Victoria claims that Victor is unfit to be CEO

The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, September 18, 2023
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Monday, September 18, 2023)
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Monday, September 18, 2023

At Society, Nate questioned Victoria as she tensely waited to join her mother for dinner. Victoria claimed she was concerned about her father and believed that Nikki should be, also. Nate replied, "Are you genuinely concerned about your father, or are you angry that he's coming back to Newman and taking over your position as CEO, and you're looking for a way to get back at him?" Victoria replied that she loved her dad and was concerned about him.

Nate encouraged Victoria to keep in mind that her father loved her, too. Victoria expressed concern that Victor seemed to be erratically changing the direction of Newman Enterprises. Nate advised Victoria to refrain from retaliating. Nikki arrived and glared at Nate when she asked if he was planning to join them. Nate replied that he had to take a call at the office.

After Nate left, Victoria told her mom she was "worried as hell" about Victor. Nikki said she understood why Victoria was upset about the changes her father had made. Victoria cried that her father had demoted her when he'd shoved her out of the position she had more than earned. Victoria said she was worried about her father and was surprised that Nikki was not, also. Nikki explained that she would be more worried if Victor were neglecting the company. Victoria claimed that Victor had lately made one contradictory, impulsive decision after another. Victoria claimed that Victor's rash, wrong-headed decisions made it appear that he was acting irrationally.

Nikki was taken aback when Victoria suggested that her father was incapable of running his empire. Victoria reminded her mother about Victor's sudden about-face decisions. Victoria recalled how Victor had suddenly changed the rules after appointing Nick, Sharon, and Adam to run a business together; had allowed Adam's blackmail scheme to play out without repercussions until his eventual firing; and had suddenly changed his mind after declining to approve a merger. Nikki suggested that Victoria was taking some of Victor's recent decisions out of context, adding that he was allowed to change his mind.

Victoria cried that her father's vindictive decision-making was more about him flexing his "corporate muscle" to prove that he could command control and put people in their places. Nikki asked Victoria how far she planned on taking her concerns. Victoria insisted she had no master plan to hold on to her CEO position, though she remained concerned about her father. Victoria blamed her father's unstable behavior on Adam, citing her brother's betrayals, arrogance, petulance, and relentless sense of self-entitlement. Victoria cried that if the stress of running the company negatively impacted her father, his efforts would become worthless.

Victoria warned Nikki that if they stood by and did nothing, they could never forgive themselves. Nikki said there was not "a chance in hell" she would allow anything to happen. Nikki vowed to look out for Victor's health. Nikki assured Victoria that her father would still rely on her to help run the company, explaining that Victor had missed getting up every morning, traveling to his office, and being productive. Nikki assured Victoria that if she caught a hint of anything that might adversely affect Victor, she would react against the offender like "the wrath of God." Nikki promised Victoria that they would not lose Victor.

At Newman Enterprises, Victor oversaw the rehanging of his portrait over the fireplace in his former office. A handyman removed the painting of Victoria, replacing it with her father's. Victor sat atop his desk and stared at the image of his face captured during his younger years when his hair was darker and his face unmarked by the passage of time. Victor poured himself a drink. Nate entered through the open door and observed Victor as he seemed lost in thought. Victor invited Nate to step in and join him.

Nate told Victor he had visited Victoria briefly before she had joined Nikki for dinner. Victor mentioned that Victoria had been surprised when he'd retaken the reins of his company. Nate, briefly turning his head toward the portrait, replied, "Yep. I did not see it coming, and neither did she." Victor assured Nate that his actions had nothing to do with the way Victoria had run the company, adding praise for his daughter having done a great job as CEO.

Victor looked into Nate's eyes and declared, "I just felt like taking over again." Nate assured Victor that he had every right to run the company he had built however he saw fit. Victor lifted his fist and pumped it in the fashion of a boxer demonstrating his strength and fitness.

Victor asked if Nate could help smooth things over with Victoria, explaining that he relied on her expertise and knowledge about recent business deals. Nate told Victor that after Victoria processed the changes and settled in at her new position, she would eventually regard Victor's changes as positive moves and realize she was not being punished. Victor asked Nate to help Victoria ease into her transition. Nate agreed to do all he could. Nate seemed eager to leave, but Victor invited him to stay.

Nate sat across from Victor and said he might not be able to persuade Victoria if she had already made up her mind. Victor recalled that Victoria had begun working in the mailroom, explaining that he did not want it to appear that he was giving his daughter preferential treatment. Victor seemed proud when he told Nate that Victoria had never accepted a promotion she had not felt she'd deserved. Nate replied, "She's definitely her father's daughter."

Nate remarked that Victoria had hit her stride while serving as CEO. Victor asked Nate if he believed Victoria deserved to resume her role. Nate said he would rather not get involved other than to encourage Victoria to get past her anger. Victor asked Nate if he believed Victoria might retaliate. Nate explained that he and Victoria had not said much after she had expressed disappointment about having been demoted.

Victor asked if Nate would have told him had Victoria said something more. Nate replied, "You're my boss; so is Victoria. I'm not comfortable being put in the middle of all this." Victor said he understood and only expected Nate to "smooth the waters." Nate replied that he was as determined as Victor was to ensure that the company grew stronger and more unified than ever.

Later, at home, Victor greeted Nikki. Victor warmly embraced Nikki and said he felt as though she had something to say to him. Nikki paused and replied that she would let him keep wondering for a while. Victor asked Nikki about her dinner with Victoria. Nikki told Victor that Victoria was upset about having been demoted and felt insulted. Victor asked Nikki if she had assured Victoria that she should not feel insulted. Nikki replied that Victoria needed time and space to process and prepare herself for her new position. Victor cried that nothing bothered him more than a rift between him and Victoria.

Nikki suggested that Victor delay his return to the office for at least a couple of weeks or perhaps a month. Nikki explained that Victor's eventual return to the office and her new position at Newman Media would be sources of stress in their lives. Nikki told Victor that taking a trip away to recharge their batteries might help them transition to new schedules that might eventually tear them apart. Nikki pleaded with Victor to take a step back, insisting that getting away would help their mental and physical health, plus give Victoria peace of mind.

Victoria entered the CEO's office at Newman Enterprises. Victoria picked up a glass Victor had left on the desk and sniffed it. After determining that the glass had contained alcohol, Victoria suddenly set down the glass and sent a text message to Nate, asking him to meet her in the office. Victoria noticed that her portrait had been replaced with Victor's.

As she stood staring at her father's image, Victoria recalled in a flashback that her father had promised she would still retain the power to make day-to-day decisions. Victor had declared that he would retake the reins of the company that he had built, as he had noticed that things had become disjointed. Victoria remembered how her father's harsh words had hurt her when he'd said, "I will take over. Is that clear?" Victoria had cried that her father's actions had not felt like he'd been creating unity. Victor had replied that he did not "give a damn" about what Victoria thought. After reliving the tense encounter, Victoria whispered aloud to herself, "I don't deserve this, Daddy."

Nate entered. Victoria, still staring at her father's portrait, said, "Well, Victor Newman's not one to waste time. I'll give him that." Nate agreed and said he had been with Victor earlier in the evening. Victoria picked up the glass and cried, "Yeah, I can see that." Nate clarified that Victor had invited him to stay and talk. Victoria angrily replied that Nate had not declined to accept. Nate explained that he was keeping the peace until the dust settled. Victoria replied, "Good luck with that."

Nate disclosed Victor's suspicions that Victoria would attempt to stop him from returning to Newman. Victoria suggested that Nate had betrayed her to her father by disclosing her intentions. Victoria accused Nate of attempting to impress the big boss by warning him about her serious concerns. Nate told Victoria he believed she was handling things the wrong way. Victoria told Nate she had counted on him to come around to her point of view.

Adam, sitting alone at the bar in the jazz lounge, relived in a flashback his meeting with Victor. Adam remembered his father expressing concern about his son's darker side emerging whenever he attempted to turn his life around. Adam had assured his father he would not falter if given another chance because he had nothing left to lose. Adam had cried that he was humbling himself as he'd pleaded for his father to let him start at the bottom, learn from his mistakes, and erase some of the damage he had inflicted. Victor had replied that if Adam's intentions were sincere, he would be impressed and might consider granting Adam's request.

Adam shook his head and began laughing after having recalled his father's words. Sally approached Adam and said, "Care to share the joke?" Adam explained that he was chuckling about a string of arguments he and Victor had had in the past.

Sally admitted to Adam that she was aware of what Victor had done to him and knew the decision had broken his heart yet again. Adam told Sally he was actually glad it had happened because it had been the wake-up call he'd needed. Sally felt Adam's face and jokingly remarked, "No, no, you don't have a fever, and your complexion looks pretty good." Adam replied that he was ready to grow up and become an adult. Adam invited Sally to join him for a drink to usher in the era of the new Adam Newman.

Sally sat down beside Adam and said they should welcome a whole new era for them both. Adam asked Sally if Nick was still out of town. Sally replied that Nick was traveling to various cities, attending to business for Kirsten Incorporated. Adam claimed that Nick approached business management as if it were a high-stakes whim.

Sally told Adam he sounded bitter and cynical like the old version of himself. Adam thanked Sally for calling him out. Sally replied, "This isn't your first drink, is it?" Sally recalled that alcohol brought on Adam's morose mood. Sally suggested that food might help temper the effects of alcohol, and she agreed to dine with Adam.

Downstairs in the dining room, Adam insisted that he and Sally have one glass of Champagne to celebrate their mutual new beginnings. Sally replied, "So, you really mean this? You think that you can play out this whole new direction of yours and not get frustrated or give up?" Adam told Sally she had no idea how determined he was. Sally said she did not want Adam to set himself up for another failure because it might crush his ego. Adam insisted he was ready and willing to accept the challenge. Sally assured Adam she would pull for him to succeed.

Adam wished Sally the best, declaring that she would be successful at starting her interior design firm. Adam proclaimed that he had everything plotted out to ensure he would not fail. Sally told Adam that this his reference about having "plotted" was worrisome because it sounded as if he had something else in mind other than working his way up from the bottom of the corporate ladder. Sally asked Adam if she should be worried about him. Adam rhetorically replied, "Why does everybody always suspect that I have a hidden agenda?" Adam told Sally she would have to trust that he was being sincere, adding that he refused to let the possibility of failure enter his mind. Sally seemed convinced that Adam was sincere and toasted to new beginnings.

Sally told Adam she was as excited about interior decorating as she had been about fashion design. Adam told Sally he was glad to see her happy and hear her laugh again. Sally acknowledged she had come a long way after losing Ava. Adam declared that he felt he had been reborn. Sally agreed that being reborn was a perfect way to describe their new outlook.

Adam tipped the bottle to pour and realized he and Sally had drunk an entire bottle of Champagne. Sally noted that it was past her bedtime. Adam asked Sally if he could walk her to her door. Sally replied, "Okay, sure, if you insist." Adam extended the crook of his arm, and Sally linked her arm in his as they walked toward the stairs. Adam thanked Sally for inviting him to dinner, so he could relax and enjoy his friend's company. Sally admitted she had missed spending time with Adam as a friend.

After Sally and Adam paused outside her door, Adam kissed her on the lips. Adam immediately apologized and acknowledged that he had made a mistake, blaming the Champagne. Adam asked Sally to pretend that it had never happened. Sally said she would. After Sally entered her room, she seemed rattled by the kiss and her strong attraction to Adam.


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