Nick tries to make amends with Victoria

The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, October 11, 2021
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Monday, October 11, 2021

At the family's Tuscany palazzo, the Newmans welcomed and provided accommodations for wedding guests. Jack delivered to Phyllis' suite a Marchetti cocktail dress she'd left aboard the Abbott jet. Phyllis boasted that she would wear the dress in support of her daughter's flourishing career. Jack said he didn't doubt that Phyllis would look stunning, and he asked about Nick. Phyllis, noting that she and Nick had traveled to Tuscany against Victoria's explicit orders to stay away, explained that Nick was out taking the "bull by the horns." Phyllis sighed and added, "Let's hope it's worth it." Jack assured Phyllis that Nick knew how to handle Victoria.

Jack advised Phyllis to not get involved and to allow Nick and his sister to work things out on their own. Jack mentioned Billy and become frustrated when he recalled how often he'd implored his brother to let Victoria live her life. Phyllis admitted that Nick's "nice" approach might not be as helpful in his efforts to get through to Victoria. Jack suggested Phyllis remain hopeful that everyone might get along. Jack and Phyllis received notifications on their phones. Both were elated to find wedding photos sent to them from Summer and Kyle. Phyllis cooed, "They look so happy."

Down a hallway, Billy walked ahead of Jesse Gaines, before the men entered a suite. Gaines remarked, "Wow! This place is something else. Maybe I'll use some of my payoff cash to buy myself a little palazzo like this one." Billy reminded Jesse that they had a job to do. Jesse said he'd waited a long time for the well-deserved and ultimate downfall of Ashland Locke. Jesse asked Billy how he envisioned their plan playing out. Billy replied, "Very carefully."

Jesse said he hoped to humiliate Ashland while he was standing at the altar, waiting for his precious bride. Billy explained that his aim was to protect Victoria by providing irrefutable proof that she was about to wed a liar and a criminal. Jesse learned that Billy planned to have him talk to Victoria in the suite, away from interruptions and distractions. Billy instructed Jesse to wait in the suite and not show his face while Billy went to find Victoria.

In Victoria and Ashland's suite, Victoria informed Ashland that some of their guests had already arrived. Ashland recalled the startling revelation Victoria had struggled to overcome and asked if her heart was truly ready for their wedding. Ashland said he didn't want Victoria's motivation to be based on precautions meant to save their company. Victoria assured Ashland that Newman/Locke would remain safe, though she was eager to focus on their love and the wedding. Ashland said it was a relief to know she'd decided to stand beside him despite everything that had been revealed.

Victoria recalled Ashland's life as a teen, when he'd run away from an abusive home, lost his close friend in a car accident, and then discovered that his mentor had betrayed him on her deathbed. Victoria, her sad eyes gazing into Ashland's, cried that the story haunted her and had led her to understand that even after Ashland had become a formidable figure, the story had followed him. Ashland agreed that his past hovered over him like a dark cloud. Victoria assured Ashland that she understood why he'd kept his dark secrets from her, noting that he'd been hesitant to taint the beautiful relationship they were building.

While Ashland stroked Victoria's shoulders, she said, "It's okay. We're okay. And you're going to have to trust me now. And by this time tomorrow, you and I are going to be husband and wife, and nothing is going to stop that now." Victoria and Ashland got ready to welcome their guests formally. Ashland began battling a persistent cough that appeared to sap his energy. Victoria expressed concern, but Ashland promised his bride he wouldn't allow anything to slow him down or get in the way of him reciting his vows, which, he said, he'd written on his heart a long time before. Victoria said she'd penned her vows on paper a while back. Victoria left Ashland so he could dress, while she joined her parents and others ahead of the prenuptial festivities.

Nick greeted Nikki and Victor in the palazzo's courtyard. Nikki asked Nick if Victoria had changed her mind about him attending the wedding. Nick replied, "Uh, afraid not, but I'm not going to give up. I wanted to talk to you two first to see if you could give me a reading on Vick before I approach her myself." Nick asked his parents if they thought he could make amends with his sister before the ceremony. Nikki glanced nervously at Victor before admitting she wasn't sure Victoria would be receptive to Nick's surprise appearance. Nick insisted he should make his case to her in person. Victor recalled that Nick was responsible for the rift because he'd dug into Ashland's past.

Nick reminded his dad that they'd both investigated Locke's past. Victor clarified that he wasn't the one who'd traveled to New Jersey to dig up old skeletons. Nick defended his actions, explaining that his intentions had been to learn the truth, though he'd made the trip to Italy to make things easier for his sister. Victor gently warned Nick not to cause problems on Victoria's happy day. Nikki added that "no problems" included Victor and Nick arguing. Nick, confused, replied, "Are you two telling me that you're both on board with this wedding?" Victor said he was. Nick expressed disgust that his mother would stand by while Victor allowed his daughter to wed a man who'd been lying his entire life and had amassed his fortune by exploiting the death of someone.

Nick recalled that he and Victor had at one time agreed about Ashland. Nick asked his father why he'd changed his mind. Victor said that Ashland had confessed and told the truth about his identity. Nick replied that Ashland had done so only because he'd been confronted, and even then, he'd never mentioned having left his best friend in the world to die in a burning car. Nikki calmly explained that Ashland had believed his friend had been beyond help. Victor pleaded with Nick to drop the matter and accept Victoria's decision.

Victoria entered the courtyard where her parents and brother had been talking. Victoria seemed taken aback to see her brother. Nikki explained that Nick wanted to make peace. Victor and Nikki left so Nick and Victoria could work things out. Victoria immediately informed her brother that he couldn't stop her wedding. Nick assured his sister he didn't intend to stop her wedding and that he'd never intended to betray her. Nick acknowledged that after thinking things over, he understood why Ashland had kept his painful memories a secret.

Nick told Victoria that he respected her decision, though he'd likely never be able to trust Ashland. Victoria, hurt, told Nick that she'd never confide in him again. Nick insisted he'd never set out to hurt his sister, and he hoped he could be present to support her. Victoria said she couldn't forgive Nick, though she wouldn't force him to leave, adding that their parents would prefer they get along. Nick replied, "Do you want me at this ceremony or not?" Victoria told Nick he'd hurt her and that it wasn't her job to absolve him or make him feel better. Victoria explained that her only focus was Ashland and their wedding.

After Nick left, Nikki rejoined Victoria and asked if she and Nick had resolved their issues. Victoria said she wasn't thrilled Nick had shown up, but she hadn't kicked him out. Jack approached and complimented the palazzo. Victoria said she wished she could have made it to Kyle's wedding, though she was eager to congratulate him and Summer in person when they arrived. Jack announced that they'd have Harrison with them. Victoria said Ashland was looking forward to seeing his son. Victoria left to phone Reed, who couldn't attend. Jack noted that Victoria seemed tense, likely due to the friction between Nick and Victoria. Nikki downplayed it as a little bit of family conflict.

Inside the palazzo, Victor told Nikki he feared Nick wouldn't drop the matter with Ashland, which could ruin Victoria's special day. Nikki said she believed Nick would put his sister's happiness first, though she was concerned because Nick didn't know about Ashland's latest surprise. Victor leaned closer to Nikki and replied that the fewer the people that knew about it, the better. Nikki admitted that Ashland's most recent confession involving forging a mentor's will was atrocious and would add fuel to the fire should Nick find out. Victor was adamant about keeping it secret and said the only thing that mattered was that Victoria was okay with it.

Elena found Nate with his tablet in his hand, wandering through a grand gathering room at the palatial estate. Nate, Ashland's best man, explained that he was experiencing difficulty writing a toast, explaining that he didn't want his sentiment to sound stilted, as his speech should be worthy of a power couple. Elena commiserated with Nate, acknowledging that Nate hadn't known Ashland very long, so there were no old, embarrassing stories or funny anecdotes from which to draw. Elena suggested Nate take a trip to a winery with her to glean romantic inspiration.

After Nate and Elena returned, Nate said he was still struggling about what to write, even though they'd chatted with an older married couple. Nate concluded that a little research might be helpful. Billy joined Nate and Elena. Elena said she hoped Billy had embraced Victoria's wedding plans. Billy replied, "Yeah, well, we'll see. I have a feeling everything's going to go exactly how it's supposed to." After Billy walked away, Elena told Nate that Billy was fighting a losing battle.

As Billy made his way back to his suite, he heard Ashland coughing. Billy let himself inside the room and saw Ashland struggling to catch his breath. Billy said, "Looks like you could use some help. What can I do?" Billy offered to summon Nate. Ashland said he could use a glass of water. Ashland said he was surprised Billy had had the nerve to show his face, especially after Nikki had personally asked him to bow out. Billy said he wouldn't want to miss the most spectacular event of the year.

Ashland was issuing a warning to Billy when Victor appeared at the door and asked Billy what he was doing there. Billy said he'd been invited and was having a private conversation. Victor said he wanted to speak to the man who was actually worthy of marrying his daughter. Victor warned Billy to either leave on his own or be thrown out. Ashland agreed with Victor that Billy should leave.

Before Billy left, he said he supposed that what Ashland had to say wasn't consequential in the grand scheme of things. Billy paused at the door and asked where he might find Victoria. Victor warned Billy to stay away from his daughter and not destroy her happiness. Billy replied, "I won't be the one to cause the bride any distress."

After Billy left, Ashland told Victor he'd been just about to tell Billy that Victoria knew all his secrets, including the one Gaines was holding over his head, hoping it might undercut Billy's plan. Victor said he'd discovered that Billy had traveled with Jesse Gaines, the only other person with knowledge of Ashland's crimes. Victoria entered the room just as Ashland asked Victor how Jesse could have made it to Italy without Victor's knowledge. Victoria asked what was going on.

Nick joined Phyllis in their suite. Nick cried that his sister hadn't been in a forgiving mood and that both his parents supported Ashland. Phyllis replied, "Really? I don't even get that." Nick said Victoria would allow him to attend the wedding, though he knew her heart wasn't in it. Nick expressed disappointment that Victoria had refused to forgive him. Phyllis accused Victoria of being petty and treating her brother like dirt. Nick asked Phyllis not to use it as an excuse to trash his sister because it was his battle. Nick expressed doubts about staying.

Billy returned to his suite. After Billy closed the door, he called out to Jesse. Billy said it was time to get ready. Billy noticed that no one was there. Billy called out to Jesse again, but there was no response. Billy clenched his jaw and said, "Damn it."

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• Lauren demands an explanation from Chloe.

• Phyllis questions whether things will work out between her and Nick.


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