Jordan and Claire reveal their sinister motives

The Young and the Restless Recap for Monday, November 27, 2023
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The Young and the Restless Daily Recaps (Monday, November 27, 2023)
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Monday, November 27, 2023

At the Athletic Club, Adam approached Nate and asked if he had seen Victoria or Victor. Adam explained that he had not seen them at the office or anywhere else. Nate replied that he had not. Adam asked Nate whether or not he was still involved with Victoria. Nate replied that it was none of Adam's business, and Nate said he assumed that Adam's family was keeping him in the dark.

Sally was descending the stairs and overheard the snarky exchange between Nate and Adam just before Nate left. Sally greeted Adam and said sarcastically, "You just make friends everywhere you go, don't you?" Sally asked Adam to elaborate about his family having shut him out. Adam replied that Nate was wrong about what he had said. Adam insisted that his relationship with his father had never been closer.

Sally and Adam sat at the bar. Sally asked Adam if he and his father had mended their relationship. Adam said that he and Victor were working things out, though he had not had an opportunity to share the latest developments because Sally had been avoiding him since their previous encounter. Adam noted that neither one of them had expected what had happened, though he was convinced that the relationship he and Sally had once had still meant something to each of them. Sally told Adam she could not return to the past.

Adam pleaded with Sally to regard him as a changed man. Sally admitted that Adam's willingness to use his father's illness to take him down was disturbing to her. Adam replied, "I didn't go through with it." Adam noted that he had shown maturity and restraint by having reconsidered and backing away from his plan. Sally remarked that Adam had set the bar for himself too low.

Adam explained that Victor had fabricated his illness as a trap in order to determine who was betraying him. Adam said that though everyone thought he was betraying his father, it was actually Nate. Adam told Sally that after all that had transpired, Victor expected him, Victoria, and Nick to work things out. Adam insisted that working things out would be impossible because Victoria and Nick avoided interacting with him, as did most people in his life. Sally reminded Adam that she had needed some space.

Sally admitted to Adam that she still did not have all the answers regarding her mixed feelings for Nick and for Adam. Adam told Sally he still longed for her and their relationship and hoped she might feel the same way. Sally told Adam that after thinking things over, she had sought answers from the universe and had not yet gleaned a response. Adam quipped that the universe was very busy. Adam suggested Sally let her heart tell her what to do. Adam admitted that though he had a bad track record at maintaining relationships, he would fight for his relationship with Sally. Adam cried that the night they had been together had meant something special to them both.

Sally asked Adam how they should proceed. Adam suggested they have dinner together. Sally replied, "Like a date?" Adam said, "Like a proper date. No pressure, no expectations." Sally accepted.

Adam asked Sally about the status of her personal and working relationships with Nick. Sally explained that Nick had followed through with his promises and allowed her to run her business however she wanted. Adam replied that he was glad Nick had kept his promise to Sally. Sally asked Adam if he and Nick might become friends. Adam recalled that he and Nick had repeatedly tried to be friends, but their efforts had never lasted.

Adam changed the subject and expressed relief that Connor was not so much like his father and was living a normal life. Adam credited Connor with changing his father's life and perspective in a positive direction, as children often did. Adam paused and noted that Sally was still mourning the loss of their daughter. Sally told Adam she needed time to think and backed out of their dinner plans, though she promised to have dinner another time. Adam offered to walk Sally to her door. Sally told Adam they might get in trouble again if he did.

Sally allowed Adam to walk her to the foot of the stairs. Adam paused near the stairway and said, "Well, I guess this is as far as I go." Sally thanked Adam for a lovely evening. Adam told Sally they should enjoy a real date soon and see where it took them. Sally leaned forward and kissed Adam on the lips. Adam smiled and said he had not expected a kiss. Sally smiled back and replied, "Neither was I."

Nate had coffee with Audra at Crimson Lights. Nate told Audra about Victor having pretended to suffer from end-stage dementia. Nate explained that Victor had believed his ruse might help him catch one of his children using his condition against him in an attempt to oust him from the company. Audra asked Nate how the trap had worked against him.

Nate explained that he had suggested sending Victor to a private sanatorium where he could receive care without worrying about media scrutiny. Audra chided Nate for having walked right into a trap. Nate defended his actions, explaining that as a doctor, he had been genuinely concerned about Victor's well-being and had never had any other intentions. Audra replied, "You were making a play, and Victor shut you down."

Audra told Nate that she assumed his plans had involved him and Victoria taking over while Victor was away undergoing treatment. Nate replied that it had been his plan, which he had hoped would keep the company running. Nate admitted that he was furious about how the situation had worked against him. Audra asked Nate if he wanted to get back at the Newmans. Nate replied that he was not stupid enough to go after Victor Newman, so he intended to move on.

Audra mentioned that she had potential opportunities she was considering. Audra suggested she might have a place for Nate because she preferred colleagues she could trust to do their job by whatever means were necessary. Nate insisted he was not as ruthless as Audra believed he was. Before Audra walked away, she replied, "Keep telling yourself that."

At the home where Jordan supposedly resided, Cole Howard phoned Victoria and left her a message. Cole said, "Listen, I'm at the house that Nikki told me to go to, but she's not here, and obviously, neither are you. I'm all by myself, I think. You know, it's a little weird because I'm in somebody's house, and I have no idea whose it is." After Cole hung up, Aunt Jordan stealthily approached from behind, struck him in the head with a hammer, and knocked him unconscious. Jordan laughed after Cole slumped to the floor.

Upstairs in a bedroom, where Nikki was being held captive, Nikki struggled to awaken and crawl out of bed. Nikki cried, "Oh, God. I've got to get out of here." Unsteady on her feet, her eyesight blurry, Nikki collapsed back on the bed and hugged her pillow for comfort. Beneath the pillow, Nikki discovered a tattered photograph of a woman with short blonde hair. Nikki studied the woman's face and cried, "Eve?"

Later, Jordan entered Nikki's room. Nikki called out, thinking Jordan was Claire. Jordan hovered over Nikki and said, "You can call me Jordan for now." Jordan instructed Nikki to stay calm, explaining that she should have left her I.V. in place in order to stay hydrated. Nikki inspected her hand and saw a tube still taped to the top of her hand.

Nikki was confused when Jordan informed her that she would be joining her family after they arrived. In a moment of clarity, Nikki cried, "You did this to me!" Jordan bent over close to Nikki and replied, "No, Nikki Newman. You did this to yourself. Your whole family did this to you."

Downstairs, Claire arrived with Victor, Nick, and Victoria. Claire called out to Jordan. Victoria demanded to know where Nikki was. Claire, acting as if she was unsure about where her aunt could be, offered bottles of water, which everyone drank. Jordan, her right arm in a sling, entered the room from the stairway. Victor told Jordan that he was looking for his wife. Jordan claimed that Nikki was still at the hospital, but she refused to name the facility and claimed that visiting hours were over.

Victor demanded to see his wife. Jordan instructed Claire to order a car service. Claire stepped out of the room. Victoria asked Jordan to explain what had happened to Nikki. Jordan claimed that Nikki had begun rambling as if she had been drinking, suffered a seizure, and later collapsed. Nick noted that his mother had not had a drink in many years because she was a recovering alcoholic.

Jordan claimed that after Nikki had collapsed, an ambulance had arrived and administered an anti-seizure medication called Phenytoin, which had stabilized Nikki. Claire returned and claimed that a car should arrive within 15 minutes. Victoria said all she wanted was to see her mother. Claire cut her eyes at Jordan. Jordan admitted that no car would arrive, nor was Nikki at a hospital. Nick angrily said, "What the hell is this? What are you talking about?" Jordan removed her sling and announced that it was time to tell the truth, sternly ordering them all to shut up and listen.

Jordan asked Victor if she looked familiar, suggesting he focus on her eyes. Victor said he had never seen Jordan in his life. Jordan explained that her sister was Eve Howard, whom Victor had known intimately. Jordan accused Victor of breaking Eve's heart and throwing her out like she was not even human. Jordan cried that because Victor hurt people, she had drawn him and his family together, so they could all make amends.

Victor asked Jordan if her scam included demands for money. Victor recalled that Eve Howard, a deeply disturbed woman who had made his life a living hell, had never mentioned having a sister. Jordan explained that she and Eve had been estranged at the time Eve had been with Victor. Jordan said that Eve had died before she and her sister had gotten an opportunity to heal. Jordan blamed Victor's interference for separating her from her sister. Victor replied, "It took you 40 years to come up with this cock and bull story?"

Victor, frustrated, insisted that he and his children needed to find the hospital and help Nikki. Jordan admitted that she had lied about Nikki having suffered a seizure, adding that Nikki had not been transported to a hospital. Victor, Nick, and Victoria appeared stunned and demanded to know what had happened to Nikki.

Victor told Jordan she had better tell him where his wife was -- or else. Jordan replied, "Or else what?" Victor warned that Jordan did not want to find out, explaining that he reacted severely to threats against his family. Jordan replied, "Oh, your family. Do you mean like my sister? Did my sister, Eve, cross you? Is that why you threw her out like trash, Victor Newman?"

Victor again asked about Nikki, adding that he was finished playing games. Claire appeared to enjoy watching Jordan confront and taunt Victor. Jordan informed Victor that she was not playing games, adding that her intentions were as serious as a heart attack. Jordan disclosed to Victor, Nick, and Victoria that she had poisoned the water they had drunk with Digoxin, so they did not have long to live. Jordan menacingly proclaimed that it would be her utmost pleasure to watch them die.

While Jordan was taunting the Newmans downstairs, Nikki had a disturbing nightmare about having confronted Eve in the past. Nikki, in distress, her cheeks stained with mascara, had asked Eve what she had done to Victor. Eve had replied that he had died, though not before she and Victor had realized what they had meant to each other. Eve had claimed that Victor had intended to give her his name. Eve had informed Nikki that she had planned to marry Victor. Teary-eyed, Nikki had asked Eve if she had talked Victor into marriage. Eve had claimed that Victor had begged her to marry him, adding that she had given him a son and her life. Nikki awoke and cried, "No, no!"

Downstairs, Victor told Jordan that she was crazy. When Victor, Nick, and Victoria attempted to leave, Jordan informed them that all windows and doors had been triple-locked. Victoria cried, "Why are you doing this?" Jordan replied, "So Claire and I can stand here and watch you die." Claire dragged an injured Cole into the room. Victoria exclaimed, "Oh, my God. Cole?" Victor, taken aback, said, "Cole Howard?" Claire replied, "Well, he had to be here for the family reunion. Didn't he, Mother?" Cole and Victoria appeared stunned.


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