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The Young and the Restless Recap for Thursday, October 14, 2021
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Y&R Daily Recaps (Thursday, October 14, 2021)
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Thursday, October 14, 2021

by Nel

Ashland watched as Victoria slept. When she woke up, he said he'd never dreamed he could love anyone as much as he loved her. Victoria said she'd never been more certain about anything in her life, and they knew how special their union was. It didn't matter what anyone thought or did. They kissed.

Victoria asked how he'd spent his last evening as a single man. He claimed he'd been a little restless, and he'd gone for a walk around the grounds. It had helped immensely. He loved the palazzo. Victoria told him the palazzo was theirs, thanks to her father's generous gift, and they could stay for as long as Ashland wanted. She suggested that with careful planning, they could run Newman-Locke from the palazzo when the kids were on break. Ashland claimed all he could think about was marrying her.

Victoria and Ashland were locked in each other's arms when Nikki knocked on the door and spoiled the moment. She announced she was there to help the bride get ready for the big day.

Ashland grabbed his tuxedo, and he told Victoria that the next time he saw her, they would be minutes away from their vows. Victoria stated that couldn't happen soon enough. He promised everything was going to be okay. He leaned in for a kiss, but Victoria avoided it. She said that the next time he kissed her, it would be as her husband. Ashland smiled. After Ashland left, Nikki asked how Victoria felt. Victoria claimed she was excited and couldn't wait to get married. It was going to be the most incredible day of her entire life.

Nikki told Victoria she'd been too busy to put together something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Victoria told her not to worry because Victor's spectacular gift had it all covered. She'd been through that tradition a number of times. Nikki stated that they both had. Nikki said they never knew what challenges lay ahead, and Ashland's were complicated.

Victoria told Nikki she was clear about what she was going into. She said she'd never felt such a connection and never felt so loved and appreciated. She admitted she'd been shocked finding out about Ashland's past the way she had, and she was aware that many people wanted to see their relationship fail, but she had to think about what she wanted. She said that despite everything, Ashland was still the man she'd fallen in love with, and she knew he loved her. Nikki hoped Victoria and Ashland would enjoy their happiness for a very long time.

It was time to put on the wedding gown. Victoria was shocked when she unzipped the garment bag. She told Nikki it wasn't her dress. She said she'd spoken to Lauren about making a few minor changes, but that was a completely new dress, and it was a completely different style. Nikki asked if it could be a surprise from Ashland, but Victoria claimed he wouldn't take a chance like that.

Victoria wondered if Summer had had Angelina Marchetti design the gown for her. Nikki wondered if there had been a mix-up and if Lauren had sent her the wrong dress. Victoria told Nikki the dress was breathtaking, but it wasn't her dress. She asked Nikki what she should do. Nikki suggested she try it on.

When Victor saw Billy walk by him, Victor stated he'd thought Lily had had the sense to convince Billy to leave, since Billy had no reason to be there. Billy said he was going to assume that Victor knew about the secret Ashland had been keeping about Gaines for so many years and how Ashland had stollen a dead woman's money to start his empire. Victor said nothing.

Billy told Victor he found it funny that Gaines had mysteriously disappeared. Billy said if Victor had had anything to do with that, then Victoria and Ashland could breathe easier. Billy claimed that Gaines was a wild card, and he'd been waiting a very long time for the right moment to cause the most damage. Victor accused Billy of being responsible for the Gaines situation. He promised that one day, Billy would pay. Billy smiled when he realized that Victor didn't know where Gaines was. Victor told Billy to get lost; he wasn't wanted there. Billy knew Victor was worried about what Gaines might do. Billy left.

In the great room, Sally told Adam she was a bundle of nerves because that day could make or break her career. Everything depended on the dress she'd designed for Victoria. Adam admitted the dress was beautiful, and he suggested that Sally let the day play out.

In their bedroom, Nick told Phyllis he was determined to win Victoria's trust again. He was going to take a walk to clear his head. He apologized for what he'd said to Phyllis the previous evening, and he left.

When Nick returned sometime later, he told Phyllis he wasn't going to attend the wedding. Phyllis wanted to know why. Nick claimed he'd weighed the pros and cons of the fallout. Phyllis claimed he had to go because he was the bride's brother. Nick claimed it was Victoria's big day, and he wanted her to be happy and stress-free. Phyllis didn't understand what had happened, but she relented and said it was his family and his call. Phyllis told Nick she shouldn't go, either, but Nick told her to go. She asked if he would be at the reception. Nick said he would think about it.

Billy returned to his room. He told Lily there hadn't been any sign of Gaines. He said that after talking to Victor, it was clear Victor had no idea where Gaines was, either. Lily suggested that Gaines hadn't wanted to incur the wrath of Victor and Ashland, and he'd decided to leave. Billy claimed guys like Gaines didn't disappear when there was money on the table and when they had a thirst for revenge. He was either hiding and biding his time, or something had happened to him.

In the great room, Victor reminded Adam that he'd promised to make it a perfect day for Victoria. Adam admitted he'd made the promise. Victor wanted to know why Adam had brought "that damned woman" as his date. Adam promised that Sally wouldn't do anything to sabotage Victoria's big day. She'd given him her word. Adam said that if he and Victor had been judged on their past actions, they wouldn't be at the wedding.

Adam told Victor he knew how hard Sally had worked to turn things around and to make amends for the things she'd done. Adam respected her for that, and he believed she deserved a chance. Adam said they needed to focus on Gaines. He said he'd overheard Victor talking to Ashland, and he gathered Gaines was still there.

Victor told Adam that Billy had brought Gaines as a surefire way to convince Victoria to call off the wedding, but Victoria had told him she'd already known about Ashland's past. Victor was sure Gaines was there to cause problems for Locke, and that was bad for Victoria and Ashland. Adam offered his help. Victor thanked him and said he wanted to make sure it was a wonderful day for Victoria. She deserved it.

Ashland joined Victor. He asked if there had been any word about Gaines. Victor confirmed that his security team hadn't seen him. He felt Gaines might have left town. Victor said that Billy had no further use for Gaines once he'd realized that Ashland had told Victoria everything. If Gaines was smart, he would have taken Victor's money and gotten out of Dodge.

Ashland wasn't confident that Gaines was gone. Even if Gaines had left the palazzo, it didn't mean that he wasn't a threat. Victor told Ashland to relax. They would deal with that when it was time. Victor told Ashland to take a deep breath and to relax. He reminded Ashland that he was marrying one of the most powerful and beautiful women in the world. Victor left.

Alone, Ashland became short of breath. Nate arrived, and he asked how bad it was. Ashland said he'd lost his breath, and stress had been the culprit. He explained that he'd spoken to Victor about Billy. Billy had arrived with the express purpose of stopping the wedding. He felt that Billy hoped Ashland would collapse and do the job for him; however, Billy would be disappointed because nothing was going to stop Ashland from marrying the woman of his dreams -- not a jealous ex, people trying to exploit his past, or that dreadful disease. Nate told Ashland to rest and to conserve his energy. It would be a very long day.

Ashland told Nate that when he saw his bride walking down the aisle, he would only see the woman who'd entered his life and changed him. She'd accepted him, and she loved him for who he was. He'd never dreamed he would be loved unconditionally. Nate said that was interesting because when Ashland had talked about Victoria, his breathing had steadied. Ashland said she was good for him. Ashland smiled and reminded Nate not to forget the rings, and he left.

Noah, Kyle, Summer, and Tessa were having coffee in the room adjacent to the great room. Kyle commented that Noah's exhibition in London had been great. Noah was surprised that Kyle and Summer read his emails. Summer claimed she made a point of keeping up with Noah's disasters. Noah described one of his disasters and how a little kid had saved it from becoming a complete disaster. Summer bragged that Noah had created an amazing life for himself in London, and his career was skyrocketing. She wanted to know why Noah was looking for a change. Noah claimed there was something more out there for him.

Noah told Summer there was no place like home. Summer asked if he was thinking of returning to Genoa City. She believed he was joking. Noah stated that Summer and Kyle loved their life in Milan, but it could also happen to them when they least expected it. Everyone became silent when Sally walked in.

Sally told Summer she knew she wasn't Summer's favorite person, and Sally admitted she'd been responsible for Summer's move to Milan. Summer stated that Sally and Tara had been involved from the beginning, and the job at Marchetti had been Sally's idea. Sally congratulated Summer because she'd heard that Summer was already making her mark. She also congratulated Summer and Kyle on their wedding. She wished them all the best. Kyle asked why Sally was there. Sally stated she was Adam's date.

Sally told Kyle that Adam wanted the day to be perfect for Victoria, and so did she. Sally introduced herself to Noah. Noah told her he was Summer's brother. Sally assumed he'd heard everything about her. She claimed some of it was true, and some wasn't. Summer reminded Sally that the day was about Victoria, not Sally. Sally agreed. She suggested they try to be civil to each other. Summer glared at Sally.

Billy was dressed in his tuxedo when he bumped into Nick in the hallway. Nick stated that Billy's big plan to get Victoria to call off the wedding had been an epic failure. Billy claimed he'd made a bet that hadn't paid off. Nick asked if Billy was planning last-minute fireworks. Billy said Victoria was going ahead with the wedding, even though she knew everything about the man she was marrying. Billy said it was a mistake, and he believed Nick felt the same; however, they were both ready to go along with Victoria's decision. Billy left.

In the great room, Jack met with Adam. Jack had thought Adam had evolved, but he'd obviously been mistaken. He claimed Adam was using his sister's wedding to stir things up and get under people's skin. Adam wasn't aware he'd done that. Jack said Adam had brought Sally to the wedding, knowing what she'd put Summer through. Adam told Jack to ask himself why he really objected to Sally being Adam's date. Sally entered. Jack gave her a curt hello, and he excused himself.

Adam asked if Sally was okay. Sally claimed that she'd been so focused on Victoria's dress that she'd failed to consider that she was the last person anyone wanted to see. Adam told her to take it from the guy who'd been there; she would get used to it. Adam told her to go change and to be ready to make her pitch. Sally left.

A short time later, Sally entered the room, dressed for the wedding. Adam said, "Wow." Sally hoped he meant that in a strictly professional sense.

Nikki entered. She went directly to Victor and told him the wrong dress had been delivered. Sally overheard. Victor asked if Victoria was refusing to wear it. Sally ran out, almost knocking Ashland over.

Summer and Kyle approached Adam. Summer stated that Sally had moved very fast. Kyle hope Sally wasn't up to something. Adam assured them that Sally wanted the wedding to be as happy and memorable as everyone else. Kyle asked why Sally was so invested in Victoria and Ashland's wedding, since she wasn't a friend or family. Summer had the feeling something else was going on.

Sally arrived at Victoria's room and knocked. Sally told Victoria that she'd switched out the wedding dress Victoria had with the one Sally had designed. Victoria was furious. Victoria said she was minutes from walking down the aisle and had discovered she had the wrong dress. Sally claimed Victoria had the right dress. It was the dress Victoria should be wearing.

Sally told Victoria she admired Lauren, but she'd been floored by what Lauren's designer had created. Victoria claimed that Lauren's dress was beautiful. Sally said it was, but not for Victoria. Victoria said that if Sally had flown to Tuscany, switched dresses, and hoped Victoria would fall in love with her dress, then Sally had made a big miscalculation. Sally had obviously not learned anything from the crap she'd pulled.

Sally told Victoria she knew how Victoria felt about her, but she wasn't wrong about the dress. Sally asked if Victoria had fallen in love with Lauren's dress when she'd tried it on. She asked if Victoria had pictured herself in it on her wedding day and if it has sparked joy in her. Sally knew it hadn't, because Lauren's designer hadn't considered the woman who would be wearing it. Sally claimed she'd designed Victoria's dress after she'd studied every detail of who Victoria was -- her body type, her style, the way she moved, her strength, and her elegance. She had tried to key into the core of who Victoria was. Sally had wanted to give Victoria a dress that captured her elegance.

Sally told Victoria she'd overseen every element of the dress. She believed she'd designed the most breathtaking dress for Victoria's important day in an incredible location. Victoria asked if Sally had destroyed the original dress. Sally said if Victoria wanted it, she would bring it to her -- after Victoria tried on Sally's dress. Sally knew her instincts were right, and Victoria would fall in love with it. Nikki arrived and asked why Sally was there.

Victoria told Sally to bring Victoria's original dress and hang it on the door. She was getting ready for her wedding. Deflated, Sally left.

Phyllis entered the great room and showed off her dress to Summer. Summer loved the dress, especially since it was a Marchetti. Summer asked about Nick. Noah realized that Nick was going to sit it out. Phyllis said it was complicated. Noah said he was going to straighten things out, but Phyllis stopped him. Kyle and Summer agreed that Nick should be there, since he was the bride's brother, and he would regret not being there. Phyllis said they had to respect Nick's decision, and she explained there was a lot of tension between Nick and Victoria. Nick didn't want to be a distraction. Phyllis left to be with Jack.

Victor told Ashland that Nikki had informed him that there was a problem with the wedding dress. Ashland stated that of all the things that could have gone wrong, that wasn't one that he'd considered.

As Billy entered the great room, he received a call from Lily, who claimed she had a hair emergency. Billy overheard Victor and Ashland's conversation about Victoria's dress. He told Lily she had company because Victoria was having difficulty getting ready, as well.

Sally found Adam; however, before she could tell Adam what had happened, Nikki announced that the wedding was about to begin. She asked everyone to take their seats.

Ashland, Nate, and Harrison arrived. Victoria walked out wearing Sally's dress. Sally was stunned and elated at the same time. Summer was shocked. She said the dress was stunning. She wondered who had designed it.

Phyllis told Jack she'd never seen Victoria look more beautiful.

Victor joined Victoria. He told her she looked stunning, and he adored her. Victoria thanked him for everything and said she loved him.

Elsewhere, Gaines opened the door to Nick's bedroom. Gaines was looking out the window when Nick arrived and asked who Gaines was and "what the hell" he was doing in Nick's room.

On the next The Young and the Restless...


• Victoria asks Victor how he handled Gaines.

• Sally tells Adam that he's the only person she's interested in winning over, and they kiss again.

• Lauren demands an explanation from Chloe.

• Phyllis questions whether things will work out between her and Nick.


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