she'd killed Jeremy. Summer reminded her it had been self-defense because Stark had tried to kill her. Phyllis said it didn't matter; she'd killed him, and the authorities would believe she'd tried to cover it up after faking her own death. Summer claimed Phyllis had done that at Stark's urging and with his help.

Phyllis said she was putting Summer in a position of aiding and abetting. Phyllis insisted that Summer was going home to take care of her family and Daniel. She didn't want Summer involved, and she would watch Summer from afar. Summer claimed it was too late. Phyllis said she would never stop loving Summer and Daniel, but she had to stay away. Summer said Phyllis didn't get to tell her how to handle things, and walking away wasn't an option.

Summer said she was there for Phyllis, and whatever happened to Phyllis, it happened to her. Summer said whatever Phyllis needed, Summer would be there for her.

In the jazz lounge, Lily asked Devon what Neil would have said if he'd been with them at that moment. He said Neil would say," What took you so long? Let's celebrate." Lily admitted she'd hated fighting with Devon. Devon said he'd felt the same way, but they'd gotten through it. He said if Neil were there, he would have said he was the reason they'd gotten through their ordeal.

Lily told Devon she'd survived dinner with Daniel, Lucy, Chelsea, Billy, Johnny, and Connor. Devon asked what was going on between her and Daniel. Lily said they could have had something, but the timing was off. Devon acknowledged that losing a parent threw one's world off kilter. Lily admitted Phyllis had been a powerhouse. Devon said he couldn't believe she was gone.

Sally and Chloe approached Devon and Lily. Chloe said they loved Neil's lounge. Sally said they were happy that Lily and Devon had mended their business relationship. Lily asked what was going on.

Sally said they had a new proposal. Sally said Chancellor-Winters' new gaming platform, Omega Sphere, was receiving a lot of attention, and they would have billions of eyes on them. Chloe said video games were going to revolutionize the industry, and that demanded offices showing the world where new and exciting things happened. She said Chancellor-Winters was a cutting-edge company that was not afraid to make things happen. Sally said it was time to show the world a new Chancellor-Winters. She said they could do it with new colors and fragrances. Devon asked if she was talking about fragrances like perfumes. Sally said aromatherapy to help elevate the space.

Sally told Devon there was nothing more powerful than scent memory. She said to think chilled, sexy, unforgettable -- aromas that made their employees feel like they were enveloped and taken care of. Sally said it was their opportunity to show the world they'd taken the lead, and the world would need luck to catch up. Chloe said they could start small. Sally asked Devon and Lily what they thought.

At the bar, Sally and Chloe waited impatiently for Devon and Lily's response to their pitch.

Lily beckoned to Sally and Chloe. Lily asked when they could start. Sally and Chloe couldn't believe their luck. Chloe chirped that Devon and Lily wouldn't regret it.

Sally told Lily that Sally couldn't tell Lily how excited Sally and Chloe were to be working with Chancellor-Winters on that project. She promised Lily and Devon wouldn't be disappointed, and she assured Lily the baby wouldn't delay them. Lily stated that Sally's baby would change that. Lily said the changes would be amazing and would be "so worth it," but it was a lot.

Lily told Sally everyone would tell her it was magical and intense, which was true, but suddenly, she had this human she was responsible for. Lily said Sally would also experience a love she couldn't imagine. She said all Sally would want to do was to protect her child from the world. She said Sally had to trust that she'd brought her child up strong, and Lily wistfully admitted that she would have to let them go. Sally noted that Lily missed her kids, and Lily admitted she did because they were a part of her. Sally asked about Lily's career. Lily said Sally would find a balance and would know what to do, but she would also have to ask for help. Lily smiled and left.

Upstairs, Cameron Kirsten received a key card from a hostess.


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