Victor refuses to sell Newman Media to Victoria

The Young and the Restless Recap for Thursday, January 13, 2022
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Thursday, January 13, 2022

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Ashland told Lily that he and Billy had made peace. Lily confirmed Billy had been sincere, but Ashland wondered if they could rely on Billy's word. Ashland mentioned the Gaines video and how Billy had tried to blackmail Ashland with it. Lily had no interest in rehashing the Gaines video. She said that Ashland had been aware that Billy had had no intention of releasing that video. Billy had acknowledged he'd been wrong for threatening to do so. Lily said Billy had taken the hit, and he'd paid the price. She asked Ashland to leave Billy alone.

Ashland asked Lily why strong and intelligent women ran to Billy's defense. Lily said with Victor's target on someone's back, that person needed all the support they could get. Ashland claimed Billy deserved every consequence for his poor judgment. Lily stated that Victor hadn't gone after Billy because of what had happened at the wedding. He'd hated Billy for years, and he would use any excuse to go after him. Ashland was aware of the long history, and he claimed that Tuscany had been the final straw. Lily said there was no final straw because it was an ongoing vendetta for Victor.

Ashland asked how Lily would feel if someone had broken Mattie's heart repeatedly the way Billy had done to Victoria. Lily asked if that justified their continued war against Billy. Ashland claimed Billy had nothing left to lose, since he'd already trashed his own career. Lily said Billy hadn't trashed anything. She said Billy would be working at Chancellor as the COO. She said he would redeem himself as long at Ashland, Victor, and Adam didn't interfere.

Ashland realized that Lily wanted to know how the ongoing battle with Billy would affect Chancellor. He told Lily to keep Billy busy, because Billy would create his own drama when he got bored. Ashland realized Lily had also wanted to know if there would be any retribution if she brought Billy on board. Ashland said his latest test results showed his cancer had abated, and his focus was on his health. Lily was very happy for him. Ashland said that if Billy had moved on from Ashland's past, then he had nothing to fear from Billy. Lily wished Ashland well, and Ashland left.

At the ranch, Victor told Victoria that Billy had informed Adam he'd been going after Newman Media, but for whatever reason, Billy had just dropped it. Victoria said she'd discovered that Billy had been about to sue Newman Media and force Adam to admit that the story about Ashland was true. She'd told Billy to stop, or she would inform Victor and Adam. If it hadn't been for her, Newman Media would have been in a huge mess.

Victoria told Victor she hadn't done it to help Adam because he should have been protecting Newman Media himself. Victor didn't want Victoria to use the situation to go after Adam. Victoria said she wasn't attacking Adam, but Victor needed to admit what was staring him in the face. She claimed Victor had given Adam far too much responsibility, and Adam couldn't handle it; however, she understood it had been a loving and generous gesture between father and son. Victor said he wouldn't sell Newman Media to her and rip the company away from Adam.

Victoria suggested that Victor take the proceeds from the sale of Newman Media and buy Adam a new company. Victoria asked Victor to imagine combining the two companies. She said that with ChancComm and Newman Media under the Newman Locke umbrella, they would be an unstoppable force and the dominant player in the communications industry. She asked how Victor could pass on that. Victor claimed she'd outbidded him and Adam for ChancComm, and he wanted to know why that wasn't enough for her.

Victoria reminded Victor that Cyaxares had originally been part of Locke Communications, and it would be a simple reintegration. Victor asked if Ashland regretted selling Cyaxares to him and if Ashland disapproved of the way Adam had been handling things. Victoria admitted they had discussed what it would mean to acquire both companies. There would be endless opportunities for synergy and cross promotion. Victor asked if Ashland was on board to gobble up Newman Media.

Victor said he loved Victoria's ambition, but he wasn't going to sell his company to her. He wanted to give Adam more time to prove himself as CEO. Victoria claimed that given Adam's distractions with all the issues in his life, it was only a matter of time before Adam ran the company into the ground, and she would then buy the company for a lot less. Victor claimed he didn't see that happening.

Outside Society's door, Sally pushed Adam to agree to go to New York with her. Adam said it sounded tempting; however, there was a lot going on at work. Sally had just laid out a possible itinerary for them in New York when Chelsea joined them. Adam told Sally he appreciated the offer, but the timing wasn't great. He left. Chelsea asked Sally what that had been about. Sally claimed it hadn't been anything important.

Chelsea asked what Sally had offered Adam. Sally claimed she wanted to go inside because she was cold, but Chelsea persisted. She asked if there was a reason Sally didn't want to share what she and Adam had been discussing. Chelsea wanted to believe Sally was being straight with her, since Sally had said she was keeping things strictly professional. Sally said she'd shared the ideas Chelsea had approved with him, to show him they were working together and that she was a team player, something everyone wanted from her. Chelsea said she would fill Adam in on the details later. Chelsea wished Sally a productive time in New York.

After Sally left, Chloe asked Chelsea if everything was okay because things had seemed a little tense. Chelsea said Sally had made another move on Adam, and Adam had shot Sally down. Chelsea left.

Back inside, Chloe asked if Sally had been flirting with Adam. Sally claimed it had been a work conversation. Chloe stated that Sally was very lucky to be going to New York to take the meetings. Sally hoped the trip wasn't something Chloe and Chelsea had cooked up to get her out of the way so they could figure out a way of getting rid of her. Chloe said Sally was the face of the brand, and no one wanted to see her leave. Sally claimed Chelsea had convinced herself that Sally was the problem and that Sally was standing in Chelsea's way for a grand reunion with Adam, something he had no interest in. Sally said that with her in New York, Chelsea would have to face that sad reality.

When Victoria arrived at Newman, Nikki had been waiting for her to congratulate Victoria on her big win. Victoria claimed ChancComm made a wonderful addition to the Newman portfolio. Nikki claimed everything had fallen into place beautifully. She said she was happy Billy didn't have a media outlet to weaponize against the Newman family and that Victor was fine with Victoria besting Adam. She said Victor had been impressed with Victoria's boldness.

Victoria told Nikki she'd seen Victor, and he'd congratulated her. Nikki was delighted that a major business upset hadn't caused any family strife. Nikki presented Victoria with a new pair of shoes as a celebratory gift. Victoria squealed in delight. She wished she'd been wearing them when she'd met with Victor. Victoria explained that the first part of the meeting had gone well. Victor had respected her powerful business move, but she'd made another proposition: she'd asked Victor to sell Newman Media to her. It hadn't gone over as well.

When Ashland arrived, Victoria explained to Nikki that ChancComm had belonged to Newman Enterprises, Newman Media had been part of Locke Communications Group, and she wanted everything under the same umbrella. Nikki asked if that was really the reason Victoria wanted Newman Media -- or if it was another way to stick it to Adam. Nikki claimed she'd been enjoying the peace within the family, and she didn't want anything to disrupt it.

Victoria told Nikki she wished Victor had felt the same way. He'd turned down Victoria's offer because he wanted to keep Adam employed and protect Adam's delicate feelings. Victoria suggested that Nikki start shopping soon because things could move rather quickly.

Nikki wanted Victoria to let go of the idea of acquiring Newman Media because the last thing they needed was a turf war between Victoria and Adam. Victoria suggested that Victor could buy Adam a new plaything. She told Nikki it bugged her that there was a company out there with her name on it that wasn't part of her empire.

After Nikki left, Ashland told Victoria he was surprised Nikki hadn't been behind Victoria acquiring Newman Media. Victoria said Nikki hadn't been thrilled when they'd gone after ChancComm. Ashland said Victoria had been spot-on about Victor's reaction. It was as if he was proud that she'd had the guts to snake a deal out from under him.

Victoria said she had believed that Victor favored his sons over his daughters, especially Adam because he was so ruthless. However, she'd realized Victor only liked winners. She claimed she'd been on an amazing winning streak ever since she'd fallen in love with Ashland. Ashland reminded her that Victor had broken her winning streak by rejecting her proposal for Newman Media. Victoria said Victor had left the door open in case he changed his mind.

At Newman Media, Victor asked Adam about Billy's scheme. Adam claimed Billy had seen the plan wouldn't work, and he'd waved the white flag for total surrender. Victor claimed it hadn't been about waving the white flag to prove he was the bigger person, as Lily had claimed. He said Victoria had discovered Billy's plan and put a stop to it. Victor reported that Billy had intended to pressure Adam into admitting that what he'd written about Ashland had been the truth, and Billy and ChancComm would have been vindicated. Victor said Victoria had seen the whole picture, and Adam should have.

Adam told Victor that as the mother of Billy's children, Victoria had more opportunities to catch Billy in a lie than he had. Adam wondered why Victoria had waited for Billy to confess before she'd warned Victor. Victor claimed it was because of Adam's inattention, and a lawsuit would have been devastating. Adam claimed he'd been in the fact-finding stage. He would have found out with or without Victoria's help. Adam claimed he had all the videos of Billy drinking and gambling.

Victor told Adam that was tantamount to Billy saying he'd had all that information about Ashland, but he'd had no intention of using it. Adam claimed it wasn't the same, and he claimed he wasn't anything like Billy Abbott. Adam said he would have only used the videos to challenge Billy's credibility. Victor said Billy would have pushed Adam to use them. Victor questioned Sally's involvement. Adam claimed she wasn't involved. Sally had been just as shocked as he'd been when Billy had blurted out the truth. Adam assured Victor that he and Newman Media had never been in peril.

Adam also assured Victor he was ready to take on the responsibilities Victor had given him, but Victor claimed he was going to take on a more active role in the company. Adam claimed it wasn't necessary. Victor said it wasn't up for debate or Adam's approval -- he was going to take an active role in the company. Victor left.

Deep in thought, Adam recalled Victor saying he respected what Adam had gone through in his life and the tough time Adam had had growing up. He recalled that Victor had always had faith that Adam would work it out and become the man he was at that moment. Victor had told the family that he would never turn his back on Adam. Adam had vowed he would prove to everyone that Victor had been right to believe in him.

Adam snapped out of his reverie when Chelsea arrived and claimed they hadn't made any specific plans for their get-together. Adam claimed something had come up, and he wasn't sure he could meet with her. He asked what Chelsea wanted to say. Chelsea asked if he was trying to make a point; if so, he could have done it without being a total jerk. Adam admitted he was annoyed with someone, and he shouldn't have taken it out on Chelsea. He apologized.

Adam told Chelsea he'd been reminded that being a Newman, there was no such thing as independence. Chelsea said Victor was back to being Victor again. Adam claimed it didn't make things less irritating. Adam said he didn't know why he let Victor get to him. Chelsea said because Adam and Victor loved each other. Adam thanked Chelsea. He said it was nice to have someone to talk to who knew his history. Chelsea claimed it was her history, too. If Adam wanted someone to talk to who was well versed on the never-ending saga of the Newman clan and all their foibles, she was available. Chelsea invited him for a drink, and they left together.

At the ranch, Nikki told Victor she'd discovered that Victoria had had her sights set on Newman Media. Victor asked if Victoria had consulted with Nikki prior to making the pitch to him. Nikki said they had both been surprised by Victoria's request. Nikki claimed Victor needed to discuss it with Victoria. She was certain Victoria would have a very compelling offer for him if he was willing to entertain the idea. Nikki asked if Victor had told Adam about Victoria's offer.

Victor told Nikki he'd been happy with the way things had been going for the Newmans. He and Nick were on speaking terms; Adam had turned his life around and had become part of the family. Nikki stated that Ashland's health was improving, and Victoria was very optimistic about their future together. Victor claimed that he and Nikki had never been stronger; however, things seemed precarious, and they were waiting for the other shoe to drop. He said that wh en it did, it could mean a major shift in their family.

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